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Internationa Postage Meter Stamp Catalog

The International Postage Meter Stamp Catalog by Joel Hawkins and Richard Stambaugh is now available after a decade of preparation. This massive 1240 page volume is the first comprehensive worldwide meter stamp catalogue published in over fifty years. It contains a great number of stamps cataloged nowhere else. The book is lavishly illustrated with over 6500 figures that simplify type identification, and most stamps are valued in dollars! Instead of guessing at prices, dealers and collectors will now have a realistic guide for evaluating their stamps.

The catalog lists meter stamps from more than 300 countries, from the earliest issue of 1897 to the turn of the 21st century. The list of contributors includes a who's who of experts from around the world. A valuable feature is the extensive identifier which indexes non-English inscriptions to the issuing country.

The listings include all the postage stamps found in most single-country meter stamp catalogs: regular issues, post office and postage due stamps, government officials, vending machine, and PC (computer-generated) postage. Listings for many countries have never before had their meter stamps documented. This is especially true for those of Africa, Central and South America, and the smaller island nations of the world.

Another nice feature is the references to specialized catalogs at the end of many country listings. In addition to these specific country references, an appendix provides a list of postage meter collecting societies of the world and many helpful publications. Another appendix list all the world's known postage meter manufacturers.

Catalog values range from 25 to $10,000. Many stamps, especially common and current issues, are not valued, and significant items that do not have a trade history are listed with a dash (-). This catalog does for meter stamps what the Scott and Stanley Gibbons catalogs do for adhesive stamps - documents in English the entire realm of meter postage stamp issues of the world. Unlike the adhesive stamp catalogs, there is nothing else like the Hawkins & Stambaugh catalog available. It is a unique reference that finally opens the world of postage meter stamps to collectors everywhere.

2005, 1240 pages, card, limited stock, $96.00

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