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The Assundry

A little of this and a bit of that, Only One Copy of Most are available, unlike the rest of this catalog which represents titles that we have multiple copies. The Assundry ranges from the common to rareties.

This listing is only a small fraction of our stock of out of print and used titles that are not in our printed catalog or on the INTERNET. If you are looking for a specific title please drop us a quick note, Leonard

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Auction Catalogs

Philatelic and Non-Philatelic Maritime books

United States

US Postal Markings and History

U.S. Postal Publications

Machine Cancels

US Stamps

  • US Stamps, Series of 1901 by Bernard Silberberg1976, 120 pages, card in plastic spiral binding, $15.00
  • Angels to Zeppelins by D. J. Lehnus, A Guide to the Persons, Objects, Topics, and Themes on U.S. Postage Stamps 1847-1980, 1982, 279 pages, cloth, $17.50
  • American Philatelic Dictionary and Colonial and Revolutionary Posts by Konwiser, 1947, cloth $22.50
  • American Colonial Postmark Catalog by E. N. Sampson, 1953, about 35 pages, mineo in acropress binder, $6.50
  • Private Die Proprietary Medicine Stamps by George B. Griffenhagen, 1969, 78 pages, card, $12.50
  • The Post Office Seals of the United States, Vol. One, The Regular Issues by Adam Perkal and Seymour Kazman Covers regular seals from 1872, complete with catalog and pricing guide. 1984, 160 pages, 100 illustrations, card bound, $30.00, new cloth bound are in stock at $47.50 each
  • The First US Postage Stamp by Elliott Perry, ie, the US City Despatch Post, SWJ No. 30, $15.00
  • US Department Stamps by F. E. Goodwin, SWJ No. 13, $20.00
  • US Department Specimen Stamps by W. V. Combs, 1965, 48 pages, card, $40.00, sold
  • Wells Fargo by Edward Hungerford, non-philatelic but popular and useful, 274 pages, cloth, 1949, sold
  • Scott's Know Your U.S. Stamps by Lilly B. Freed1969, 94 pages, simple but extremely well done, $5.00
  • Manual & Identifications Guide to the US Regular Issues 1847 through 1934 by C. N. Micarelli
  • First Mail West by Morris F. Taylor 1971, 253 pages, cloth with dj, $25.00
  • A Short History of the Mail Service by Carl H. Scheele 1970, 250 pages, cloth with dj, $16.00, sold
  • Sharps Rifles and Spanish Mules, The San Antonio - El Paso Mail, 1851-1881 by W. R. Austerman 1985, 367 pages, cloth, $35.00
  • Boyd's Local Posts in New York City 1844-1882 by Donald S. Patton, 48 pages, card, $10.00
  • The Local Posts in Brooklyn, NY 1844-1882 by Donald S. Patton, 28 pages, card $10.00
  • The First Hundred Years of US Territorial Postmarks 1878-1887 by Carroll Chase, Quality Xerox Copy well Bound in Black Cloth with Gold Stamping, as it originally appeared in The American Philatelist, cloth $30.00
  • American Illustrated Cover Catalog, the John R. Biddle collection, used card $25.00, new cloth in stock at $50.00 and the deluxe at $250.00
  • Oklahoma Place Names by Shirk, 1981, 288 pages, cloth, $17.50
  • Pictorial Treasury of U.S. Stamps 1974, 223 pages, cloth, in color $12.50, new copies in stock at $20.00
  • Golden Moments, A Collection of U.S. 1984 Commemorative Olympic Issues, 1984, large format 76 page book published by the USPO, beautiful color, a coffee table book, $20.00
  • Duck Stamps
  • Martin A. Armstrong series
  • Linn's U.S. Stamp Yearbook, An continuing annual series started in 1983 covering the stamps that appeared during that year, published at $25.00 soft bound and $35 each cloth plus postage.
  • Philometer Compendium by Whitebourgh, ie Meters, 1957, 236 pages, cloth, $32.50
  • History and Evolution of Metered Postage by Wjilliam K. Thomas, 1962, 85 pages, cloth, $22.50
  • Precancels
  • General Scheme of New Jersey with Diagrams of Post Routes, September 1, 1891, 1975 reprint, 86 pages, card, $10.00
  • The Date-Stamps and Other Cancellations of Jersey and Guernsey 1830-1956 by Newport and Simpson, 20 pages, self cover, $8.75
  • General Catalog of U.S. Postmarks by Delf Norona, 1935, 110 pages, card, $12.50
  • Checklist of Post Offices by Richard W. Helbocksmall pocket books, card cover
  • Postal History of U.S. Virgin Islands by J. Alfred Birch 1964 tear sheets from the AP in folder, excellent article, $4.00
  • Postal History of the US Virgin Islands, Formerly the Danish West Indies by J. A. Birch, 1966, 40 pages, card $15.00 Dictionary, 1980, 276 pages, card, for both $10.00
  • The History of the Post Office in British North America, 1630 - 1870 by W. Smith, 1973 reprint of 1921 book, 356 pages, cloth, $85.00
  • A Description of United States Postage Stamps, issue by the PO
  • United States Postage Stamps issued by the PO


    American Revenuer

    An exceptional run complete from Vol 9, No. 10, whole no 80, 1955 through Vol 58, Not, Nov-Dec 2004, wholes number 550, complete except for a few from the last severak year, a few before 1955, $750.00, sold.

    First Day Covers & Cachets

    United Nations

    United States Postal Stationery

    Confederate States of America


    Foreign Catalogs, also see individual countries

    Minkus Catalogs

    W.E.P. handbooks by D. Field circa 1910-1920

    By Country and by Area

    Mexico, South and Central America



    South Australia Western Australia titles by Mogens Juhl The Stamps of the Commonwealth of Australia by Alec. A. Rosenblum Australian Post Office Specialized Booklets, small specialized booklets, enameled paper and card bound. each $3.25 Australia and the South Pacific, various





    British Empire, various




    Canada and BNA

    Cayman Islands

    China & Related





    Stray Salles Volumes

    Great Britain

    The Postage Stamps of Great Britain, from the Royal Philatelic Society of London

  • The Mulready Envelope and it's imitations, caricatures, etc. by Henry L. Calman published in three issues of The American Journal of Philately, Vol 4, no 5, 8 & 10, 1891, $22.50, sold
  • The Penny Black of Great Britain, an adaptation from The Stamps of Great Britain by J. B. Seymour
  • Catalogue of the Adhesive Revenue Stamps of the UK, Isle of Man and Channel Islands by R. G. Booth, 1976, 173 pages, card, old but still most useful, $15.00
  • Plating of the One Pence Red, Alphabet III by Wiggins and Tonna,GB 1p 1856-1864 all 5 volumes 1973-74, $95.00
  • Handstruck Postage Stamps of the Empire by Robson Lowe,
  • Stanley Gibbons Catalogs
  • Great Britain Specialized Catalogs
  • British Commonwealth, Specialized Catalog Gilbert & Ellice Islands, Philatelic Handbook of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands by D. H. Vernon, 1973, 288 pages, cloth, $122.50

    Grenada by E.D. Bacon and F.H. Napier, circa 1906, 173+ pages, card, excellent condition but should be cloth bound, $85.00

    Grenada, The Postal History and PS of Grenada by Alfred Charlton, 1955, 49+ pages, card, $22.50









    , 1956, 86 pages, in printed binder, $30.00







    Handbok over Norges Frimerker 1855-1955, Vol 1 1855-1888, 1963, 311 pages with 6 tipped in reprints, cloth, new condition $125.00

    Handbok over Norske Filatelistika, Filatelistiske emner som tidligere ikke er behandlet I norske handboker, 1969, 312 pages, with 6 tipped in reprints, cloth, new condition $135.00

    Norges Post Histories 1647-1814 by Hans Berrum ex John Crerar library, in Swedish I think, gold leaf on page tops, paper and sewing of both volumes in excellent condition but should be re-bound

    Papua and New Guinea

    New Zealand

    Postal History Catalog of NZ, vol 1, 1958, 40 pages, card, $10.00, sold


    Poland, The Kingdom of Poland, Poland No. 1 and Associated Postal History by M. A. Bonjanowicz, published by the Royal of London 1979, 188 pages, cloth, edition of 500, numbered, $125.00

    Polskie Znaki Pocztowe by Antoni Laszkiewic, ex Wolanski, 1934, 419 pages, nicely privately bound, VF condition, only one copy available, $185.00

    1944 Pionier Katalog, Znaczki Generalnogo Gubernatorstwa I Polskie by Prof Stanislaw M. Miksteina, 1944 Krakow, 280 pages, card, VF exceptional front cover stamping, VF, only one copy available, $85.00

    Poczta Polowa Legionow by J.Z.E. Berek, in Polish with some English, well illustrated, 1968, 95 pages, card, only one coy available, $12.50

    Polish Exile Mail in Great Britain 1939-1949 by K.Kay & Ron Negus Covers the system operated by the Polish Government in Exile in London and it's maritime agencies, Polish and British field post offices and the undercover sending of mail via Portugal and other countries. 1999, 250 pages, card

    Poland 1918 Locals by J. Barefoot The locals from about 1915 to about 1919, the stamps, stationery and postmarks with valuations and a forgery guide 1999, 92 pages, $25.00

    Poland Locals by A. Hall, EP 6, 1981, 123 pages, plastic ring binding, $42.50, sold

    Poland Revenues, by J. Barefoot retail, £15 1998, 132 pages, card, $35.00



    all in English unless stated otherwise, many we have only one copy so please confirm orders

    The Postage Stamps of Russia 1917-1923 by Dr. R. J. Ceresah

    The Trident Issues of the Ukraine, Part 1, Kiev, Part II Odessa by A.W. Greaves & C.W. Roberts, circa 1970, 2 booklets circa 30 pages each, each with one tipped in photograph, edition of 75 copies, $100.00

    The Arms Issues of 1902-20 by Rev. L. L. Tann, 1980, 257 pages, card, $67.50

    Imperial Russian Stamps Used in Transcaucasia part two, Tiflis by P.T.Ashford1975, pages 60-134, card, $37.50

    Anmerkungen zur Postgeschichte der Karpathen-Ukraine by Dr. Walter J. Rauch

    Russland, Spezial-Sommlung des Barons by Carl von Scharfenberg, 1925, 224 pages, card, , VF condition, $47.50, sold

    Siberia Postmarks and Postal HIstory of the Russian Empire Period by P. E. Robinson1987, 156+ pages, wire spiral binding, $35.00

    Ukraina-Handbuch, I. Teil by C. Svenson, 1926, 201 pages, cloth, not in English, $50.00, sold

    Illustrated Postage Stamp History of Western Ukrainian Republic 1918-1919 by John Bulat1973, 95 pages, cloth $50.00

    Timbres-Poste Rurax de Russie published by Moens, circa 1880, pages 37- 108, front cover and part missing, not in English, $20.00

    Russian Stamp Finder by Russell Ian's, 1975, circa 22 pages, card, $10.00

    Georgia Postal Cancellations 1918-1923 by P.T. Ashford1991, 158 pages, card, $75.00

    Russia Posts in the Empire, Turkey, China and the Post in the Kingdom of Poland by Sergel Prigara. The stamps, entires, cancellations and postal history. 1981 English edition of 1941 book, 202 pages plus 17 plates, cloth, $42.00

    Russian Posts in the XIX Century by K. V. Bazilevich The operation and administration of the mails, it does not cover the stamps or postal markings though some are illustrated. 1987 translation of 1927 book, 168 pages, cloth, edition of 603 copies new $50.00, one used copy $30.00

    Postmarks of Russian Empire, pre-adhesive period by Manfred Dobin In English and Russian, well illustrated with covers and hundreds of markings and maps. St. Petersburg and Moscow are as chapters, other towns are alphabetical, about 2,000 markings. Covers 1765 to 1857 but many markings remained in use into the adhesive period. An evaluation of markings in $ is given. 1993, 544 pages, cloth, $85.00

    The Zemstov Postage Stamps of Imperial Russia by Alex Artuchov An excellent study, we think it is the new definitive study, the set is now complete.

    Russian Zemstvos by F. G. Churchin The classic work on the Russian Locals 1988 reprint of 1925 work, 92 pages, spiral bound, published £9, EP #15, $18.00

    Russian Postmarks by Kiryushkin & Robisnon 1989, 110 pages, spiral bound, published £10, EP #17, $20.00

    Russia, Baltic Postal Locations 1632-1917/18 by Harry v. Hofmann Gives the German, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian or Polish names for Russian place names. This second edition is much expanded over the previous which only covered 1858-1916. Invaluable for those interested in this area. 1996, 244 pages, card $42.50

    Russian Railway Postmarks by Kiryushkin and Robinson Lists over 2,600 Imperial Russian railway postmarks with almost 2,000 full size illustrations along with 11 maps, lists of railways, districts, Julian Calendar, transliteration system, glossary of Russian words and a valuation guide. 1994, 180 pages, published £20, card $37.50

    Postal Censorship in Imperial Russia by Peter Michalove and David Skipton

    Historical and philatelic aspects of Russian Censorship, 1714 to 1917. An excellent study covering the background, political and social, civil and military censorship. Well written and a finely produced. Over 1,100 illustrations. A detailed catalog of the markings arranged by city. Of major value to any collector or student of Censorship or of Russia. For more details and a reproduction of one page please see
    Censorship 1989, 255 + 263 pages, two volumes, cloth, slip case, $65.00

    Russia, Catalogue of Propaganda-Advertising Postal Cards of the U.S.S.R. 1927-1934 by G. V. Shalimoff and G. B. Shaw, edited by Jean R. Walton The book is English with translations of all Russian text on the postal cards into English. Limited edition with the printing to be set based on the advance orders. For additional information Russian Propaganda 2002, to be published October, 2002, 300 pages, wire spiral binding, $50.00

    Russia, Ukrain Catalog-Checklist by Peter Bylen Well produced and most reasonably priced catalog of the stamps, illustrated.


    Saint Vincent


    Sarawak, mostly only one of each


    The Early Issues by Ernest H. Wise, Useful books and in English Billig's Specialized Catalogues Vol 3, Norway, plating of no. 162 pages, card, $20.00

    Illustrated Standard Frimaerke=Katalog 1929 for Danmark - Island, Danske Vestindien - Gronland by Larsen, 1929, 32 pages, card, $12.50

    Private Local Posts of Denmark by Christensen & Ringström

    Postal Issues of Finland by Carl E. Pelander. 1940, 63 pages, card, $8.50

    Norway 4 Skilling 1st January 1855 by Jellestad, 1955, 20 pages plus 12 plates, English translation, card, $22.50

    Norway, Denmark, Finland, etc. FACIT specialized 1994-95, 752 pages, card $10.00

    Norges Friimerker 1855-1924 by Anderssen and Dethloff, Xerox copy of 1924 book, 188 pages, plastic spiral bound, $45.00

    Norwegian Railway and Steamship Parcel Stamps by Brofos, 1964, 52 pages, card, $10.00, can't find

    Facit 1969 Specialkatalog, Nordiska Landernas, $5.00

    Swedish PS and Postal Stationary, Sverige, 1979-80, 431 pages, card, $5.00

    Sweden, Lasse Liwendahl, Sveriges Och Horges Svarslosenmarken Samt Helsaker 1968-1978, 96 pages, card, $7.50, can't find

    Swedish Slot-Machine Booklets, L. Lagerstrom, 1954-1977, 94 pages, card, $12.00

    Sweden, FACIT, 1996, 165 pages, in color, card $6.00

    Swedish Handbook 1855-1963 (SFF, 1963; Sveriges Frankotecken 1855-1963) The three-volume set with outer case and reprints in Volume 3, Used, good condition. $125.00, sold

    Handbok over Svenska Post och Makuleringsstamplar 1685-1951, 1952 reprinted by Postilion Publications, 396 pages, in multi ring binding, $75.00

    Sweden, all in English, translated by Sven Ähman, SPF

    The Straits Settlements


    Prefilatelia Espanola by Guinovart and Tizon, 1971, 2 volume, 989 pages, cloth, $145.00, enquire first

    A Tort, The Classic Stamps of Spain, Guia Del Coleccionista De Sellos De Correos De Espana,



    Latin America, Mostly in the language of the Country

    • Kneitschel 1958, the two volume catalog, best ever, 909+ pages plus supp, cloth, $215.00, sold
    • Samuel Klass 1970 catalog, 440+ pages, cloth $80.00
    • Corrientes The Issues from 1856-80 by Louis Stich, in English, 88 pages, card, $45.00
    • Sellos Y Otros Valores Postal and Telegraficos Argentina by Antonio Deluca, 1939 and 1941, Two massive volumes on the postal and telegraph stamps and stationery, new condition, 771 & 671 pages, private cloth binding, $255.00, sold
    • Catalogo de Sellos de Correo de Bolivia 1960, 89+ pages, $10.00
    • Gordon N. John collection, Robert A. Siegel, 1986, $10.00
    • Saintos Leitao & Cia Catalogo. 1956, 213 pages, card, $10.00
    • Catalogo de Selos do Brasil by Roberto Thut, 1949, 232 pages, and 1958 but only 1950-1958, 8 80 pages, card, both $13.50
    • Catalogo de Selos do Brasil Dr. Francisco Shiffer, 1970, 220 pages, card, $12.50
    • Catalogo de Selos do Brasil Dr. Francisco Shiffer, 1975, 237 pages, card, $13.50
    • The British Post Office in Colombia 1821-1881 by Malcolm Bentley, 2010,
    • 141 pages, illustrated in colour and black and white, cloth with dj, we just realized why this excellend book never sold, we didn't list it, published at £40 plus £12 postage, $88.50
    • Catalogo Socopo, 1974 plus 1976 supplement, 238 + 20 pages, card, $12.50
    • Catalogo Leo Temprano Estampillas de Colombia, 1977, 222 pages, card, $15.00, sold
    Costa Rica
    • Anntologia Filatelica Costarricense, 1971, 183+ pages, card, $32.50
    • Catalogo de Sellos Postalesde Costa Rica by Saenz, 1978, 104 pages, card plus 1987 Additions U Corrections 13 pages self cover, $30.00
    • The Costa Rica Checklist Specialized by Fossum, 1963, about 50 pages, plastic spiral binding, $12.50
    • Catalogo De Sellos Postales De Costa Rica, 1953, Saenz Mata, 174 pages, private cloth binding, $85.00
    • Index to Costa Rican Philatelic Literature 1863-1992 by Fossum & Mena, 1993, 64+59 pages, card, $40.00
    • Costa Rica Postal Catalogue by Hector R. Mena, in English, about 100 pages, card, $30.00
    • Guatemala Philatley, 1971-1990 Issues & Special Studies by David L. Jicking, 1991, 167 pages, card in English, $17.50
    • Handbook of Guatemalan Telegraph Stamps by James C. Andrews, 1993, 24 pages, card, $20.00
    • La Timbrologie Haitienne 1881-1954 by Leon Montes, 1954, 205 pages, privately cloth bound, $110.00
    • Mexico Estudio Filatelico de la Emision Regular Iniciada en el ano de 1950, 61+22 pages, $12.50
    • Catalogo Especializado de los Sellos Postales de Mexico by Ings Guillermo y Jose Alberto Celis Cano, 1982, 134 pages, card, $10.00
    • A Catalogue of the Stamps of Mexico 1856-1900 by Nicholas Follansbee, 1998,122+ pages, card, $35.00
    • La Filatelia Mexicana, a special issue of Artes de Mexico, in Englilsh, French & German, 1967, 104 pages, large format, attractive and interesting, $10.00
    • Nicaragua to 1940, A Philatelic Handbook by Clyde R. Maxwell, revised to 1992, about 250 pages, in 3 ring binder, $90.00
    • The Stamps of Panama by F. E. Heydon, circa 1940, 62 pages, card, $27.50 reduced to $20.00, sold
    • The Stamps of Paraguay by Charles J. Phillips, SG 1912, never reprinted, 144 pages, card $72.50, sold
    • Kneitschel, Catalogo de Los , 1947, 188 pages plus 3 in pocket, cloth, only edition, $100.00
    • Catalogo de Sellos Peruanos 1957 by Moll, 154 pages, card, $12.50, sold
    • Peru, A Study of the Postal Cancellations on the Issues of 1857 to 1873, by Lamy and Rinck, in English, postilion reprint, no binder and many pages missing, $5.00
    • Perou Obliterations Postales by Lamy and Rinck, 1964, 235 pages, copy 291 deluxe edition, sold
    • The Postage Stamps of Uruguay by Emanuel J. Lee, 1931, 386 pages, postilion reprint in there binder, $95.00, sold
    • Estudio de las Falsificaciones de los Sellos Postales del Uruguay by Robert Hoffman, 1948, 115+ pages, card, $75.00
    • Catalogo de Estampillas del Uruguay, 1981, 190 pages, card, $10.00
    • The Early Stamps of Venezuela by Cornelius W. Wickersham, 1958, 156 pages, cloth with dj, in English, $100.00, sold
    • Les Emissions Postales du Venezuela by George Brunel, 1931, card, a bit soft but at least Fine, $30.00
    • The Postage Stamps of Venezuela by Hall and Fulcher, 1924, 170 pages, private cloth binding, in English, reprinted from the London Phialtelist, $95.00, sold
    • Catalogo Especializado de Estampillas de Venezuela by Juan Jose Valera, some editions have, contents that are not in others
    • 1972, 310 pages, card, $20.00, sold
    • 1976, 404 pages, card, $20.00
    • 1968-1969, 374+ pages, had table of current international postal rates, $25.00, sold
    • 1978, 476+ pages, pages shaken from use, $25.00, sold
    • Prefilatelia Venezolana by Adrian Hernandez Bano, 1968, 108+ pages with map, inscribed, copy 16, $45.00
    • Origenes de las dos Primeras Emisiones de las Estampillas de Correo de Venezuela by Santiago Hernandez Ron, 1956, 71 pages, card, $20.00
    • Exfilca 70, 5 booklets, $10.00
    • Estampillas Clasicas De Venezuela by Dr. Santiago Hernandez Ron, 1967, 367 pages, card, inscribed, $55.00, sold
    • The Postage Stamps of Uruguay by Emanuel J. Lee, 1931, 386 pages, postilion reprint in there binder, $95.00
    • Estudio de las Falsificaciones de los Sellos Postales del Uruguay by Robert Hoffman, 1948, 115+ pages, card, $75.00
    • Catalogo de Estampillas del Uruguay, 1981, 190 pages, card, $10.00
    • Filatelia Uruguay Libro de Oro, 763 pages, card, $17.50

    General Philatelic

  • The Joy of Stamps by Hunter Davies,an enjoyable read, 1984, 160 pages, card, $8.50 Barbara R. Mueller
    • Common Sense Philately , 1965, 173 pages, cloth with dj, sold
    • United States Postage Stamps, How to Collect, Understand and Enjoy Them,1958, 343 pages, cloth with dj, sold
  • How to Specialize in Stamp Collecting by Bill Olcheski, a decent book for a young beginner, 1981, 120 pages, cloth with dj, $6.50
  • Identify Your Stamps by Ervin J. Felix, 1967, 256 pages, paper case, $6.00
  • The World of Classic Stamps 1840-1870 by James A. Mackay, 1972, 334 pages, cloth with dj, enquire before ordering, $47.50, sold
  • Advanced Stamp Collecting by Barry; Krause, 1990, 159 pages, card, $8.50, sold
  • The Stanley Gibbons Guide to Stamp Collecting by John Holman, 1989, 271 pages, cloth, $10.00
  • Stanley Gibbons Colour Guide for Stamp Collectors, folder with 75 chips, $10.00, sold, may have another
  • How to Collect Stamps by Ralph A. Kimble, 1932, 147 pages, cloth $7.50
  • Postmasters
    • US Mail, The Story of the United States Postal Service by Arthur E. Summerfield 1960, 256 pages, cloth with dj, $22.50,
    • My Appointed round, 929 Days as Postmaster General by J. Edward Day, 1965,152 pages , cloth wit dj, $25.00
  • HJMR Priced Guide to Philatelic Literature
    • 1968, 1st edition, 232 pages, plastic binder $7.50
    • 1971, 2nd edition, 510 pages, cloth $22.50 (used $15.00); card edition $10.00 (used $7.50)
    • Postage Stamps, A selective check list of books on Philately in the Library of Congress In conjunction with the 1940 purchase of the Frederick James Melville library acquisition, 1940, 60+ pages, card, only one copy available, $17.50
  • Exhibiting and Mounting
    • Philately & The Computer by Richard Wolf and Alj Mary 1994, 272 pages, card $33.50
    • FIP, Guide to Exhibiting and Judging Traditional Philately and Postal History Exhibits, 1993, two card volumes, 27 and 64 pages in color, $42.50
    • Stamp Exhibitions by the Association for Stamp Exhibitions, Inc. 1950, 189+16 pages, cloth $12.50
    • Showcasing Your Stamp Collection by C. E. Foster, 1978 revised edtition, 116 pages, cloth, $17.50
    • The Philatelic Exhibitors Handbook by Randly L. Neil, 1988, 221 pages, card, $25.00, sold
    • How To Arrange and Write UP A Stamp Collection by Stanley Phillips & C. F. Rang
      • 1946, 2nd edition, 56 pages, cloth, $6.00
      • 1958, 4th edition, 58 pages, cloth, $6.00
      • 1965, 5th edition, 58 pages, cloth, $6.00
      • 1972, 192 pages, card, in color, $6.00
  • General Books
    • Foreign Postal Museum booklets Sweden, 2, Brussels 1, Netherlands 2, the lot $7.50
    • Famous Stamps and their Stories by Montgomery Mulford, 1934, 147 pages, cloth $10.00
    • Doctor of Millions by Seamus Brady, 176 pages, paperback, the only way it comes, $32.50
    • What Price Philately by C. Ellis Milbury, 1947, 110 pages, card, $22.50
    • Looking Backward or fragments from a checkered life by J.E. Handshaw, 1922, 332 pages, cloth, used $22.50, sold
    • Roving the Stamp World with Eugene Michel, circa 1930, 174 pages, cloth, used $15.00
    • Paper Chase by Alvin F. Harlow 1940, 353 pages, ex libris and rebound but paper is in VF condition, $42.50, original cloth $65.00
    • Old Post Bags by Alvin F. Harlow1928, 499 pages, ex libris and rebound but paper is in VF condition, $67.50, original binding, $90.00
    • Stamp Collecting, The King of Hobbies and the Hobby of Kings by Charles J. Phillips, 1936, 408 pages, original cloth, $42.50
    • The Romance of Stamp Collecting by Ernest A. Kehr, 1947, 342 pages, cloth, $12.50 sold, may or may not have another
    • The Blue Book of Philately, 1938 by H. L. Lindquist, 434 pages, cloth, $15.00, sold
  • Stamps Tell the Story of Nuclear Energy by Joseph A. Angelo, Jr, 1975, 100 pages, autographed, card, $5.00, sold
  • 1988 Automat Label Stamps Catalog, Aland to Zimbabwe, 52 pages, plastic prong bound, 52 pages, $7.50
  • Postal Jurisdictions of the World by K. L. Coyte, circa 1955, 70 pages, card, $27.50
  • International Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Philatley by Scott Carlton, 1997, 448 pages, cloth with dj, $30.00, sold
  • The Postal History Foundation, Postal History Seminar 91, 1991, 147 pages, card, an excellent work, scarce, $25.00
  • Collecting Postal History by Prince Dimitry Kandaouroff, 1973, 188 pages, cloth, enjoyable, $22.50
  • The First Philatelist? by Kasimir Bileski, 1973, 32 pages, card, $5.00
  • The Guinness Book of Stamps Facts & Feats by James Mackay, 1988-1992, 225 pages, cloth with dj, $22.50
  • The World of Stamps and Stamp Collecting by David Lidman and John D. Apfelbaum, 1981, 243 pages, cloth with dj, $25.00
  • Rare Stamps by L.N. and M. Williams, 1967, 120 pages, cloth with dj, $17.50
  • Stamps Day by Day by L.N. and M. Williams, 1950, 237pages, cloth, $20.00
  • This is Philately by Kenneth A. Wood, 1982, 3 volume, 882 pages, cloth
  • The illustrated encyclopedia of Stamp Collecting by Otto Hornung, 1970, 319 pages, cloth with dj, $32.50
  • The Best of Apfelbaum's Corner by Earl P. L. Apfelbaum, 1983, 201 pages, cloth with dj, $15.00
  • They Carried the Mail, A Survey of Postal History & Hobbies by Mathew J. Bowyer, 1972, 223 pages, cloth with dj, $12.00, sold
  • Prescott H. Thorp
    • The Stamp Collector by Stanley C. Johnson1920, 317 pages, cloth, $15.00
    • The Complete Guide to Stamp Collecting by Prescott H. Thorp, 1965, 198 pages, cloth, $6.00, sold
    • Stamp Collecting Why and How, Riding a Hobby by Prescott H. Thorp, 1929, 185 pages, cloth, $8.50
  • Linn's World Stamp Almanac
    • 1st edition, 1977, card, $5.00
    • 4th edition, 1982, card, $5.00
    • 5th edition, 1989, card, $6.50
  • 1939 Edition The Standard Catalogue of the Postage Stamps of the World by Whitfield King, 1939, 912 pages, cloth, $10.00
  • From the Winged Heels of Mercury by Dr. Z. M. Seron A fun book but "unfortunately" the good doctor was a better doctor than a historian, 1984, cloth $20.00
  • Standard Handbook of Stamp Collecting by Richard McP. Cabeen, The best general work after the Williams brothers, 1960, 628 pages, $10.00
  • Where in the World by Kenneth A. Wood1983, 414 pages, cloth, $25.00, sold
  • The Stamp Atlas by Wellsted, Rositer & Flower1986, 336 pages, cloth with dj, $27.50
  • Weltatlas Zur Philatelie by Hans-Henning Gerlach, Philatelic Atlas in German, 1980, 96 pages, large format, cloth, $20.00, sold
  • The World of Stamp Collecting by David Lidman & John Apfelbaum 1981, 243 cloth, $12.50
  • Treasury of Stamps by David Lidman & H. Landshoff 1974, 303 pages, cloth $25.00
  • The Beginner's Bookof Stamp Collecting by Stanley Phillips, circa 1960, 223 pages, cloh, $7.50
  • Stamp Collecting by Stanley Phillips 1965, 217 pages, cloth
  • Stamp Collecting by Stanley Phillips circa 1960, British edition, 304 pages, cloth, $12.50
  • Worldwide Watermarks and Perforations, 1840 to date by Felix, 1966, cloth, $15.00
  • Philatelic Terms Illustrated, from Stanley Gibbons.
    • 1972, 192 pages, card, $12.00
    • 1987, 188 + plates, card, $15.00
  • R.J.Sutton
    • Stamp Curiosities by Sutton, A fun book of stamp illustrations that are not exactly what they would pretend, 1957, 285 pages, cloth, sold
    • The Stamp Collector's Encyclopedia by Sutton An excellent basic book, 1966, cloth, 370 pages, $8.50
  • Stamp Collector's Handbook by S. Grossmanquite good for the beginner, 1957, 192 pages, cloth $4.00, card $3.00 books, cloth bound and autographed

    Gazetteer, etc.

    A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward, 1852, Hartford, 861 pages, newly rebound in an appropriate manner, $125.00 New York, A Gazetteer of the State of New York 1824 by H.G.Spafford, 1981 reprint, 629 pages, cloth, $65.00 New York, History of Orange County New York with Illustrations 1683 - 1881, 1980-86 reprint, in two volumes, 820 pages, cloth, vol 2 has some ink splattering on binding, $85.00

    New York, Orange County 1875 Beers Atlas, reprint, large format 15.5 x 13.5 inches, some fold out pages, cloth, new condition, $65.00

    New York, Selected Bibliography of Secondary Sources Material on Orange County by Henry Pomares, 1986, 29 pages, card, $7.50

    New York, Orange County Settlemelnts by Margery Shipp, 1979, 36 pages, card, $12.00

    Journals and Serial Publications


    The Stamp Specialist

    THE STAMP SPECIALIST, H. L. Lindquist, New York 1939 - 1948, twenty volumes in paper case binding cover many facets of philately, all fine serious articles on stamps and postal history. The US and CSA articles have been reprinted but the rest have not. Please see Journals for sets ranging from $220 to $425 and individual volumes priced from $8.75 to $25.00.

    Cinderella Journals, Various, only one of each available

    The Cinderella Philatelist The Cinderella Philatelist, The British Private Post Study Group Cinderella's Australia


    We have many other volumes and will list if there is interest, remember these prices are post paid to a US mailing address. Please see the above Special Offers for a nice run of the Scott's US Specialized.

    Scott's World

    Scott Classic Specialized Catalogue of Stamps & Covers, 1840-1940

    Scott's Air Mail Specialized

    Scott's US Specialized

    Stephen R. Datz

    Linn's U.S. Stamp Yearbook

    An continuing annual series started in 1983 covering the stamps that appeared during that year, published at $22.00 soft bound and $35 each cloth plus postage.


  • Butterfly and Moth Motifs, a checklist of butterfly and moth images on postage stamps of the world by Jack R. Congrove
  • World Postmarks by JR.K. Forster

    , 1973, 187 pages, cloth with dj, $16.50
  • Ships on Stamps Second Series Part One, The Royal Navy by E.W. Argyle, 1978, 72 pages, card, $10.00
  • Stamps and Music by James Watson, 1962, 160 pages, cloth, enjoyable little music history with stamps thrown in, $9.50
  • Masonic Philately by Sam Brooks, 1948, card, $10.00
  • Souvenir Sheets of the World, Issues Through 1940 by Marian Carne Zinsmeister, 1940, 128 pages, card, $15.00

    Air Mail, Zeppelin and Space, Catalogs & Books

    Zeppelin Mail the Ludwig Kofler Grand Prix collection, Corinphilia auction 1276, May 19-20, 2001. 455 pages, in color, cloth with dj, $105.00 Zeppelin Post Katalog, Siger-Verlac1995, 419 pages, card, $15.00, sold

    Commercial Zeppelin Flights to South America by John Duggan and Jim Graue, 1995, 233 pages, card, outer edges of pages have some spots, $27.50, sold

    Zeppelin and the United States of America by Hans G. Knausel, 1976, 189 pages, card, non-philatelic, $16.50

    Pan American's Pacific Pioneers, by Jon E. Krupnick

    Air Mail an illustrated history 1793-1981 by D. B. Holmes 1981, 226 pages, cloth with dj, $30.00

    Zeppelin and the United States of AMerica by Hans G.Knausel, in English, non-philatelic but good documentation, 1976, 189 pages, card, only one coppy, $18.50

    Airlines of the United States since 1914 by R.E.G. Davies, 1972, 745 pages, cloth with dj, non philatelic, $27.50

    Airmails 1870-1970 by James Mackay, 1971, 215 pages, cloth with dj, $17.50

    Sanabria, Cosmonaut Autographs Identification GuideIllustrates the autographs and lists the missions and crews, 1994, 74 pages, spiral metal binding, $17.50

    Weebau, World Space Catalogue The complete world catalogue of Space on Stamps, over 13,000 illustrations, Scott, Yvert & Teller and Michel numbers, English, French & German 1990, 2nd edition, 1,168 pages, card, mostly in French $35.00

    The Hawker Stamp of Newfoundland by Goodkind, outprint from CCP, 23 pages, card, $12.50

    United States, The 24¢ Air Mail Inverted Center of 1918 by H. M. Goodkind 1956, 32 pages, card, outprint from CCP, $17.50

    The Saga of the Air Mail by Carroll V. Glines, 1968, 180 pages, cloth, with dj, not philatelic but of interest, $12.50

    Standard Airpost Catalogue 1933, cloth $32.50

    Kessler's Catalogue of Aerograms, 1961-on, Vol 1-3, original binders, in English, $105.00

    Catalogue Mondial des Entiers Aeropostaux by Godinas 1967, in two, two ring binders, in French, $37.50, sold

    The editions of the American Air Mail Catalog are a bit complex, a proper identification of the editions and printings would be most appreciated and listed for everyone to use if some reader would obliged.

    AAMC, 6th ed

    Sanabria's Air Post Catalog

    Flying the Mail by Donald Dale Jackson, An extremely attractive non-philatelic book, circa 2000, 176 pages, cloth.$25.00

    Important Single Copies

    The Royal Philatelic Collection by Sir John Wilson Bt, 440 pages, 12 color plates and 60 b&w plates, exceptional color plates, fine paper, superb color and black and white illustrations

    The Plating of the 10¢ 1847 by Elliott Perry Published in the Collecors Club Philatelist between April 1924 and July 1926 in 9 issues (vol III 2-3, vol IV 1-4, vol V 1-3), never reprinted

    The Collectors Club Philatelist, a fine run, starting in 1924, it lacks two issues of the above plating study, please enquire and we will describe and work up a price.

    The Pioneer Miner and the Pack Mule Express by Ernest A. Wiltsee Original edition autographed from Wiltsee to Schoenfeld 1931, 112 pages, large fold out map, cloth $125.00

    Record and Postal Account Book, Class 4 Printed ledgers providing a form for small offices. Each page provided space with printed instructions for the monthly or quarterly information. Corning, Pennsylvania, used by E. Trump, Postmaster, Quarterly Many original documents and a cover tipped in. Oct 1892 through September 1895, $125.00

    A Catalogue for Advanced Collectors by Collin and Calman Scott Stamp and Coin Company, 1901

    Major Americana

    U. S. CongressOriginal CR papers, Executive Documents of the House and Senate from the 1840's into the 1870's, mostly: War, Navy, Treasury but a smattering of others including Indian Affairs, Executive, etc., however no or few Postal related items, fascinating history and all original.

    Rare Book & Autograph Catalogs

    The Thomas Winthrop Streeter Collection of Americana

    Parke-Bernet Galleries, Inc. New York

    Charles Hamilton Auction Galleries

    Waldorf Astoria, New York

    Picture Post Cards

    All of the Post Card books are soft bound and well illustrated unless otherwise noted. Not Really Post Cards but of interest: Playing Cards, etc.

    Non US Journals,

    Brazil, Bulls Eyes complete for period, in English, Apr/Jun. 1992-Jan/Mar. 1998, $50.00

    Mexico, The Oxcart, Issues 1-177, complete, Jan. 1961-Dec. 2004, $285.00 in English, sold

    Honduras, Honduras Filatélica, in English, 1980-1992, no 1-12 Series 2 (less no. 11) , no. 1-10 Series 3 (less no. 3), $60.

    History Books, Non Philatelic

    American Activities in the Central Pacific 1790-1870, 1967, nine volumes plus maps, each volume circa 500 pages, white cloth, perhaps complete but by far the most complete set we have seen, net to a US address, $400.00.

    Stamp Investing, Dealing, Jokes etc.

    We consider this listing as a joke and so start it off. In reality serious philately is an investment and must be so considered as the rewards are tremendous but for an investment only to make money we suggest other venues.


    Non Philatelic

    American Activities in the Central Pacific 1790-1870,

    Nnon-philatelic, a major history project and a fine job of printing and binding, 1967, nine volumes plus maps, each volume circa 500 pages, white cloth and beautifully presented, the most complete set we have seen, net to a US address $425.00 delivered in the US

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