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New and Recent Additions to Stock

Mails of the 1861-1867, European Intervention in Mexico

by Steven C. Walske & Yamil H. Kouri

The title tells it all, Spanish, English, French operations, Civilian Postal Systems, French to Mexico City, Imperial Mexico, etc. etc. Printed in Spain but much better than the last on the Yamil's Spanish North American that they produced. In English and Spanish, 2022, 314+14 pages, cloth, $75.00

The Postmarks and Postal History of Cameroun

Under French Administration - 1916-1959, by M. P. Bratzel Jr.

2021, 481+14 pages in full color, cloth bound, plus a CD having 658 searchable pages. Covers all phases of the philately from the development of the postal service, stamps and covers, handstamps, WW II, etc. edition of 100, limited stock, $95.00

The Postmarks and Postal History of the Camerooms Under British Administration 1916-1961

by M.P. Bratzel, Jr.1994, The original 1994 book is a detailed study illustrating over 225 postmarks, 17 pictures, 2 maps an 41 covers. For both the Northern and Southern Cameroons all facets from international mail routes, air, WW II censorship, postage due, free franks and even perfins are covered among others.

The Postal Tariffs of Cameroun under French Administration -- 1916-1961

by Marty Bratzel

All aspects of postal tariffs of the Cameroun under French administration. This is the most complete and best documented postal rate work that we know of; numerous rates are given along with other services such as money orders, C.O.D., postal cheques, reply coupons, debt collection, insurance, etc. Many covers are illustrated. 2007, 215+6 pages, searchable CD in pdf format having over 500 pages on the tariffs, spiral wire binding, $95.00

Peter Winter's

"Swan Song" Memories of an Artist and "Forger"

by Wolfgang Maassen

The English edition arrived August 2nd and all advance US orders are now shipped, the foreign will go out this week. The fascinating life of an Opera Singer and Forger, and the philatelic reproductions as he considered them and forgeries as we collect them. It is most welcomed to get real information on a modern forger. This book is Peter Winter's operation in the 1980's through the end. His now rare 1985 and scarce 1988 catalogs are illustrated, an invaluable reference value.

A scholarly study with much formal analysis with other previously not published information on his "second copy" of the British Guiana 1c Magenta.

A must book for the forgery collector and some one that wants to know more and collect the authentic stamps, a good read. His forgeries on the web can look extremely enticing but in many cases when in hand the paper is not right and evident by a serious collector, when gummed they become more deceptive, there are exceptions! A CD showing my mounted collection is also included.

2021, 192 pages, full color, cloth bound, English edison, from the US,Witch CD, $65.00 + $4.00 pp to a US mailing address.

The U.S. and World Fakes of Andre Frodel

by Kenneth W. Pugh

It covers some of his fakes and a good picture of him and the production, mostly fakes of 20th century U.S. stamps by manipulating authentic stamps, these fakes are quite deceptive. I have recently come across two CSA fakes that were superbly re-backed and may or may not have been his work but in any case it was an alert to such work, 2021, 51 pages, full cover, on heavy paper, loose leaf and punched for standard 3 ring binder, binder not included, $40.00

The 19th Century Issues of El Salvador (1867 - 1900)


Guillermo Gallegos & Joseph Hahn

This period is covered in all respects: adhesive stamps and covers, proofs, essays, postal stationery, telegraph stamps, cancellations, mail routs, sailing's, the postal system before the UPU, and probably more, by the RPSL, 2021. 878 + 16 pages, in color, limited stock, $295.00

The Prestamp Period of El Salvador (1525 - 1866)


Guillermo F. Gallegos and Joseph D. Hahn

An exceptional book with respect to understanding the postal operations of all of early Spanish America and not just El Salvador though the book is devoted to El Salvador, the rates, covers and markings, extensively illustrated, published by the CCC in 2015, edition limited to 300 copies, 286 + 18 pages of which 26 are in color, cloth with dj, $80.00 plus postage

Spanish Colonial and Mexican Mail

in the United States


Dr. Yamil H. Kouri Jr. and Leo J. Harris

The book has much more US interest than I anticipated; but per the title " the United States", a few examples: Texas 60 pages, Louisiana 44, California 52, Florida 82, etc. 2021, 342 pages, in color, card bound, a total edition of 230 copies of which 100 are available in the US, $72.00 + $3 part postage

The Fathers of Philately

Inscribed on the roll of Distinguished Philatelist

by Brian J. Birch

A detailed and most readable study of 42 of the major founders of philately living between 1844 to 1919, the best such work that we know of, with detailed citations to references, published by the RPSL in 2019, 300 pages, full color, cloth with a dj, limited stock $135.00

International Postal Reforms

The Birth of the Postage Stamp and its Internal Effects 1840 to 1898 The Birth of the Postage Stamp and its International Effects 1840 to 1898


James L. Grimwood-Taylor

Published by the RPSL, 2020, Winter of the Crawford Medal for 2021, 1054 pages, full color, well illustrated with interesting and appropriate covers, in two volumes, cloth and DJ, limited stock $235.00

A Century of Notices to the Public 1782-1880

compiled by

Paul Wijnants

The major value of this set is the index, it is by 1,500 keywords, and each gives the year and location in the books of the Notices. The bracketed year and the notice gives you the key to the issue and with this you can go to other reference. Of the 4 volumes one volume is devoted to the index, It covers UK notices but on World Wide mail to most countries, as an example Via Panama has 33 notices from 1841 to 1878. The Index, Vol 1, measures 8.5x12 inches and vol 2-4 are each 12 x 17, these notices are full size. Edition of 75 sets with our allocation being 7 sets.

2021, 4 large volumes, about 35 lbs, total of 1,780 pages, $700.00 plus actual transit, enquire first, one sets available

Sample of the index page, extremely detail

The Postal History of the Universal Postal Union

The Postal Card (Worldwide) 1869-1974

by James Peter Gough

The UPU regulations in detail, by period and country, well illustrated, published by the RPSL,2019, Vol 1 & 2, 935 pages in all, full color, cloth with dj, limited stock, $235.00

Ocean Penny Postage


David Duncan Turner

Ocean and Imperial Penny Postage 1840-1918 Elihu Burritt to Sir John Henniker Heaton: a Maritime Social Philatelic Case Study

It covers many if not all phases and countries world wide, the Ocean Penny Postage started before the Uniform Penny Postage with numerous illustrated covers.From the US Barnaby Bates and the Cheep Postage Association through many countries with many being British and the colonies, the numerous advertising envelopes are well covered, over 500 covers are illustrated. Despite the high quality the edition was only 200 copies,

2014, 414+ 16+16 pages, large format, archival rated paper, full color, cloth with dj, limited stock, $120.00

The Franco -Sardinian Route

In International Relations

Conventions, regulations, tariffs

1818 - 1851

by Robert Abensur

The title saying International Relatons is perhaps a bit confusing, the book is purely philatelic as to covers, rates and markings. 2017, From the Academie de Philatelie, 359 pages, well illustrated in full color, hard bound, in English and French, in most cases the two languages are adjacent, line for line, thus a good way to learn or refresh the other language, at present 4 copies in stock, $80.00

Mail across the Oceans, From the beginning to 1875

by James Van der Linden with Jozef Bernard Lux and Paul Wijnants

A philatelic maritime book for the advanced collector and one that wants to be one, not targeted for a new collector. The book is intended to supplement the numerous previous works of Maritime Mail and is complete with a list of Sources that runs for 9 pages. The emphasis is the roues and not a rate or sailing table though some are so give. Well illustrated in full color with numerous covers, maps showing the routes.
2019 from the Club de Monte-Carlo, In English and French, each section is complete in one volume and run 296 pages for 582 in all, large format, full color, cloth with dj, $100.00

The Egyptian Maritime Postal History, 1845-1889

by Hany Salam

A scholarly and well document philatelic and historic treatment of the various Egyptian Maritime ventures. It starts with a most readable, early Egyptian attempts and continues to have a maritime presence with both Egyptian and Foreign services, ie Grabhorn's Overland, about 1850. It continued with the Egyptian Merchant Navy's numerous ventures to 1889. A most complex period.
2019 from the Club de Monte-Carlo, In English and French with each paragraph or caption adjacent in both languages, 105 pages, large format, full color, cloth with dj, 2019 from the Club de Monte-Carlo, In English and French, each section is complete in one volume and run 296 pages for 582 in all, large format, full cover, cloth with dj, $50.00

P. Clark Souers Forgery Books

The series continues, forgeries of the common stamps after WWI, in some cases they are considered common and low value as many circulating are forgeries. Each volume shows enlargements of the characteristics with a fed word description, in color, well printed on quality paper, card.

Version 2 is not a good title, in essence it is a major expansion to the original 2017, 63 page one on the same materialin

An exceptional work on the common forgeries of the period, the stamps are real but the fakes are so common that the authentic ones are not fully appreciated. I have never paid any attention though i have accumulated a few for my forgery collections and now want to work them up, the stores and details of the stamps are most interesting. A labor of love by Clark and priced so the information will be distributed, he is now working on other volumes.

The Postal History of the Spanish-Cuban American War

by Yamil H. Kouri Jr.

The philatelic aspect on all sides of the war with much related pertinent history.

The 27 chapters range on the Cuban side, from Military History, Cuban Postal Systems in and out of the Island, and Impact on Civilians; on the Spanish side, from Mail from Spanish Soldiers, Sailors, Military Posts, Military Hospitals and POW's, Spanish Patriotic Labels, Interrupted Mails, and Blockade Mail; and on the U.S. side from Mail from all the Military Camps in the United States, Patriotic Covers and Labels, Wartime Correspondence

Mail from American Soldiers, Sailors, Military Hospitals, Military Postal Stations in Cuba, their Postal Markings and Mail Categories, Military Camps in Cuba, Local Provisional Stamp Issues, Official Mail Envelopes, and the Postal Issues of 1899-1902. All three sides, Cuban, Spanish and American, are well covered; Postal Markings, Stamps, Labels, Maps, Documents, Photographs, Tables, etc. A detailed table of contents and a extensive index with listing: cities, army camps, ships, etc. 2019, 752 pages,1,600 illustrations, full color; cloth with DJ. Covers, bound in Buckram with gold stamping and a dust jacket. To a US mailing address $90.00 + $7.50 postage to a US mailing address = $97.50

David Beech has just written a new book Libraries & Philatelic Research, A Guide to Philatelic Research a The British Library. Our copies are in transit now but I have seen the book, the 3rd Q PLR page 201 has a review however there are two errors, it is not hardbound and it is not in color and b&w, David confirmed there are not two versions. This booklet is intended to a guide to what is in the British Library however many details are of interest such as the list of 78 philatelic collection with the name of the person that formed them. 2019, 50 pages, card, expected Oct 15th, 2019, $12.00

A new book that will rival in interest and utility to the recent books on Ferrari and Fabergé.

Dr. Paul Singer & the History of Shanahan Auctions. Five Years to the Top of the World and a Deep Fall

by Wolfgang Maassen.

This book is an exceptional philatelic history however it is also of much interest to economics and the best documented history of a Ponzi scheme that i know of. Singer appeared in Dublin in 1954, he turned a small auction company, Shanahan, into the world's largest stamp auction house. He attracted tens of thousands of customers from all over the world, offered investment opportunities, everyone was to increase their money invested in stamps very short time. With the first "Millionaire" auction in November 1958, he held a legendary party; 200 bottles champagne, Russian caviar, over 200 guests. In 1959, Singer & Shanahan acquired the world's largest stamp collection, Maurice Burrus. In May, 1959, his success abruptly ended: The stamps for sale of the announced "Mystery Collection", a unique collection of Lombardy Veneto, was stolen, the auction for the 5-year anniversary of the company was canceled. This was followed by the longest and most expensive trials in the history of Ireland. The initial English edition was only 100 copies however i am sure more will be printed. 2019, 187 pages, full color and cloth, published at 37.50 euros plus 19.90 euros for delivery to non-EU addresses., $59.00 from our US stock.

British Long Distance Mail Packets 1793-1815

By Colin Tabeart

A collector should be able to ascertain what packet carried a cover; on the Falmouth packets 95%, of cases for the Falmouth packets, with about a 75% chance for the North Sea packets from Harwich or Yarmouth to Europe, They should also be able to work out why their cover was charged the British postage rate it was. Each chapter covers a year of packet sailings across the North Sea from Harwich or Yarmouth, and the Falmouth packets to their various destinations.

Amazing details, packets frozen at Cuxhaven or Gottenburgh for up to 12 weeks; ice extending into the North Sea for miles beyond Heligoland; packets windbound in Falmouth for weeks. The Harwich captain who deliberately shot one of his crew dead, found guilty of manslaughter, and fined one shilling. A packet ransomed from her captors by the passengers; hurricanes, lightning, and men washed overboard. The ravages of yellow fever in the West Indies, New York, Philadelphia etc, with packet crews decimated homebound. Read about the "quasi war" between the USA and France; Britain's oldest ally, Portugal, declaring war on Britain.

2019, 500+ viii A4 pages, cloth, hardbound, limited edition of 100 copies, with an extremely low price $95.00

British West African Mail Packets to 1900 by Colin Tabeart

Postage rates; the Royal Navy packets 1848-50, General Screw Steam Ship Co. packets 1850 to 1852; African Steam Ship Company's 1st, 2nd and 3rd contracts:Elder Dempster & Alfred Jones: the non-contract period 1872-3; first joint mail agreement with British & African Steam Navigation Co.; supplementary mails 1873-74 during the 2nd Ashanti War, etc, etc. to 1900, General and Ship Indexes, 2015, 560 pages, cloth, edition of 100, a 2019 reprint of 20 copies identical to the original, $125.00

Catalog Specialized de Sells e Historian Postal de la Republica Argentina


by Guillermo Alejando Jalil & Joseacute; Luis Goumlttig

The book is in Spanish however it is extensively illustrated, all in color, and a logical organization. Priced in US $ as to mint, used, covers, etc. Starts with the Corrientes in much detail 11 pages, Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Confederation, Republic through 2018 general issues, stamps, officials, telegraphs postal stationary, the classic stampless and early stamped covers. Large format, Two volumes totaling over 728 pages, large format, hard bound in paper case., $97.50, sold out

The Indian Sea Post Offices


Edward B. Proud

It covers the postal markings, sailing and arrival dates with the ship names, Bombay- Suez, Bombay Karachi Rangoon-Calcutta, covering from 1868 to 1932. We do not know the story on this book but there is some actuation that material was taken without authorization, I did not see a copy until Proud's estate was settled though i have stocked his books for over 20 years and i am listed as a source in many including this volume. 2014 copyright, 248 pages, color, card bound, numbered edition of 75 copies, one page erratum, well printed on heavy paper, $97.50

Puerto Rico

During the Spanish American War

1898-1900 A Postal History Study

by Bill Dipaolo

Covers the American Military, Development of the Postal System under the U.S. Military, Municipal/Local Posts, Postal Markings., 2018, 147 + 8 pages, full color, wire spiral bound, initial printing 150 copies, $45.00

Bahamas, Stamps and Postal Stationery to 1970

by Peter Fernbank

From the RPSL, Considerable detail on adhesive stamps and the postal history, A much needed updating from Harold G.D. Gisburn's Bahamas book from the 1950's, no publication date but circa 2016, 344+12 pages, cloth with dj 40 £ + transit, $97.50

The Postal History of The Crystal Palace by Maurice H. Bristow

Reprint of the 1978 book by The Crystal Palace Foundation with enhanced images, 64+ pages, plastic binding, $20.00

Returned Letter Offices of Great Britain to 1912 and Beyond

by J. Kenneth Snelson & Robert B. Galland

From the RPSL, The scope is from the 18th century to 1912 and covers numerous aspects of this complex subject having many remifications. For one seriously interested in this I would say this book is invaluable but for one interested in only a limited area it can be frustrating. I could not find any reference to the mail returned or refused from the American Civil War though this may be properly covered in the regulations. 486 + 10 pages, full color, cloth with dj, 2018, published at 70 £ plus transit, $130.00

Bahamas, Stamps and Postal Stationery to 1970

by Peter Fernbank

From the RPSL, Considerable detail on adhesive stamps and the postal history, A much needed updating from Harold G.D. Gisburn's Bahamas book from the 1950's, 344+12 pages, cloth with dj 40 £ + transit, $97.50

Agathon Fabergé

Portrait of A Philatleist

by Kaj Hellman & Jeffrey C. Stone

Comparable with the Ferrari book however it has more on the stamps and less of the biography. An excellent overview of his many collection with considerable detail on many, even some plating drawings. In English 382 pages, color, cloth, published at 50 euro plus transit, an excellent review is in the March-April 2018 issue of The Collectors Club Philatelist, $100.00, sold out

The Mysterious Philippe De Ferrari

Collector, Philatelist and Philanthropist

by Wolfgang Maassen

Completely text in English and French with each paragraph side by side. A book to be read, and not just to savor images of the rarities. Ferrari was a true collector and not just after the rarities. In trying to help a friend identifying missing items i ran into a Confederate pair of the 10c litho, i remember it selling perhaps five years ago for under $500.00, wish i bought it, a nice item and a nice attribution. Ferrari like Caspary, wanted the rarities but also had a good eye for lesser items.

Another tribute to the Club de Monte-Carlo, 398 pages, large format, quality paper and illustrations, full color, cloth with dust jacket, published at 60 Euro, to be released at MonacoPhil 2017, Nov 29, 2017, limited stock, $135.00

Forgeries of Great Britain 2s Brown of 1880

by Robert B. Galland & Karl-Albert Louis

An excellent coverage of the forgers, Fournier, Sperati, Oneglia, Smeets, etc. that is quite useful and the best overall coverage that we know of. The authentic stamp is well covered. From the RPSL, 2017, 80+15 pages, full color, card, published at £15 plus £9 transit, in stock $32.50

Cuban Postal History Guide

by Ferdindo J. Iglesias

The Postal Markings, 18th through the 19th century, in English with a rarity guide, covers the British & French PO in Cuba, US markings for Cuban mail, coastal mail steamers markings, etc. Enjoyable to read, 2017, 166 pages, full color, heavy paper, spiral bound, edition of 125, $70.00, enquire

In early 2018 we will have a spectacular book on the Spanish American War, 700 pages, covering every conceivable philatelic aspect.

A Handbook of the Stamps of Cuba

book of the Stamps of Cuba

by William McP. Jones and Rudy J. Roy, Jr

Covers all three periods, the first Spanish 1855-1898, the United States Administration 1898-1902 and the Republic 1902-1961. 2017 printing of the 2nd edition that appeared in 2011, 334 + 8 pages, full color, heavy paper, spiral bound, edition of 50 copies but more can be made, $80.00

British Letter Mail to Overseas Destinations 1840 to UPU

by Jane and Michael Moubray

From the RPSL, considerable text describing the history and mail systems for each country in addition to rate tables, maps and illustrations of covers, a number in color, both a significant and magnificent book, most useful work. If you haven't guessed by now we like it! A completely REVISED edition of the marvelous 1992 book, to be published at 75 £ plus 26 £ postage by the RPSL, in stock,


Crossroads of the Atlantic A Postal History

by Arthur H. Groten & David R. Pitts

A book written based on David Pitts collection but many more details and material and data than can not be properly put in an exhibit. 2017, 150 pages, extensive color, hard bound, with a CD in PDF format, $49.00

Guide to the Postal Stationery of Iraq

by Clayton Rubec & Akthem Al-Manaseer

Covers the issues from 1863 to 2015, published by the RPSL, 2016, 110 pages, full color, card, published at 25 £ plus 9 to 15 £ postage, $47.50

Chinese Air Mail

An exceptional four volume set, all in full color, cloth bound, excellent, paper, printing and binding. Each book shows a complete exhibit, page-by-page, Three of the exhibits are written up in English, one in both English and Chinese, published by the Chinese Post & Telecom Press, circa 2014

Published at 1,680 yuan ($125.00 !) per volume, cloth bound and well produced, the full set $250.00

The Steinberg Covers Forged Covers from the Classic Period in Swedish Philately

by Helena Obermüller-Wilén and Jonas Hallström

Color illustrations of 206 fake covers, with introductory material, 2015, 35 pages, edition of 300 copies, card, $57.50

Southern African Mails, Routes, Rates and Regulations 1806-1916 by Brian Trotter

by the RPSL, Covering all the territories of Southern Africa, the book begins in 1806 with the Second British Occupation of the Cape of Good Hope and ends in 1916. This ranges from the period when the first postal system was available to the public to a time when the postage routes, rates, and regulations in Southern Africa were well developed. 2016, 572 + 12 pages, in color, loth with dj, published at 72£ + 26 £ = $135.00

A Handbook of the Stamps of Cuba by William McP. Jones and Rudy J. Roy, Jr

Covers all three periods, the first Spanish 1855-1898, the United States Administration 1898-1902 and the Republic 1902-1961. 2017, 350 pages, full color, heavy paper, spiral bound, edition of 50 copies but more can be made, $80.00

"Baghdad in British Occupation" The Story of the 1917 Provisional Stamps

by Freddy Khalastichy

published by the RPSL, The why and how the stamps were issued, a full record of all known errors, covers and forgeries. 2017, 320+13 pages, full color, cloth with dj, published at 50£ + 26 £ = $102.50

A Collectors Notes and Comments on the Rare and Mysterious Colombian Airmails 1919-1923

by Barry P. Fletcher

In essence it covers Colombia airmails C1-C24B and C36-37. It is written from a collectors point of view with regard to numbers printed or known, scarcity of the different stamps on flown covers, flight details and dates, provenance of the more well known pieces, comments on fakes and forgeries, etc., etc. We assume this volume is a prelude to a more extensive book should additional information surface. 2016, 128 pages, in color, card, the author’s e-mail address is printed in the book, page on the page facing the copyright, he will gladly share information, edition of 60 copies (yes sixty) of which 25 are for the US, $25.00 + $3.00 postage for a US mailing address.

The Revenue Stamped Paper of Mexico 1821-1876 by Donald O. Scott and Frank A. Sternad The second edition, expanded from 367 pages in 2006 to 442 today. For more than two centuries, in the territory we know today as Mexico, documents concerned with the transfer of money, deeds, contracts, bills of exchange, etc. were illegal unless written on paper imprinted with a government authorized tax stamp. 2016, 442 pages, well illustrated, card, $49.00

A Catalogue of the Stamps of Mexico 1856-1910 by Nicholas Follansbee

World Rarities New York 2016

From The Club de Monte Carlo

The actual rarities will be shown at New York

The book will only be sold by mail from Belgium; but orders can be taken from the show. It is quite a volume showing 50 rarities, all in color, even one Confederate, in English, with a good introduction to the club, 2016, 125 pages, hard bound in a velvet fabric, published at 50 euros post paid ($57.50) we can supply from our US stock, $45.00 to a US mailing address

GB Used Abroad: Cancellations and Postal Markings


John Parmenter & Ken Gordon

A completely new version of Parmenter's 1993 book, incorporating the text by the late Rev C.S. Morton, 150 illustrations of covers in color, all markings illustrated and a value indicated, 2016, 398 pages, hard bound, $135.00

Belgium Postal Markings

La Poste Belge et ses Diverses Marques Postales de 1814 a 1914 by Louis Hanciau Well laid out thus the French text is not a great problem, all markings are in the back by type, 631 types in all. 1981 reprint of 1929 book, 474 pages plus 15 plates, cloth $55.00

Four Important Exchange Offices

handling world's international postal relations during the 19th Century


James Van der Linden

Covers, Panama, Alexandria, Aachen & Trieste, 2016, 72 pages, 7 maps 80 covers, cloth, full color, limited edition, $77.50, sold out

Soviet Clandestine Mail Surveillance


by David M. Skipton and Steve Volis

From the Collectors Club of Chicago, A hybrid of philatelic research and history.The political control offices that secretly watched the correspondence of Soviet citizens and foreigners in the USSR and demonstrates that these offices used censor marks resembling postmarks to convey information and instructions between the branches. Hundreds of these censor marks (and censorship-related date stamps) are recorded and illustrated; along with hundreds more that the authors contend were used to aid in the "classification campaigns" of the 1920s. cloth, all-color, 554 + ix pp. edition limited to 300 copies published at $98.00, edition limited to 300 copies, delivered to a US mailing address $105.00

Postal Censorship in Imperial Russia by Peter Michalove and David Skipton

Historical and philatelic aspects of Russian Censorship, 1714 to 1917. An excellent study covering the background, political and social, civil and military censorship. Well written and a finely produced. Over 1,100 illustrations. A detailed catalog of the markings arranged by city. Of major value to any collector or student of Censorship or of Russia. For more details and a reproduction of one page please see Censorship 1989, 255 + 263 pages, two volumes, cloth, slip case, $65.00

UPU Specimen Stamps 1878-1961 by James Bendon

A complete revision and expansion of the 1988 volume however there is no pricing


The First Russian Commemorative and Charity Stamps

by L.N. Bakayutova and A. V. Strygin

A major study of the stamps, proofs and usages, covers 1913 - 1925, 2015, published in conjunction with MonacoPhil 2015, full color, card, large format, 103 pages in English / French but also 84 pages in Russian that appears to have slightly different contents, ie illustrations, limited printing, $27.50.

Jean de Sperati

The man who made copies of stamps, Biography

by Lucette Blanc-Girardet

We wanted to stock this book when it first appeared but was told an English edition would come out, it never did but the page by page English translation is all we need. The illustrations are excellent, most i have never seen before. 2003, 127 pages, hard bound smythie sewn, in color, in French but with a 95 page English translation, $60.00

The Postal History of French Forces in Tunisia 1900-1920 & the South Tunisian Campaign 1915-1917

by David Trapnell, Well illustrated: covers, markings and maps. 2013, 40 pages, large format, in color, $27.50

The Mulready Postal Stationer

Its Genesis, Production and Usage

by Alan Huggins & Alan Holyoake

From the Royal Philatelic Society of London, Can't say more, the title says it all, 2016, 212 pages, cloth with dj, full color, $60.00

The World's First Postage Stamp

by Alan Holyoake

From the Royal Philatelic Society of London, The "Penny black" (Plates 1, 1a, 1b and 2) and 2d blue (Plate 1), along with the "red" prints from the 1d plate are all that are shown. The latter completes the picture of the progression of repair to the 1d plate. Uses, shades and varieties of both denominations available in the earliest years of philately add spice to the presentation. 2016, 160 pages, full color, cloth with dj, $40.00

The Port of Liverno, A Survey of its Maritime Postal History, 17th to the 20th Century

, by Alan Becker, from the I&C handbook No.11, English, 74 pages, spiral bound, color illustrations, will have in stock in late April, 2016, $40.00

The 1836 Anglo-French Postal Convention

How this agreement between Great Britain and France made it easier to send international mail from all parts of the world


Geoffrey Lewis

An exceptional work on the international exchange of mail from 1836 until the UPU giving a much clearer understand of the rates than the rate and sailing data. From the RPSL, 2015, 372+ pages, in color, cloth with dj, published 65£ + transit, $135.00

The Bombay - Aden Sea Post Office by Mike Dovey, Covers 1868 - 1914, departure and arrival dates

The "Shipping Postmaster" Cancellations of South Africa by Mike Dovey, 2014, 38 pages, in color, card, $37.50

The Postal History of the Oxford Union Society to 1920


Vincent West

A library association of a number of Universities at Oxford with benefits until the 1840's of free postage and stationery, overprirnted stamps, good history and philately. 2012, 54 pages, in color, card, published 15£ + transit, $40.00

The Prestamp Period of El Salvador (1525 - 1866)


Guillermo F. Gallegos and Joseph D. Hahn

An exceptional book with respect to understanding the postal operations of all of early Spanish America and not just El Salvador though the book is devoted to El Salvador, the rates, covers and markings, extensively illustrated, edition limited to 300 copies, 286 + 18 pages of which 26 are in color, cloth, with dj, $80.00 plus postage $4.00 for the US

The Postal History of French Forces in Tunisia 1900-1920 & the South Tunisian Campaign 1915-1917 by David Trapnell edited by Maurice Tyler, 2013, 40 pages, in full color, self cover, $27.50

Great Britain: The 1840 Prepaid Parliamentary Envelopes by Alan Huggins and Edward Klempka, a detailed illustrated listing of the various imprints, illustrations of the full covers and a census of the known covers, 2013, 99+17 pages, published by the RPSL at 39£ plus transit, $85.00

John Parmenter

We are now stocking in limited quantities and can always drop ship from the US charging the actual postage.

London Late Fee and Too Late Mail 1840 to 1930, 2002, Well illustrated, 85+6 pages, 33 tables, 20£, $46.00

French African Airmails 1932 to 1940 Gerard Collot and Alain Cornu, Weill illustrated, 2013, 272 pages, paper case Binding published 25£, $59.00

Barred Numeral Cancellations of England and Wales by John Parmenter, Cedric Prys-Roberts and Ken Smith, the contents and appearance are tremendously better than his first versions from 1975, etc. individual volumes are 35 £ plus transit

Club de Monte-Carlo 2013

Milestones of the Philatelic Literature

of the 19th Century

by Wolfgang Massen and Vincent Schouberechts

This book was published by the Club de Monte-Carlo for the 2013 exhibit. An exceptional work on the early and major philatelic literature, the books, authors and publishers, with an emphasis on the early works dealing with forgers and forgeries. It is both detailed, authoritative and enjoyable to read.The only comparable study to date is the Crawford Index and the series by Dr.Manfred Amrehein. I consider it an exceptional work and not hurt too much by my small contribution. In English and French, full color, 512 pages, large format, limited stock, $170.00 plus our standard $3 part postage and for foreign plus actual postage.

Milestones, there is now a 200 page supplement that was available to download at no cost. This Supplement has about 20 pages of new material in English, the rest is the text of the book in German, the illustrations are not reproduced. About 35 copies were printed and bound for those involved with the original book and for libraries, none are available.

Sweden in Philately Up To 1920

edited by Jonas Hällström

A companion volume by the Club de Monte-Carlo 2013 to the above literature one but covering Sweden, in English and French, full color, 279 pages, large format, published at €60, limited stock, $100.00 plus our standard $3 part postage and for foreign plus actual postage, one new copy with several pages crumpled in the margin, $60.00

French Postal History in Tripoli rench Postal History in Tripoli (1852-1914)

in the age of steamships, French influence in the Levant and the decline of the Ottoman Empire

by Semaan Bassil

Though this book is partly titled "An Introduction to" we can only hope a subsequent volume will appear however if not this work is most certainly of major value to the collector as to; history, maps, rates, sailing data and cancellations. 2013, 179+ pages, large format, full color, in English with a one page introduction in French, soft cover, published £49, $95.00

The Postal History of the Union Castle Line

including Union & Castle Lines by Mike Dovey
2011, 78 pages, full color, plastic cover, published £ 19.95, $40.00

The London Philatelist, Archival Edition 1892-2012

All 121 volumes of the journal excluding advertising, 20,000+ articles. A major world philatelic journal of the first quality. All digitized and set up to be searched, on DVDs (not CDs) so they will run on most PCs but NOT on a MAC even if it has a PC emulation, self loading installation, 2 DVDs in all, published at £90, enquire before ordering, $205.00

Robertson Revisited, A Supplement by Colin Tabeart 2012, 68 pages, card, out of print, extremely limited stock, sold out.

The Austrian Post Offices in the Levant Tchilinghirian and Stephen Revisited by Hans Smith FRPSL 2013, 188+ 32 pages, with 50 years of additions to Tchilinghirian pioneer work in color, in English, cloth with dust jacket, sold out

The Traveling Post Offices of Uruguay by Jay Grace Walmsley, A wonderful story of the systems covering the Stage, Maritime and Trains with much history and detailed coverage of the markings, 2012, 135 + 4 pages, in color, cloth, edition of 80 copies, 3 copies available, $70.00

Zanzibar's Postal History Legacy by Gary A. DuBro, 2012, 214 + 18 pages, cloth with dj, in color, edition of 150 copies, $150.00, sold out

The Bombay - Aden Sea Post Office by Mike Dovey, Covers 1868 - 1914, soft bound

The Bombay-Aden Sea Post Office by Mike Dovey & Peter Bottrill, 2112, 176 pages, card, published at £32.95 + transit, $70.00

Line Engraved Security Printing: the Methods of Perkins Bacon 1790 to 1935 Banknotes and Postage Stamps

by Gary Granzow

The first major work on engraving postage stamps since Jamex Baxter's 1939 book; Printing Postage Stamps by Line Engraving, Yes, it is on the nature of the engraving and not on specific stamps. An original approach to the research and understanding of line engraving on steel and the security printing it made possible. While much of the focus is on the evolution of line engraving in the UK, the findings apply to line engraving in general. Previously students have studied thousands of stamps and dated envelopes to deduce how the stamps were made and why they appear as they do. Gary has traced the development of engraving on steel, the mechanics of design transfer, hardening, inks, perforation and plate repair from 1790 to 1935 by studying primary sources and patents. Using this approach, he has made several basic discoveries and corrected a number of erroneous conclusions in the literature.

2012, 360 pages, 181 illustrations, many in color, cloth, published £50 plus postage of £26, $115.00

The Engraver's Line by Gene Hessler

An Encyclopedia of Paper Money & Postage Stamp Art. A tremendous amount of information on the engravers and engraving companies for US stamps, bibliographic, listings of engravers and modelers by stamp. Invaluable for serious students of US adhesive stamps. The contents are magnificent however the editing, typesetting and general layout are poor for the 1993 volume but much improved for the 2005 one, the paper, printing and binding are fine.

Essence of Polar Philately by Hal Vogel

A surprisingly enjoyable book even for those with no interest in the subject. It ranges from, 1819 and before, 1824-25 Northwest Passage Expedition, the 1875-76 British Arctic Expedition with the notice for despatching mails, up to about 2000, listings of the expeditions and flights, many covers are illustrated. An excellent introduction and outline of a most extensive subject. 2008, 206+9 pages, in color, well printed on heavy glossy paper but the binding is poorly done and pages can easily separate, card, published at $65.00 but we are able to offer it as a limited quantity special for $55.00,

An English edition is now out!

Stars, Stripes & Ice

Drifting stations, icebreakers, submarines and Article land stations in their mail history by Franco Giardini, Frederico Masnari and Enrico Garrou.

An excellent book on the Polar Postal History, 69 illustrations in color, 46 in black and white 25 paintings etc. photographs, 11 maps, others 336, in all 476 illustrations. Well reviewed in the Collectors club Philatelist this year based on the Italian edition.