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20th Century War & Censorship

War books that are a bit more general than those related to a single country. Many titles that should be listed under this head are found only under others headings. Please see the various specific countries, and publishers such as The Chavril Press, Philip Cockrill, E. B. Proud Publications, in addition to Belgium, etc. for similar works.

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The Postal History of the Spanish-Cuban American War

by Yamil H. Kouri Jr.

The philatelic aspect on all sides of the war with much related pertinent history.

The 27 chapters range on the Cuban side, from Military History, Cuban Postal Systems in and out of the Island, and Impact on Civilians; on the Spanish side, from Mail from Spanish Soldiers, Sailors, Military Posts, Military Hospitals and POW's, Spanish Patriotic Labels, Interrupted Mails, and Blockade Mail; and on the U.S. side from Mail from all the Military Camps in the United States, Patriotic Covers and Labels, Wartime Correspondence

Mail from American Soldiers, Sailors, Military Hospitals, Military Postal Stations in Cuba, their Postal Markings and Mail Categories, Military Camps in Cuba, Local Provisional Stamp Issues, Official Mail Envelopes, and the Postal Issues of 1899-1902. All three sides, Cuban, Spanish and American, are well covered; Postal Markings, Stamps, Labels, Maps, Documents, Photographs, Tables, etc. A detailed table of contents and a extensive index with listing: cities, army camps, ships, etc. 2019, 752 pages,1,600 illustrations, full color; cloth with DJ. Covers, bound in Buckram with gold stamping and a dust jacket. To a US mailing address $90.00 + $7.50 postage = $97.50

Soviet Clandestine Mail Surveillance


by David M. Skipton and Steve Volis

From the Collectors Club of Chicago, A hybrid of philatelic research and history.The political control offices that secretly watched the correspondence of Soviet citizens and foreigners in the USSR and demonstrates that these offices used censor marks resembling postmarks to convey information and instructions between the branches. Hundreds of these censor marks (and censorship-related date stamps) are recorded and illustrated; along with hundreds more that the authors contind were used to aid in the "classification campaigns" of the 1920s. cloth, all-color, 554 + ix pp. edition limited to 300 copies published at $98.00, edition limited to 300 copies, delivered to a US mailing address $105.00

Philately of the Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902 by Stephen G. Rich 1943, 226 pages, card, VF, enquire first, $145.00

Detained, Interned, Incarcerated

U.S. Noncombatant Internee Mail in World War II

by Louis Fiset

Background explaining why, how, when, and where U.S. citizens, resident enemy aliens, diplomats, deportees from Latin America, and Axis merchant seamen were interned. More than 250 illustrations showing covers, censorship, and postal markings from camps operated by the Army, Immigration and Naturalization Service, State Department, and War Relocation Authority.

The first compilation of mail of noncombatant civilians, diplomats, and Axis merchant seamen held by the U.S. government during World War II. To understand why political groups were incarcerated as well as their postal history, background on historical events of the war relating to the groups incarcerated is necessary. Specific historical facts are present to aid philatelists in finding relevant postal history.

Chapters include the postal history of the two diplomatic exchanges with Japan carried out by the mercy ship, M.S. Gripsholm, and of Japanese American soldiers, many of whom entered military service after their incarceration in relocation centers. Twenty four 24 tables provide data on camp locations and populations, postal rates, and other details of importance to collectors, including a table on these covers' scarcity. A CD contains three of the author's gold medal exhibits offering additional illustrations of internment camp mail.

2010, 234 + 13 pages with CD, cloth with dj, from the Collectors Club of Chicago, limited stock, $150.00

War Tax Stamps of the British Empire First World War The West Indies

by John G. M. Davis

2009, by the RPSL, 400+12 pages, cloth with dj, $135.00

Fleeing from the Führer,

A Postal History of Refugees from the Nazis

by Charmian Brinson & William Kaczynski

with a forward by David Beech

A collection of mail and history from W.W. II refugees, a most readable and moving study on this unfortunate period. It covers Refugee life in Britain, Internment Camps Worldwide, Refugee Life in China and Japan, Undercover Mail, etc. A philatelic book that gives much historic background. 2011, $35.00

Forgeries of Common Stamps after World War I

Eastern Front, Balkans Caucasus

by P. Clark Souers

This book is titled Version 2 and in my thoughts is not a good title, in essence it is a major expansion to the original 63 pages in 2017, it covers the same material.

An exceptional work on the common forgeries of the period, the stamps are real but the fakes are so common that the authentic ones are not fully appreciated. I have never paid any attention though i have accumulated a few for my forgery collections and now want to work them up, the stores and details of the stamps are most interesting. A labor of love by Clark and priced so the information will be distributed, he is now working on another volume that we hope will get out. 2019. 89 pages numerous full color with hundreds of details of stamps illustrations, quality paper, card bound, illustrated. in stock, $22.50

The Postal History of French Forces in Tunisia 1900-1920 & the South Tunisian Campaign 1915-1917

by David Trapnell, Well illustrated: covers, markings and maps. 2013, 40 pages, large format, in color, $27.50

The Philately of Third Reich, Germany 1933 - 1945

by Robert W. Jones

Mostly on the adhesive stamps including the booklets, some cancellations and background, all are illustrated in excellent color, uses the Michel catalog numbers, 2011, 304 + 12 pages, cloth, sold out

Machine Cancels - APOs in World War II

by Bart Billings, Russ Carter, Bob Payne, and Reg Morris, a catalog of all known machine postal markings listing the APOs and illustrating and pricing the cancels. 2006, 2 volumes, $50.00, sold out

Civil Censorship in the United States During World War II by W.N. Broderick & Dann Mayo 1980, 110 pages, plastic spiral binding, sold out

The United States Post Office in World War II by Lawrence Sherman, LC 2001 131249, ISBN 0-916675-10-6
This book is based on the 1951 PO document titled A Wartime History of the Post Office Department with the addition of 300 illustrations and commentaries by today's postal historians.