Philatelic Bibliopole

Leonard H. Hartmann


These books are primarily related to the adhesive stamps of the United States, however there is often some postal history interest plus one can not fully interpret the postal history aspects of a cover without a detailed knowledge of the adhesive postage stamps.

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Understanding the Grill Stamps of the United States Stamps

by Jan Hofmeyr, forward by Jim Lee The fundamental study of the Grills. A well illustrated history from types A to Z: stamps, essays, proofs, drawings. It is not a catalog but basic to understanding. 164 pages, in color, card bound, $47.50

The U.S. and World Fakes of Andre Frodel by Kenneth W. Pugh

It covers some of his fakes and a good picture of him and the production, mostly fakes of 20th century U.S. stamps by manipulating authentic stamps, these fakes are quite deceptive. I have recently come across two CSA fakes that were superbly re-backed and may have been his work, 2021, 51 pages, full cover, on heavy paper, loose leaf and punched for standard 3 ring binder, binder not included, $40.00

Lester G. Brookman

The 19th Century Postage Stamps of the United States by L. G. Brookman The basic books on 19th Century U.S. adhesive postage stamps. The 1st and 2nd editions are quite similar as to text but the 2nd was expanded, mostly by adding photographs.

The Travers Papers

Official Records United States Postal History and Postage Stamps, 1834-1851

Compiled by
Thomas J. Alexander, George Brett, Wilson Hulme II
Edited by Barbara Mueller

The previously never published story of the 1847 stamps from official records, postal reform, postal conventions, etc.. A deluxe publication in two volumes, cloth, slip case, dust jackets, edition of 405 sets, 1,300+ pages, $225.00 plus $15.00 The Travers Papers

Richard M. Morris

Pittsboro Guides

Useful color guides with tipped in color chips, the best available.

Durland Standard Plate Number Catalog from the Bureau Issue Association Lists all US plate numbers from the 1851's, Air, Revenue, CSA, etc. to 1999, published every 3-4 years, 2000, 456 pages, card, $23.50

The Micarelli Identification Guide to U.S. Stamps, Regular Issues 1847-1934 by Charles N. Micarelli An easy to use, well illustrated, guide for identifying the look alike stamps.

The Postage Stamps of the United States by John N. Luff Prior to Brookman this was THE basic U.S. work and is still of value.

Linn's U.S. Stamp Facts 19th Century Basic current data on each adhesive postage stamp, well illustrated 1999, 272 pages, card, $33.50, sold out

The History of The Postage Stamps of the United States by John K. Tiffany 1886, 278 pages, VF original cloth, enquire first, $170.00

The U.S. Postage Stamp, 1842-1869 by Rohrbach and Newman An interesting general work on both the stamps and covers, enjoyable to read but marred by a few evident errors of fact. 1984, 160 pages, 95 illustrations, cloth, $32.50

Sloane's Column arranged by George T. Turner George B. Sloane's 1,350 consecutive columns appeared in STAMPS from 1932 to 1958 covering most facets of U.S. philately with emphasis on revenues, locals and the classics. Enjoyable to read.

Baker's United States Classics by Hugh J. and J. David Baker A compilation and expansion of Dave and Hugh's columns from STAMPS magazine, 1962-1969. Published by the U.S. Philatelic Classics Society. A major work for the 1800 - 1890 period covering stamps, covers, rates, philately, Confederates, etc. It ranks with Ashbrook's Special Service, Sloane's Column and Pat Paragraphs as a major philatelic work. 1986, 355 pages, cloth, over 350 illustrations, $65.00

Pat Paragraphs arranged by George Turner and Thomas Stanton Elliott Perry's 58 booklets plus added material has been arranged by subject similar to Sloane's Column. An extremely useful book, we fault it only in that each entry does not reference the original booklets. 1981, 648 pages, cloth. A superb study of the classics, $85.00

American Philatelic Miscellany By Susan M. McDonald Reprint of all U.S. articles from the STAMP SPECIALIST, most useful. 1976, 569 pages, cloth, out of print $50.00

Classic United States Imperforate Stamps by Jon Rose The 1847's through the 5 1856 plus the 1875 reproductions of the 1847. An enjoyable book for the established collector and a useful one for the new one; mostly abstracted from other works, little new material. 1990, 95 pages cloth $32.50, card $17.50

Classic United States Stamps 1845-1869 by Carroll Chase A compilation of general articles by Chase with illustrations from Dr. Silsby's collection, interesting and enjoyable but not important. 1962, 45 pages, cloth, $22.50, Above but without dust jacket $15.00

Pictorial Treasury of U.S. Stamps A well done general book on U.S. adhesive postage stamps, quite attractive, popular as a gift for a new collector; not as detailed as a Scott Catalog but much easier to use and more attractive, a friend found a remainder and shared it with us. The color illustrations are quite good, catalog prices are given for 1925, 35, 45, 55, 65 and 75. 1974, 223 pages, cloth, in color $22.50

The City Despatch Post 1842-1852 Issues, A study of America's First and Most Versatile Stamp-Producing Plate by Scott R. Trepel, 2003, 25+14 pages, color and b&w, card cover, a fine study of the history, covers and the plating, $12.50

Ten Decades Ago 1840-1850, a study of the work of Rawdon, Wright, Hatch and Edison of New York City by Winthrop S. Boggs, 1949, 100 pages, card, one copy available, $52.50

Postmaster Provisionals

The City Despatch Post 1842-1852 Issues, A study of America's First and Most Versatile Stamp-Producing Plate by Scott R. Trepel, 2003, 25+14 pages, color and b&w, card cover, a fine study of the history, covers and the plating, $12.50

The Alexandria Blue Boy by May Day Taylor, An excellent account of the discovery of the Blue Boy and the subsequent discovery of the original letter, 2006, 43 pages, card, $7.00

The New York Postmaster's Provisonals by Paul MacGuffin, 1936, excellent plating of the stamps, 26 pages, card, only one copy available, $55.00

The Postage Stamps of the United States 19th Century Issues Part One Postmasters' Provisionals by Luff and Clark 1937, 80 pages, cloth, 15 plates in pocket, $85.00 Per above but binding stained and two plates are xerox, $70.00

The New York, Postmaster's Provisional by Stanley M. Piller An excellent coverage of the subject from the proofs through the plating and the paper to the numerous unusual covers and finally the forgeries. 1991, 127+8 pages, cloth $72.50

New York, Postmaster Robert Morris, Letters 1847-1848 by W. Boggs A beautiful book, mostly historic but with significant philatelic 1960, 206 pages, cloth, slip case, original mailng box, edition of 150, autographed, $225.00

Jeremiah A. Farrington Collection of New York Postmaster Provisionals A most useful handbook-catalog of the stamps and covers. 1992, 54 pages, color, with pr., Ivy, Shreve & Mader $20.00


The United States 1847 Issue: A Cover Census by Tom Alexander A detailed listing of nearly 13,000 covers arranged by place of mailing and data, also a separate section on fake covers, over 200 covers illustrated, 16 pages in color, the characteristics of mail from each state. From the USPCS. 2001, 949 pages, cloth with DJ, $80.00

Directory of 10¢ 1847 Covers by Creighton C. Hart and Susan M. McDonald, 1970, 155 pages, cloth, only one copy available, $95.00

The Plating of the 10¢ 1847 by Elliott Perry Published in the Collectors Club Philatelist between April 1924 and July 1926 in 9 issues (vol III 2-3, vol IV 1-4, vol V 1-3), never reprinted

Postal Markings of the United States 1847-1851 by Mannel Hahn A most useful source for the distribution data for the 1847 stamps. 1938, 42 pages, card, also contains the 1847 distribution data $32.50

The Introduction of Adhesive Postage Stamps in Iowa 1845-1853 by James S. Leonardo An exceptional study of significance far beyond Iowa. An excellent account of the introduction of adhesive postage stamps in the US which is of significant value to all collectors. The data on the Iowa usages is excellent, highly recommended. 1996, 145 pages, soft cover, edition of 260 copies, $42.50

Illustrated Directory of New Jersey 1847 Issue Covers by Brad Arch 1987, 44 pages, card plus supplements 1 and 2, $6.50 1990 and 1993 supplements, 8 pages, $1.50

The 1847 Issue of United States Stamps by Lester Brookman Most if not all of the contents is now in the 2 and 3 Vol. Brookman.

A Historical Catalog of U.S. Stamp Essays and Proofs by C. W. Brazer The 1847 issue, 1947, 32 pages, card, useful $32.50

U.S. Postage Stamp Production Dies 1847-1894 by George W. Brett A 32 page article in the 1989 APC book, 187 pages, cloth $22.50

The Types and Plates of the U.S. One Cent 1851-1857 by Stanley B. Ashbrook Excellent basic book, 1926, 93 pages, card, $35.00

1851- 1857

A Sesquicentennial Retrospective

An exceptional book from the United States U.S. Philatelic Classics Society, the edition was limited to about 25 copies over the actual copies ordered and it sold out at Washington 2006. 2006, 378+ pages, cloth, limited stock, $145.00

The United States One Cent Stamp of 1851-1857 by Stanley B. Ashbrook 1938, Vol. 1 & 2, 338 and 384 pages, cloth VF condition $410.00, used condition $275.00

U.S. One Cent Stamp of 1851-61 by Mortimer L. Neinken Magnificent supplement and update, but not a replacement, for Ashbrook. 1972, 552 pages, cloth deluxe $265.00 enquire, regular $200.00

The U.S. One Cent Issues of 1851-1857 by Kenworthy & Diamond Well illustrated guide to these complex stamps, useful Circa 1960, 24 pages, card, SPA Handbook No. 8, enquire before ordering, $15.00

CDs From the USPCS

The 3c 1851 issues by Robert R. Hegland, 2007, 37 page full color exhibition, $10.00

U.S. Three Cent 1851 Essays for Postage Stamps by Roy Weber, 2007, 328 pages in Microsoft Word file with many illustrations, many 100s in full color, $24.95

The 3 Stamp of the U.S., 1851-57 by Dr. Carroll L. Chase

Since 1929 this has been a fundamental US study. Please note, the Chase 3 book has been quite popular in recent years and we often do not have them in stock thus the below note when available. The below prices are for F-VF copies.

A Census of U.S. Classic Plate Blocks 1851-1882 by John C. Chapin A history with notes on each of the 524 plate blocks. 1983, 96 pages, cloth, 16 page May-June 1984 CP supplement, paper, $25.50

The United States Five Cent Stamp of 1856 by Richard C. Frajola and Frederick R. Mayer, A major new work on a classic for both the stamp and postal history collector. The book covers the stamp production, distribution, domestic and foreign usages, etc. from the Collectors Club of New York. The first book from the CCNY in over 10 years, 2005, 176 pages, in full color, cloth, $45.00

The U.S. Five Cent Stamp of 1856-1861 by H.W. Hill 1955, 79 pages, cloth, edition of 500 copies, $225.00, but enquire

U.S. Ten Cent Stamp of 1855-59 by Mortimer L. Neinken The plating plus a fine chapter on the markings and usages, excellent. 1960, 252 pages, cloth, a basic volume on classic US, new, $70.00, used $32.50

The U.S. Ten Cent Stamp of 1855-1857 by Stanley B. Ashbrook 1936, 87 pages, card, $27.50

The Types and Varieties of the U.S. Ten Cent Issues of 1855-1859 by Hesy & Diamond Circa 1960, 24 pages, card, SPA Handbook No. 13, limited stock, $12.50

National Philatelic Museum, 1851-1857 U.S. Issues tional Philatelic Museum, 1851-1857 U.S. Issues 1951, 175 pages, card, only one available, $40.00

U.S. Perforation Centennial 1857-1957 Companion volume to the above 1851-1857 book. 1957, 232 pages, card, one correction sheet, $17.50

The 1851-57 Twelve Cent Stamp by Mortimer L. Neinken The only work on the plating of this stamp, excellent illustrations 1964, by the Collectors Club of NY, 74 pages, card, one copy available, $75.00

United States Twelve Cents 1851-1857 by J. Tracy & S. B. Ashbrook, 1926, 23 pages, card, limited stock, $47.50

The First Perforated U.S. Issue, 1857 by Jon Rose, Similar in format to the two previous books by Jon published by Linn's however it is published by the Collectors Club of Chicago and had much of there expert impute plus quality of publication. The physical size and format matches Jon's previous books published by Linn's. The press run of 500 is quite small for a book of such general interest. 2005, 156 pages, cloth, $37.50

Early American Perforating Machines and Perforations 1857-67 by Boggs This monograph covers the mechanical aspects of the machines, their operation and the philatelic consequences.

Early Canada Stamp Perforation Measurements by J. Goldberg The 1857-1899 period, a scholarly pursuit getting back to the actual method of rotary perforation, not for the general collector. 1996, 10 pages, plastic spiral bound

1861 - 1867

The United States 1 Franklin 1861-1867, and an Introduction to the Postal History of the Period by Don L. Evans with contributions from C. W. Bert Christian All facets from postal history through the proofs and premieres gravures. A major work on a Classic US Stamp in addition to the Postal History.

Harry F. Allen Collection of Black Jacks by Maryette B. Lane A fine coverage of the stamp and its usages.

The Black Jacks of 1863-1867 by Maurice F. Cole, 1950, 121 pages, card, enquire before ordering, $125.00

U.S. Grills by Wm. L. Stevenson & Notes on the Grilled Issues of the US by Lester G. Brookman. The Stevenson booklet from the 1920's and the 1940 Brookman one are both dated but a clear understanding of these studies is necessary to comprehend the current work. 1993 printing of 1980 reprint, 88 pages, card $27.50

1869, The Pictorial Issues

TEN-CENT 1869 Covers, A Postal History Survey by Michael Laurence

Another exceptional book from the Collectors Club of Chicago, a limited edition as with all CCC books. A detailed study of the postal rates by country, 1869 - 1876 and the usage of the 10¢, 1,298 covers are cataloged, 476 illustrations, 119 tables.

2010, 390+10 pages, full color, cloth bound with dj, edition limited to 500 copies, $75.00

US Postage Stamps of 1869 by Jon Rose Each stamp has it's own chapter covering everything from the design, essay, proofs, specimens, multiples, cancels, etc. 1996, 200 pages, card, $22.50

The U.S. Issues of 1869, Proceeded by Some Additional Notes on "The Premieres Gravures of 1861" by Stanley B. Ashbrook The below is the normal issued version of this work and does not contain the Premieres Gravures material as pages 70-77 were cut out of most copies, see our Catalog 4, pages 3-4 for details. 1943, 69 pages, card [limited stock] $85.00 1943, 69 pages, privately bund [only one copy] $95.00 1943, complete 77 pages, card [limited stock] $135.00

The Case of the Premieres Gravures of 1861 by Cyril F. dos Passos 1944, 6 pages, card, outprint from EPJ, $15.00

1869 Pictorial Issues

U.S. 1869 Pictorial Research Associates publications.


The Register

The 1869 Issue on Cover: A Census and Analysis by Jonathan W. Rose and Richard M. Searing. A most useful book, a census of all known covers except the 1, 2 and 3 issues which have an analysis. 1986, 223, 22 pages in color, cloth with dj

Appletons' Railway Map of the United States and Canada by G. Thomas A fine reprint of the 1869 map giving an overall view of the country, by the Pictorial Research Associates. 1977 reprint of 1869 map, 23 x 25 inches, $13.50

1870-1894, The Bank Note Era

Cancellations & Killers of the Banknote Era 1870-1894 by James M. Cole Useful and attractive work on the Banknote Era Cancellations and Killers. The format is that of the Herst-Sampson and Skinner-Eno books with the markings arranged by design, 63 classifications. Cole emphasizes the 1870-1894 period while the previous works are mostly pre 1870. An excellent index is provided; arranged first by State and then by City. Richard Graham has provided an excellent article on the devices. A three level rarity scale is provided. Highly recommended as with all previous books from the United States Philatelic Classics Society. 1995, 357 pages, 140 halftones and 5,000 line cuts, cloth, $85.00

Bank Note Issues of the U.S. Stamps 1870-1893 by Lester Brookman Most if not all of the contents is now in the 2 and 3 Vol. Brookman.

The U.S. 3 Cent Vermilion by Dr. H.A. Davis1922, 22+ pages, card, limited stock $22.50

The U.S. 3 Green 1870-1887 by Wiley, U.S. 1887 3 Vermilion by Davis, The Wiley booklet is a reprint of the first edition thus it does not have the Charles Nast article on cancellations that appeared in the second, 1979 reprint of 1915 and 1922 booklets, 48 pages, card, limited stock, $27.50

The SevenCent Vermilion U.S. 1871-1873 Isue by J. W. Sampson, SWJ No. 42, 16 pages, card, only one copy available, $20.00

U.S. 2 Red Brown of 1883-1887 by Edward L. Willard

Volume one covers the stamps and volume two the cancellations and usages. An excellent introduction to the bank note issues. 1970, two volumes, 164 pages each, cloth, the set $37.50

Some Notes Concerning Paper and Paper Mesh on the Bank Notes by Lowell Cooper, 12 page article in 1979 APC book. 1979, 188 pages, cloth $32.50

The Alleged Secret Marks on the 15 Webster by Cyril F. dos Passos 1957, 4 pages, an outprint from the SPA JOURNAL, $3.50

U.S. Cancels 1890-1900 by Sol Salkind Mostly from the 2 Red, arranged by subject with reference numbers. 1985, 128 pages, card, $15.00

The United States Columbian Issue 1893 by A. A. Lauzon, 1942, 69 pages, card

The Unites Tates 2c 1893 by H. E. Coulson, 1926, 32 pages, card, new condition $50.00

Trans-Mississippi Issue


The United States Trans-Mississippi Issue of 1898 by R. Neal & J. Rossenthal Well illustrated and printed, covers the stamps, proofs, essays and usages

A Historical Catalog of U.S. Stamp Essays and Proofs, The Omaha, Trans-Mississippi issue, 1898 by C. W. Brazer 1939, 48 pages card $15.00

Guide to United States Vending and Affixing Machine Perforations 1907-1927

by Steven R. Belasco

More then 250 varieties of privately perforated coils were made by six companies, their history, proprietary perforations, stamps, scarcity on and off cover, and an excellent guide to the many fakes. The first book on these stamps since George Howard's 1943 volume. 2009, 216+6 pages, cloth, $60.00, sold out

The Stamp Machines and Coiled Stamps by George P. Howard

Encyclopedia of Plate Varieties on U.S. Bureau-Printed Postage Stamps by Loran C. French, detailed and extensively illustrated 1979, 337 pages, cloth, $72.50

B.I.A. Plate Number Checklist, Plates 1-20,000 & 20,000-41303 revised 1990, gives dates for assigned, certified, hardened, to press, cancelled, melted, comments, loose leaf, both total 2.5 inches thick, new, never opened, punched for three ring binder, new, one available $85.00

Color Sampling the Contract of 1890: Preparations for a New Series of U.S. Definitives by Rev. Stephen Knapp An article covering 23 pages in the 1990 APC book, SAMPLE stamps. 1990, 188 pages, cloth $25.00

U.S. Commemorative Stamps of the Twentieth Century by Max G. Johl The standard work on 20th century U.S. commemoratives.

U.S. Postage Stamps 1945-1952 by Sol Glass A fine continuation of the above Johl Commemorative set 1954, 280 pages, cloth, sold out

Johl and King

U.S. Postage Stamps of the Twentieth Century by Johl and King The standard work on 20th century U.S. stamps.

U.S. Postage Stamps 1902 - 1935 by Max G. Johl Reprint contains most of Vol. 1 revised and Vol. 3 of the above. This volume covers the Regular Issues, the most useful part of the set. 1976, 566 pages, cloth, $85.00

The Major Work

THE EXPERT'S BOOK Washington / Franklin Issues by Paul W. Schmid Vol. 1, Washington - Franklin Stamps of 1908 - 1923. An extremely useful work. It starts out with a 15 page guide illustrating each evident type, giving the various Scott numbers and basic information to limit the possibilities, from this you go to the details on each stamp, type, etc. by section. Well illustrated and laid out. 1990, 224 pages, cloth, enquire before ordering, $125.00

Types of the 2 and 3 Washington Series of 1912-21 by Diamond and Kenworth Circa 1960, 12 pages, card, SPA Handbook No. 4, limited stock, $9.50

The Washington-Franklin Heads: Simplified by Larry S. Weiss Circa 1991, 16 pages, card, BIA reprint series No. 1, sold out

Guide for Identification of the Third Definitive Bureau Series, Franklin - Washington, US Postage Stamps of 1908-1921 by E. B. Henson The old fashioned way to do it, works fine, perhaps more background than some. 1979, 52 pages, card

Computer Program

Washington - Franklin Identifier by Ken Knecht A toy, something you really don't need but is fun to play with. Ken Knecht's new book Washington-Franklin Identifier comes as both a card bound book and as a computer program.

To be honest we prefer the book however the computer program works fine and is fun as it flow charts you through the identifications of these complex stamps. Computers are magnificent to work through a large data base and save you a lot of paper shuffling. The program runs under DOS, 286 or batter, EGA or better monitor, a hard disk is highly recommended but not necessary. The publisher recommends a mouse but we had no problems making the selections with the arrow keys as we do not use a mouse in DOS. The cursor must be in the arrows to make a picture selection. It occupies a reasonable 1.3 m of disk space.

Martin A. Armstrong

See our assundry section for current stock

Edwin C. Madden's Influence on U.S. Philately by James H. Bruns An article covering 27 pages in the 1990 APC book, the Pan-American inverts, 1990, 188 pages, cloth $25.00

Bibliography of Dates of Issue and of Earliest Known Usages On Cover for U.S. Postal Issues 1847-1920 by David S. Zubatsky 1976, 4th Quarter, PLR $6.00


United States Stamps 1922-26 by Gary Griffith The first book on the 1922-26 postage stamps, the Regular Issues, Commemoratives and Air Mails; from original research in the various Official Records, Smithsonian, National Archives and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. 1997, 400 pages, 244 photographs, only one copy available $55.00

United States Stamps 1927-32 by Gary Griffith This book is a continuation of his work on the 1922-26 postage stamps, the Regular Issues, Commemoratives and Air Mails; from original research in the various Official Records, Smithsonian, National Archives and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. 2001, 512 pages, cloth bound $45.00, card bound $27.50

Counterfeit Kansas-Nebraska Overprints on 1922-34 Issues by Schoen & De Voss, First Day Covers by Harvey. Some copies have printed on the cover ( Including 'California Varieties' ) but the text is identical. 1973, 33 pages, card, outprint from AP, $4.75

Farley's Follies by Ralph L. Sloat, An excellent coverage of the inapropriate production of special stamps for the favored which were later sold to all. 1979, 108 pages, card, $17.50, sold out

Discovering U.S. Rotary Booklet Pane Varieties 1926-1978 by B. H. Mosher A well done monograph, detailed on printing, perforating, paper & ink 1979, 128 pages, card, $12.00

Linn's Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Stamps of the United States 1933-45 by Bauer A good philatelic coverage of each stamp, background on the subject, and naturally FDR's involvement. Good historic content, well indexed. 1994, 375 pages, card, $18.50

Franklin D. Roosevelt: the Stamp-Collecting President by Brian C. Baur, This book covers FDR as a collector and his collections. 1999, 160 pages, card bound $18.50

The Philatelic Truck by James H. Bruns A fascinating account of philately during the depression, the famous truck that toured the US giving out the ubiquitous souvenir sheet. 1982, 108 pages, card $10.00

Roosevelt, De Gaulle and the Posts by D. M. Giangreco Franco-American War Relations Viewed Through Their Effects on the French Postal System, 1942-1944. The background behind the RF overprints. 1988, 192 pages, card, 100 illustrations including covers $15.00

The Prexies by Roland E. Rustad The Prexies, the regular issue series from 1938 to 1954. This work will be of great value to the WW II collectors, the emphasis is on the adhesive stamps with respect to the printings, quantities and dates but the usages are also well covered. Another fine reference volume from the BIA. 1994, 343 + 8 pages, card $37.50, sold out

Prexie Postal History by Richard W. Helbock Prexie 1938 Presidential Series, postal history including overseas airmail The latest edition and most welcomed but don't discard your1988 one as it remains of value

United States Famous Americans Series of 1940 by George H. Hahn, 193+6 pages, paper case, limited stock


Linn's Plate Number Coil Handbook by Ken Lawrence. 1990, 353 pages, card, $65.00

Postage Due

The United States Postage Due Essays, Proofs and Specimens 1879-1986

by Harry K. Charles, Jr. Ph.D.

A major new work from the Collectors Club of Chicago. It must be noted this work extends to 1986 however the major material is the 19th century and goes into detail to the early 20th century but there is little after circa 1930. 2014, 289+ 19 pages, cloth with dj, $70.00

The first serious work on the Dues by George Arfken, published by the CCC in 1991 sold out immediately and is still quite in demand for the color photographic plate and other details.

Postage Due, The U.S. Large Numeral Postage Due Stamps by George B. Arfken A fine book but it is now out of print, 1991, 256 pages, cloth, only one copy available $165.00

U.S. Parcel Post, A Postal History by Henry M. Gobie 1979, 256 pages, paper case binding, stamps well covered, limited stock, $52.50

The Speedy, A History of U.S. Special Delivery Service by Henry M. Gobie 1976, 296 pages, paper case binding, dust jacked, limited stock, e-mail first, $77.50

The 10 Registry Stamp of 1911 by Robert L. Markovits 1973, 32 pages, card, outprint from CCP, $12.50

Notes Upon U.S. and C.S.A. Stamps and their Varieties by Toppan An interesting booklet leaving most students a bit disappointed. 1906, 27 pages, card, limited stock, $10.00

The Giori Press by George W. Brett The definitive book on all details of this press. 1961, 109+6 pages, card, sold

The Post Office Seals of the United States and Possessions by Jim Kotanchik

An excellent new work covering all aspects of the subject of officially sealed, far more than just a priced catalog, a fine history. Besides US it covers the possessions ; Ryukyu, Philippine, Canal Zone

The book covers far more than the common "Opened by Mistake" concept.

2006, 349 pages, full color, cloth with dj, $85.00

The Post Office Seals of the United States, Vol. One, The Regular Issues by Adam Perkal and Seymour Kazman Covers regular seals from 1872, complete with catalog and pricing guide. 1984, 160 pages, 100 illustrations, cloth sewn signatures, $45.00

Canal Zone

Canal Zone Stamps by Gilbert N. Plass, Geoffrey Brewster & Richard H. Salz The standard work on CZ postage stamps. 1986, 362 pages, cloth, out of print,

The Canal Zone Study Group
  • U.S. Naval Slogan Cancels in the Canal Zone and Panama Area 1908-1948, by Karrenr, 2002, 106 pages, card, $15.00
  • The USF Constitution Cachets and Cancellations of the 1932 and 1934 Transits of the Panama Canal by Wentworth and Karrer, 1991, 45 pages, card, $15.00
  • SRC Control-Dated Canal Zone Stamps by Craig, 1999, 26 pages, card, $6.50
  • Philatelic Announcement Cards of the Canal Zone Postal Service by Finder, 1997, 42 pages, card, $7.50
  • Canal Zone PO Opening and Closing Commemorative Covers 1927-1979 by Karrer, 1995, 8 pages, card $17.50
  • CZ The Type III Mount Hope Local overpirnts by Philler, Hamilton Bank Note Issues of 1906-07 by De Voss, The 3c "Stuart" Washington by Millburn, 1976, 27 pages, card, $15.00 The Drucker Family collection, Part 3, US Possessions, Siegel sale 856, 2003, $20.00

    Canal Zone Postage Stamps by the Canal Zone Postal Service An excellent book on the stamps.

    • 1961, 450 pages, card, used $22,50, VF $40.00
    • 1961-1979, supplement to above, 85 pages, card, only one copy available, VF $15.00


    Hawaii Foreign Mails to 1870 by Fred Gregory

    A three volume deluxe set in a slip case, the definitive work on the Hawaii Foreign Mail covers to 1870, magnificent and beautiful, can't say more, $235.00 plus $15 for US delivery, enquire for foreign shipment.

    Hawaii, The Grinnell Hawaiian Missionary Stamps by Patrick Pearson From the Royal Philatelic Society of London

    • 2006, 112 pages, hard bound, out of print, $60.00
    • 2006, 112 pages, card, $29.50

    Hawaii, The Grinnells and the Mystic Stamp CompanyThe Mystic stamp company has issued three booklets on the Grinnell forgeries which we consider a significant part of the story.These are or were available from Mystic at no charge however we find it necessary make a small charge.

    • The Grinnell Missionaries, 2003, 65 pages, card
    • The Case for the Grinnell MIssionary Stamps, 2006, 57+ pages, card
    • Response to the 2004 Royal Philatelic Society Opinion on the Grinnell Missionary Stamps, 2006, 23 pages, card. Not available however it may be placed on the Mystic web site in the future,
    • The two booklets $10.00

    Hawaiian Stamp List, Frank C. Atherton Collection by Sam Park Catalog of Stamps on Exhibition at the Honolulu Academy of Arts 1937, 24 pages, card, $17.50

    Hawaii, Its Stamps and Postal History by Meyer, Harris, Davey & Bash, 1948, 412 pages, the definitive work, limited stock, e-mail first, $250.00

    Hawaii, Additions to Hawaiian Postal History by E. J. Burns These works are additions to the above Meyer-Harris Hawaii.

    • Volume I, 1980, reprint of 1972 book, 66 pages, card
    • Volume II, 1980, Town Cancels, 34+3 pages, card, Set Vol. 1 & 2, $35.00
    Hawaii, , 1979, 22 pages, card, $5.00, sold

    Hawaii, Plating Hawaii's 1894-99 Two Cent Stamp by Albert J. Schwalm

    • 1973, 21 pages, card, $22.50, sold
    • 1996 reprint of 1973 booklet, 21 pages, card $13.50, sold

    Hawaii, Plating the Hawaiian Numerals by J. F. Westerberg Standard work on plating the stamps, most useful for detecting forgeries. Original pages printed in 1968 plus one two page addition, a new binder. 1968, 88 pages, with ring binder $45.00, without binder, $35.00

    Hawaii, Adhesive Revenue Stamps of Hawaii by Randall E. Burt An excellent coverage of the stamps and their history. 1987, 124 pages, card, edition of 500, out of print


    Postal History and Usage of 1907 and Earlier Precancels by C. C. Souder A catalog but as such it appears quite comprehensive and detailed, arranged by state, well illustrated, enjoyable despite poor computer generated typography. Enjoyable for those of us who know nothing beyond the Glen Allen Star, Harrisburg Pen Strokes and Cumberland, Maine. 1989, 297 pages, card, $35.00

    A Historical Survey of Precancels by Malcolm Hooper Brief sketches ranging from the 1844 Hale Local to current stamps. 1979, 118 pages, spiral bound, interesting but lacks depth $12.50, sold out


    , see


    A Comprehensive Checklist of Earliest Known Usages, Earliest Documented Covers, of U.S. Stamps 1847-1931 from the APS by by Siskin, Lawrence, etc. 1998, 40 pages, card, $6.00

    Walter G. Crosby, Philatelic Cachet Specialist by W. H. Stroebel Crosby was perhaps the most prolific cachet maker, his work spans from 1930 to 1946. The usual new stamps and historic events, much relates to the Navy; Old Ironsides, Tongs Tin Can Mail, Atomic Bomb Tests in the Marshall Islands, etc. A fun book! 1995, 150 pages, card $26.00

    A.C. Roessler's Standard Historical Souvenir Airmail Catalog by Roessler 1976 reprint, 49 pages, card $15.00, sold out

    Mellone's Photo Encyclopedia of U.S.S. Akron & U.S.S. Macon Event Covers by Ullmann All 2,700+ covers are photographed with a catalog number and basic identification along with a monetary evaluation.1996, 352 pages, card, published $34.95+$3.00 postage, $38.00, sold out

    Mellone's Planty - Cacheted FDC

    Planty Photo Encyclopedia of Cacheted First Day Covers by M. A. Mellone A complete new edition is now out, each cachet is illustrated and priced.
    • Vol I, 1901-1928, 1994, 112 pages, card, $17.95
    • Vol II, 1928-1929, 1994, 112 pages, card, $17.95
    • Vol III, 1930-1932, 1995, 128 pages, card, $17.95
    • Vol IV, 1932, 1995, 128 pages, card, $17.95
    • Vol V, 1932-1933, 1995, 100 pages, card, $17.95
    • Vol VI, 1933-1934, 1995, 100 pages, card, $17.95
    • Vol VII, 1934-1935, 1997, 100 pages, card, $17.95
    • Vol VIII, 1935-1936, 1997, 100 pages, card, $17.95
    • Vol IX, 1936, 1998, 104 pages, card, $17.95
    • Vol X, 1936, 1998, 100 pages, card, $17.95
    • Vol XI, 1936-1937, 2000, 104 pages, card, $17.95
    • Vol XII, 1937, 2000, 110 pages, card, $17.95
    • Vol XIII, 1937-1938, 2001, 122 pages, card, $17.95
    • Vol XIV, 1938, 2001, 96 pages, card, $17.95
    Philatelic Guide to the 1936 Texas Centennial Celebration by Deaton 1984, 95 pages, card $14.95


    19th Century U.S. Envelopes by United Postal Stationery Society A fine work but the 1954 Thorp-Bartels remains important as the new edition has a completely different format and many items have been omitted such as the Express Companies, Advertising Collars, etc.

    • 1984, 344 pages, cloth, edited by Edmung C. McGovern, out of stock
    • 2001, 353+20 pages, cloth, edited by Allen Mintz, edition of 300, out of print, limited stock, $72.50

    UPSS Catalog of the 20th Century U.S. Envelopes, Wrappers, Cut Squares and Full Corners of the US, 2nd edition, edited by J. Summers

    • 1990, 1st edition, 496 pages, cloth, sold out
    • 2004, 2nd edition, 20 + 486 pages with knife size chart in pocket, cloth, edition of 300, $50.00

    United States Stamped Envelopes, Essays and Proofs by Maisel The UPSS revision of this material from the 1954 Thorp. 1989, 106 pages, cloth $25.00

    Specimens of Stamped Envelopes and Wrappers of the U.S. by J. R. Weimer The UPSS revision of this material from the 1954 Thorp. 1991, 96 pages, cloth $20.00

    Thorp-Bartels Catalogue of U.S. Stamped Envelopes, Century Edition 1954, 597 pages, cloth, perhaps still the standard work, $160.00

    Bartels Catalogue of U.S. Stamped Envelopes by Prescott Thorp 1943, 5th edition Important work as the knifes are illustrated full size in Vol. 2.

    • Volume 1 and 2, 340 and 96 pages, cloth $125.00
    • Volume 1 only, 340 pages $45.00

    Bartels' Catalogue and Reference List United States Stamped Envelopes 1911 1911, 4th ed 195 pages, cloth, 17 contemporary plates printed in Berlin Binding a bit shaken but it could be restored. $80.00

    United States Postal Card Catalog by U.S. Postal Stationery Society The standard work, last edition was in 1985. 1990 edition, 1991, 315 pages, cloth, limited stock $40.00

    A Contemporary Account of the First U.S. Postal Card 1870-1875 Vol. 2 of Centennial Handbook of the First Issue Postal Card by Fricke. 1973, 151 pages, card, a fascinating and useful book $10.00

    Plating of the First U.S. Postal Card by C. A. Fricke 1973, 72 pages, card, Vol. 1, companion volume to the above $5.00

    U.S. International Single Postal Card of 1879-1897-1898 by C. A. Fricke 1974, 60 pages, card, covers the plating $5.00

    Hartford Issue of U.S. Stamped Envelopes, 2 Recut Dies by Drakos 1977, 159 pages, cloth, two color printing. enlargement in pocket $20.00

    The Recut Two-Cent U.S. Envelope Dies of the Series of 1904 by Barkhausen 1950, 59 pages, paper case, only one copy, a bit scruffy $10.00

    United States Newspaper Stamps by Doc. M. Pepper This series started in 2005 and reprints as needed have minor changes except for the Forgeries which was re-formatted to reduce the number of pages from 50 to 21 by removing white space, the Regular issues is a new title this year 2010

    • 1865-1895, The Regulars, 2005-10, 24 pages, one side, in color $15.00
    • 1875-1885, The Facsimiles, 2005-10, plastic binding, 19 pages, one sided, in color, $15.00
    • 1865-1869, The Forgeries,
      • 2005, plastic binding, printing was 50 pages but there was much white space, one sided, in color
      • 2010 reprint, plastic binding, 21 pages but same contents as first, printing in color, $15.00
    • 1865-1895, The Proofs , 2005-0, plastic binding, 21 pages, one sided, in color, $15.00

    Postal Stationery of the Philippines, US Administration 1898-1946 1983, 56 pages plus 8 page price supplement, card $9.50

    The Postal Stationery of the Canal Zone by Blessington and Schwartz 1985, 68 pages plus 6 page price supplement, card $10.00


    Essays for U.S. Adhesive Postage Stamps by Clarence W. Brazer Reprint of 1941 book plus the 1st and 3rd addenda from the AP.

    • 1941, 236 pages, cloth $140.00, limited stock, e-mail first
    • 1977, 295 pages, cloth, often out of stock

    The Clarence Brazer Collection of US Esssays & Proofs A major listing, sold by Robert A. Siegel, 195 pages, card, June 27-29, 1990, RAS-726 with pr, $40.00

    Essays for United States Postage Stamps by Edward H. Mason,1911, published by the APS, 90 pages, card, only one copy available $57.50

    Falk Finkelburg US Essays & Proofs, RAS-816, September 29, 1999, pr, a major sale ranking with the Brazer collection sold by R. A. siegel in 1990, $40.00

    Catalog of U.S. Stamped Envelopes Essays and Proofs by Dan Undersander An exceptional work and most certainly the final word for many years to come. Essays are covered from the original drawings, models, die essays, etc with Proofs from trial color through printers' waste. Expected early August 2003, 2003, 25+367 pages, cloth with CDR having illustrations in color, edition 500, $50.00

    A Historical Catalog of U.S. Stamp Essays & Proofs by C. W. Brazer These booklets are perhaps more useful to stamp collectors than the Essays Book as they also cover the proofs and not just the essays.

    • The Omaha, Trans-Mississippi issue, 1898 1939, 48 pages, card, errata slip $15.00
    • The 1847 Issue 1947, 32 pages, card $32.50

    The Only Price List of United States Essays & Proofs, Dec 15, 1951 by Clarence W. Brazer, 14 pages self cover, only one copy available, $15.00

    Dr. Clarence W. Brazer Essay-Proof Price Lists 1937-1956 by R.L. Markovits A reprint of Brazer's prices lists, quite useful. 1982, 128 pages, card, non-advertising edition, 200 of the 1,000, $25.50

    U.S. 1869 issue, An Essay-Proof History by F. J. Schueren Printings of 350 copies on the regular and 150 on the deluxe.

    • 1974, 127 pages, cloth, regular edition, limited stock, e-mail first $90.00
    • 1974, 127 pages, cloth, deluxe edition with slip case, limited stock, e-mail first $125.00

    The Life and Work of Thomas F. Morris, 1852-1898 by T. F. Morris II In addition to the material from the ESSAY PROOF JOURNAL an additional 22 pages of drawings and proofs have been added. 1968, 159 pages, card $65.00

    Essays and Proofs of U.S. Internal Revenue Stamps by G. T. Turner An exceptional work on a rare collecting field. 1974, 446 pages, cloth $55.00, sold out

    U.S. Departmental Specimen Stamps by W. V. Combs, 1965, 48 pages, card, enquire before ordering, $62.50

    The Engraver's Line by Gene Hessler

    An Encyclopedia of Paper Money & Postage Stamp Art. A tremendous amount of information on the engravers and engraving companies for US stamps, bibliographic, listings of engravers and modelers by stamp. Invaluable for serious students of US adhesive stamps. The contents are magnificent however the editing, typesetting and general layout are poor for the 1993 volume but much improved for the 2005 one, the paper, printing and binding are fine.

    We now have The World, the first volume in 1993 covers mostly the US and the new volume covers mostly foreign. I say mostly as there is some overlap in the work of the engravers. We have also been able to obtain more copies of the original edition and have reduced our price to the original one. Those that purchased the 1993 book from us can obtain, at no charge, the supplement on request with there next order.

    • The Engraver's Line, United States Version,
    • 1993, 437, cloth, 14 page supplement, Sold Out
    • The International Engraver's Line,
    • 2005, 381+10 pages, cloth, 4 page addenda, $95.00

    Encyclopedia of Designs, Designers, Engravers, Artists of United States Postage Stamps 1847 - 1900 by Les Schriber Sr. 80 pages, card, outprint from the AP

    Comprehensive History of The Evolution of the Souvenir Card Collecting Hobby by Dr. Curtis D. Radford. A 47 page article in the 1988 APC book. /B>. A 47 page article in the 1988 APC book. 1988, 232 pages, cloth $22.50

    ESSAY PROOF JOURNAL, journal of the Essay Proof Society For the essay proof specialist this journal is indispensable, unfortunately complete runs are truly rare.

    • Vol 1, No. 1, January, 1944 complete through 1993 $2,700.00, sold when publication ceased.
    • Winter 1970 - Spring 1983, No 105-158, $400.00

    History of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing 1862-1962 1964, 199 pages, cloth, all original plates intact, $125.00

    The Story of American Bank Note Company by William H. Griffiths 1959, 92 pages, cloth, several engraved plates, $225.00 when available, please enquire.

    Line Engraved Security Printing: the Methods of Perkins Bacon 1790 to 1935 Banknotes and Postage Stamps

    by Gary Granzow

    The first major work on engraving postage stamps since Jamex Baxter's 1939 book; Printing Postage Stamps by Line Engraving, Yes, it is on the nature of the engraving and not on specific stamps. An original approach to the research and understanding of line engraving on steel and the security printing it made possible. While much of the focus is on the evolution of line engraving in the UK, the findings apply to line engraving in general. Previously students have studied thousands of stamps and dated envelopes to deduce how the stamps were made and why they appear as they do. Gary has traced the development of engraving on steel, the mechanics of design transfer, hardening, inks, perforation and plate repair from 1790 to 1935 by studying primary sources and patents. Using this approach, he has made several basic discoveries and corrected a number of erroneous conclusions in the literature.

    2012, 360 pages, 181 illustrations, many in color, cloth, dj, published £50 plus postage of £26, $105.00

    Printing Postage Stamps by Line Engraving by James Baxter A basic work for any collector of engraved US stamps 1982, reprint of 1939 book, 164 pages, cloth $32.50

    The Essays and Proofs of British North America by Kenneth Minuse and R. H. Pratt, The definitive work on BNA Essays and Proofs from the Essay Proof Society. 1970, 198 pages, cloth, limited stock, $110.00.

    Costa Rica, Photographic Artwork and Essays from the American Bank Note Company Archives, circa 1910-1950 by Brian Moorhouse 2002, 32 pages, card, 6.00, $10.00, sold out


    Postal History and Usage of 1907 and Earlier Precancels by C. C. Souder A catalog but as such it appears quite comprehensive and detailed, arranged by state, well illustrated, enjoyable despite poor computer generated typography. Enjoyable for those of us who know nothing beyond the Glen Allen Star, Harrisburg Pen Strokes and Cumberland, Maine. 1989, 297 pages, card, $25.00

    A Historical Survey of Precancels by Malcolm Hooper Brief sketches ranging from the 1844 Hale Local to current stamps. 1979, 118 pages, spiral bound, interesting but lacks depth, $14.95

    The International Postage Meter Stamp Catalog by Joel A. Hawkins & Richard Stambaugh, For details see: Meters, 2005, 1240 pages, card, UK - Continent price is 65 or 95, US delivery $96.00

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