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Maritime Transport

A jump start to our Maritime Assundry titles Philatelic Maritime and Non-Philatelic Maritime

Mails of the 1861-1867, European Intervention in Mexico

by Steven C. Walske & Yamil H. Kouri

The title tells it all, Spanish, English, French operations, Civilian Postal Systems, French to Mexico City, Imperial Mexico tracing the troop movement across Mexican territory, census of covers handled by Spanish, French Field post, Mexican Republic Army, Austro-Belgian and Packet Sailings, etc.. Too many ramifications to be covered in a few lines, it takes a book. Printed in Spain by the same organization but much better quality than the one on the Yamil's Spanish North American that they produced. In English and Spanish, 2022, 314+14 pages, cloth, limited edition, $75.00

Spanish Colonial and Mexican Mail in the United States

by Dr. Yamil H. Kouri Jr. and Leo J. Harris

Now in Stock

The book has much more US interest than I anticipated, per the title " the United States", a few examples: Texas 60 pages, Louisiana 44, California 52, Florida 82, etc. 2021, 342 pages, in color, card bound, a total edition of 230 copies of which 100 are available in the US, $72.00

U.S. Navy Censorship Markings 1940-1945


James Moses

Describes and illustrating over 575 Naval censor markings, The Collectors Club of Chicago, 2021, 334 pages, cloth, $79.95

A Century of Notices to the Public 1782-1880

compiled by

Paul Wijnants

The major value of this set is the index, it is by 1,500 keywords, and each gives the year and location in the books of the Notices. The bracketed year and the notice gives you the key to the issue and with this you can go to other reference. Of the 4 volumes one volume is devoted to the index, It covers UK notices but on World Wide mail to most countries, as an example Via Panama has 33 notices from 1841 to 1878. The Index, Vol 1, measures 8.5x12 inches and vol 2-4 are each 12 x 17, these notices are full size. Edition of 75 sets with our allocation being 7 sets.

2021, 4 large volumes, about 35 lbs, total of 1,780 pages, $700.00 plus actual transit, enquire first, one sets available

Sample of an index page, extremely detail

Ocean Penny Postage


David Duncan Turner

Ocean and Imperial Penny Postage 1840-1918 Elihu Burritt to Sir John Henniker Heaton: a Maritime Social Philatelic Case Study

It covers many if not all phases and countries world wide, the Ocean Penny Postage started before the Uniform Penny Postage with numerous illustrated covers.From the US Barnaby Bates and the Cheep Postage Association through many countries with many being British and the Colonies, the numerous advertising envelopes are well covered, over 500 covers are illustrated. Despite the quality the edition was only 200 copies,

2014, 414+ 16+16 pages, large format, archival rated paper, full color, cloth with dj, limited stock, $120.00

Private Ship Letter Stamps of the World by Ringström & Tester

Covers the mail services, companies, stamps, reprints, forgeries, and cancellations, complete with numerous bibliographies. Highly recommended! dedit!

Australia New Zealand UK Mails, to 1900, Rates Routes and Ships Out and Home

by Colin Tabeart

Covers in detail the major and minor shipping lines and routes, bibliography plus general and ship indexes, a partial listing of Vol 1

The Indian Sea Post Offices


Edward B. Proud

It covers the postal markings, sailing and arrival dates with the ship names, Bombay- Suez, Bombay Karachi Rangoon-Calcutta, covering from 1868 to 1932. We do not know the story on this book but there is some actuation that material was taken without authorization, I did not see a copy until Proud's estate was settled though i have stocked his books for over 20 years and i am listed as a source in many including this volume. 2014 copyright, 248 pages, color, card bound, numbered edition of 75 copies, one page erratum, well printed on heavy paper, $97.50


Crossroads of the Atlantic A Postal History

by Arthur H. Groten & David R. Pitts

A book written based on David Pitts collection but many more details and material and data than can not be properly put in an exhibit. 2017, 150 pages, extensive color, hard bound, with a CD in PDF format, $49.00

Southern African Mails, Routes, Rates and Regulations 1806-1916 by Brian Trotter

, by the RPSL, Covering all the territories of Southern Africa, the book begins in 1806 with the Second British Occupation of the Cape of Good Hope and ends in 1916. This ranges from the period when the first postal system was available to the public to a time when the postage routes, rates, and regulations in Southern Africa were well developed. 2016, 572 + 12 pages, in color, loth with dj, published at 72£ + 26 £ = $135.00

Cuban Postal History Guide by Ferdindo J. Iglesias

The Postal Markings, 18th through the 19th century, in English with a rarity guide, covers the British & French PO in Cuba, US markings for Cuban mail, coastal mail steamers markings, etc. Enjoyable to read, 2017, 166 pages, full color, heavy paper, spiral bound, edition of 125, $70.00

In early 2018 we will have a spectacular book on the Spanish American War, 700 pages, covering every conceivable philatelic aspect.

Marques de Passage by James Van der Linden

The basic handbook on the entry marks used in the European countries between 1661 and 1875, Lists and illustrates the postal markings applied to mail crossing a border, including marks of origin, entry, and transit, accountancy markings. In French, German with some English, completely illustrated and easy to use,arranged alphabetically based on the wording of the marking, 2005, 2nd and last edition, the original 336 book and the 66 pages supplement in one volume, rarity is given in points, cloth, sold

GB Used Abroad: Cancellations and Postal Markings


John Parmenter & Ken Gordon

A completely new version of Parmenter's 1993 book, incorporating the text by the late Rev C.S. Morton, 150 illustrations of covers in color, all markings illustrated and a value indicated, 2016, 398 pages, hard bound, $160.00

Four Important Exchange Offices

handling world's international postal relations during the 19th Century


James Van der Linden

Covers, Panama, Alexandria, Aachen & Trieste, 2016, 72 pages, 7 maps 80 covers, cloth, full color, limited edition, sold out

Steven Walske Collection of US-France Transatlantic Mail, Siegel 1119, March 16, 2016, $26.50

Steven Walske Collection of US-France Transatlantic Mail, Siegel 1127, May 2, 2016, $23.50

The 1836 Anglo-French Postal Convention

How this agreement between Great Britain and France made it easier to send international mail from all parts of the world


Geoffrey Lewis

An exceptional work on the international exchange of mail from 1836 until the UPU giving a much clearer understand of the rates than the rate and sailing data. From the RPSL, 2015, 372+ pages, in color, cloth with dj, published 65£ + transit, $135.00

Hawaii Foreign Mails to 1870 by Fred Gregory

A three volume deluxe set in a slip case, the definitive work on the Hawaii Foreign Mail covers to 1870, magnificent and beautiful, can't say more, $235.00 plus $15 for US delivery, enquire for foreign.

Understanding Transatlantic Mail

Volumes 1 & 2

by Richard F. Winter

Volume 1, U.S. postal conventions with the Free City of Bremen, United Kingdom, Prussia and France are covered in considerable detail. A major work on maritime rates and markings, the first since our Starnes, United States Letter Rates to Foreign Destinations 1847 to GPU-UPU last published in 1989. We think the Starnes is the first place to look in figuring out a foreign rate cover as it will give the basic direction for further study and then go to Winter's Understanding. 2006, 482+13 pages, 531 covers illustrated, also a CD having the covers reproduced in full color.Our of print limited stock, cloth with dj and cd, sold only with Vol 2, the set Vol 1 & 2, $325.00

Volume 2, Maritime postal rate markings for mail to/from Hamburg, the Netherlands, the North German Union and Switzerland. Includes CD. 2009. 500+ pages, CD, cloth, $95.00

The Richard F. Winter Collection of Trans-Atlantic Mails, Schuyler Rumsey Auction, Feb 4, 2013, 235 pages, card, $23.50 one copy available

United States Letter Rates to Foreign Destinations

1847 to GPU-UPU

by Charles J. Starnes

Detailed rate tables from the U.S. to every country in the World for all mail systems, appendices cover British Treaty Mail via Marseilles, French and Bremen transit charges, UPU entrance dates, etc. Because of a printing problem 25% of the edition was destroyed.

Deutsche Vorphilatelie, Katalog der Grenzübergangs by Feuser and Münzberg

German Transit Markings applied in Germany when a cover crossed the border, 1727-1875; Disinfected Markings, 1814-1846. Introductions in English, French and German, arranged per above German Stampless, 1991, 118 pages, cloth $50.00

North Atlantic Packets

Departures and Arrivals

1818 - 1840

by James R. Pullin

Shipping data for the packet lines between New York and both Liverpool and London.

The Liverpool Lines, Black Ball Line, Red Star Line , Blue Swallow Tail Line, Dramatic Line

The London Lines, Black X Line, Red Swallow Tail Line low Tail Line Using the Sailing Schedules

Sailing Schedules: Liverpool Lines, Black Ball Ship List & Sailing Schedule, Red Star Ship List & Sailing Schedule, Blue Swallowtail Ship List & Sailing Schedule, Dramatic Line Ship List & Sailing Schedule

Sailing Schedules: London Lines, Black X Ship & Sailing Schedule, Red Swallowtail & Sailing Schedule

2009, 312 pages, dust jacket, 100 pages of sailing data in black and white, 212 pages of covers and markings in full color, out of print, one copy available $175.00

United States Supplementary Mail

by Leonard Piszkiewics

2009, 144 pages, cloth with dj, $40.00

Seaposts of the USA

by Roger Hosking

2008, 84 pages, full color, card, $55.00, out of print, sold out

Essence of Polar Philately by Hal Vogel

A surprisingly enjoyable book even for those with no interest in the subject. It ranges from, 1819 and before, 1824-25 Northwest Passage Expedition, the 1875-76 British Arctic Expedition with the notice for despatching mails, up to about 2000, listings of the expeditons and flights, many covers are illustrated. An excellent introduction and outline of a most extensive subject. 2008, 206+9 pages, in color, well printed on heavy glossy paper but the binding is poorly done and pages can easily separate, card, published at $65.00 but we are able to offer it as a limited quantity special for $55.00,

An English edition is now out!

Stars, Stripes & Ice

Drifting stations, icebreakers, submarines and Article land stations in their mail history by Franco Giardini, Frederico Masnari and Enrico Garrou.

An excellent book on the Polar Postal History, 69 illustrations in color, 46 in black and white 25 paintings etc. photographs, 11 maps, others 336, in all 476 illustrations. Well reviewed in the Collectors club Philatelist this year based on the Italian edition.

U.S. Contract Mail Routes by Water

(Star Routes 1824-1875)

by Hugh V. Feldman

The contract water mail routes for the entire U.S.; excellent, written descriptions, maps and table. A spectacular book from the Collectors Club of Chicago, numerous maps and covers all in full color, 260 pages on detailed listing and analysis of the routes by state, 50 pages on the procedures and history, five appendices, three indexes and a gazetteer.

History of Cross Border Communications Between Canada and USA between 1761 - 1875 by Dr. Dorothy Sanderson & Malcolm B. Montgomery

An exceptional and most useful book. The first 90 pages integrate the historical information, treaties, routes and exchange offices, detailed maps, exchange office marks and much, much more. The next 224 pages are an exhibit format which cover not only Canada but also the Maritime Provinces. An 83 pages addenda list the treaties, postal conventions, the different postage stamps and what they were intended for and finally the references. Page 208 has the wrong text for every copy of this work, corrected page 208 2010, 397 pages. B.N.A. Transatlantic Stampless Mail the collection of J.C. Arnell, Hennok's Series, No. 1, 1985, 252 pages, card, one available, $52.50

Two companion volumes on the French Mail in South America

Poste Maritime Francaise, Premier service postal du Pacifique Sud, le Consulat de France à Panama (1843-1848).by Louis-Eugene Langlais published by Academie de Philatelie, 2006, 148 pages, card bound, in French, published at 35 euro, limited quantity, $61.25

Postal Maritime Francaisel, Consulat De France a Panama 1848-1881, Second service in the South Pacific 1872-1874 by Louis-Eugene Langlais published by Academie de Philatelie, 2008, 211 pages, full color, card bound, in French, published at 50 euro, limited quantity, $87.50

Express Mail, After Packets and Late Fees in India Before 1870 by Max Smith & Robert Johnson, From the Stuart Rossiter Trust, detailed rates and extensive tables of dates for overland express mail, steamers relating to Madras, Bombay and Calcutta, 2007, 291 pages, card, £20.00 plus transit, $55.00

The Transatlantic Mail by Frank Staff

History of Letter Post Communication Between the U.S. and Europe, 1845-1875 by George E. Hargest

The cornerstone U.S. Work on the markings and service.

Atlantic Mails, A History of the Mail Service Between Great Britain and Canada to 1889 by Dr. John C. Arnell 1980, 412 pages, 58 color illustrations, cloth wit dj, superb study $155.00one copy available

United Kingdom Letter Rates Inland and Overseas 1635 to 1900 by Colin Tabeart 2003, second edition, 264+8 pages, cloth, sold out

The Forerunner Foreign Post Offices in Japan, British-U.S.-French, Ryohei Ishikawa's Collection1976, 164 pages, in Japanese but with English cover descriptions and a 11 page english text, cloth, without separate English Text but each cover has an English description, $185.00

The United States Post Offices in China and Japan 1867-1874


Richard C. Frajola, Michael Perlman and Lee Scamp

From the Collectors Club of New York but from Richard Frajola, his best work to date. 2006, 256 pages, color, cloth, $65.00

Steam and the North Atlantic Mails by Dr. John C. Arnell This book covers the transition from Sail to Steam and the impact of the British mail contracts on the Cunard Line. 1987, 300 pages, cloth, extremely useful $47.50

Incoming Steamship Mail 1847-1875

United States Incoming Steamship Mail 1847-1875 by Theron Wierenga An excellent study covering the coastal and South Atlantic routes; Panama, New Orleans, Vera Cruz, Charleston, Havana, New York and Brazil. The routes, markings, rates, covers, original documents

Old Bay Line ( Baltimore Steam Packet Company) Mail by Jesse G. Johnson, 1965, 31 pages, card, outprint from STAMPS

Postal History of Spanish New Orleans, A Study of the Development of Mail Service and Postal Communications to and from New Orleans during the Spanish Period, 1763-1804 by Dr. Yamil H. Kouri An exceptional study of all postal functions relating to the City of New Orleans during the Spanish period, with excellent historical background, also some references to the Southwest Territories. 2004, £38.50 + transit, $95.50

Listing of Mail Carrying Steamship Lines 1899 English translation of Karte Der Grossen Postdampfschifflinien in Weltpostverkehr originally published in Berlin in 1899, A world wide listing, Cockrill Booklet 59, $20.00

Seventy Years of Postal History at the French Post Office in Beirut

By Semaan Bassil.

Published by The Lebanese British Friends of the National Museum, Beirut 2009. the background to the original capitulations is explained and how the position of France vis-à-vis the Ottoman Empire was privileged, and this was particularly so after France took the side of the Ottomans in the Crimea. The special rights accorded to French residents and the preferential duties on trade. This situation enjoyed by France enabled them to establish strong shipping links with the Levant and Beirut from the 1830s and the establishment of a disinfection station in Beirut in 1834 further strengthened the importance of the port. The 1830s also saw substantial investment by the Lyonnais in silk production and there is considerable detail given to the companies involved and the history of this trade.

The French shipping lines serving Beirut showing routes and postal markings. It is explained that the lack of an effective Ottoman postal service led to the authorization of postal consular activity leading to the opening of a French post office in 1845 followed by other European countries.

All marks of the French post office are illustrated and supported by copies of relevant letters and description of the rates. This includes tax and maritime marks with a detailed analysis of the covers and the different postage stamps used. This includes both letters to France and other destinations. The post UPU period is treated in a similar manner covering the period up to WWI.

A final section covers moveable box mail (including a slight misunderstanding of Sallies) and military correspondence. A useful annexe illustrates the postage stamps used, ancillary marks, details about principal trading companies, a glossary and bibliography.

2009, 231 + 12 pages, large format, full color, in English and French, cloth published at £55, $97.50

Letter Mail from and to The Old Italian States 1850-1870 by Mario Mentaschi and Thomas Mathà. Arranged by the country with a detailed explanation on the applicable rates on mail going to and also from each. An important rate study and it is in English, plus CD with all illustrations in color, easy to use. Well indexed, even a listing of covers by the city of origin and the destination city. 2008, 320 pages, large format, 717 b/w illustrations, hardbound, published at € 59.00 plus transit, $125.00

Maritime Disaster Mail

Maritime Disaster Mail by Norman Hoggarth & Robin Gwynn A study of mail salvaged from disasters: casualties of war, collisions, fires, shipwrecks and stranding. A major new wrecked mail study from the Stuart Rossiter Trust 2003, 10+352 pages, hard bound with dj, $96.25

Dictionary of Disasters at Sea During the Age of Steam 1824-1962 by Hocking Brief but concise descriptions of ship wrecks prepared by Lloyd's Register of Shipping, some mention recovered or lost mail.

History of Wreck Covers by Adrian Hopkins 1966, 3rd edition, 188 pages, cloth, mostly maritime, a few RR, limited stock, $37.50

Steam Packets to Brazil, 1851 - 1877 Steam Packets to Brazil, Paquetes a Vapor Para O Brazil, by Armando Mario O. Vieira Steam Packets from Europe to Brazil originating at or touching Lisbon. A much needed work, complete with sailing dates, in 1872 there were 11 different packet companies serving Brazil. A superb work but as it is printed in Portuguese most of us will have to be satisfied with the data in the tables of sailing dates, illustrated with fine covers. 1991, 309 pages, cloth, edition of 500, sold out

The Foreign Mail Cancellations of New York City, 1870-1878 by William R. Weiss Jr. A comprehensive study that list over 200 markings and 2,000 individual covers, many stamps and covers are illustrated full size with extremely fine quality halftone cuts. Well printed and on heavy enameled paper. We consider this work a basic study and a good value. 1991, 509 pages, cloth, edition of 500, $135.00

New York Foreign Mail Cancellations 1870-1876 by van Vlissingen and Waud

The New York Foreign Mail Cancellations 1870-1876 by Edwin Milliken, 1942. 31 pages, card, limited stock, $30.00

New Jersey's Foreign Mail by Gerard J. Neufeld An interesting monograph on NJ Foreign Mail covers from Colonial through the Banknotes Issues, worth having, illustrates and describes 140 covers. 1997, 76 pages, card, $11.00

Beginnings of Steamboat Mail On Lower Mississippi by Leonard V. Huber, introduction by Stanley B. Ashbrook, 1960, out print from the AP, 14 pages, card, limited stock, $10.00

U.S. Waterway Packetmarks, Handstamped and Printed Names of Mail Carrying Steamboats on the United States of America Inland and Coastal Waters 1832 - 1899 by Eugene Klein 1940, 208 pages, cloth, edition of 500, numbered, 1942. 37 page supplement Book and Supplement, matching numbers, dust jacket [limited stock] $210.00

Vessel-Named Markings on United States Inland and Ocean Waterways 1810-1890 by Dr. James W. Milgram Most markings are shown on full covers, about full size, 1627 halftones of which 43 are CSA items. An excellent reference work for US Waterways. 1984, 832 pages, cloth, deluxe edition in slip case $105.00 1985, 16 page paper, Value Guide supplied with book.

Messrs. Lanman & Kemp by David D'Alessandris, the major study of this company with emphasis on the numerous foreign rate covers, in the 2012 American Philatelic Congress book, 59 page article, cloth, $40.00

Postal Markings of U.S. Waterway Routes 1839-1997 by Fred Mac Donald Includes U.S. Route Agent and R.P.O. Operations 1839 to 1978, Contract Listings 1843 to 1905 and the Detroit Marine Operations 1895 to 1997, markings are illustrated. 1997, 196 pages, cloth, $35.00

Major Auctions of Packetmarks

Postal Markings of U.S. Waterway Routes 1839-1997 by Fred Mac Donald, incorporating research by Charles L. Towle, Henry A. Meyer, John Kay, 1997, 176+15 pages, cloth with dj, $40.00

Waterway Railway Post Offices of the United States by Towle and Kay An extremely useful book giving the 228 Waterway routes and listing the 196 recorded postmarks. After 1882 the Waterway routes contained the same RPO designation as the Railroad ones. 1987, 32 pages, card, edition of 500 copies. $10.00

Auction Catalog, Waterborne Markings John H. Hall, April 9, 1969, H.R. Harmer, $17.50

Way's Packet Directory, 1848-1994 by Frederick Way, Jr. A listing, with details of nearly 6,000 Steamboats operating on the Mississippi. Non-philatelic however this work has always been immensely useful, this edition is the culmination of the rare Way books that were mimeographed in the 1940's, it ranks in value with Klein and Milgram for the collector.

Lytle List, Merchant Steam Vessels of the U.S., 1790-1868 hant Steam Vessels of the U.S., 1790-1868

Lytle-Holdcamper List, Merchant Steam Vessels of the U.S., 1790-1868

List of American-Flag Merchant Vessels that Received Certificates of Enrollment or Registry at the Port of New York 1789-1867Special Lists No 22, National Archives, 1968, 2 volumes, 804 pages, card, limited stock enquire before ordering, $135.00

Canadian Coastal and Inland Steam Vessels 1809-1930 by John M. Mills Non-philatelic, a listing of 3,100 vessels

United States Sea Post Cancellations, 1891 until World War II.

Postal History of Blockade Running Through Bermuda 1861-1865 by M. H. Ludington Am excellent study of the service detailing 15 covers and a chronology of over 125 sailings which will make identification of these fascinating covers easier. 1996, 47+3 pages, card, limited stock, $52.50

Histoire Postale des Lacs et des Rivieres du Monde by E.Antonini & Dr. J. Gasset, Covers the world except for the US and the Danube, 1984, 164 pages and 8 page pricing guide, cloth with dj, one copy available, $85.00

The Danube Steam Navigation Company by E. F. Hurt and Denwood N. Kelly. 1950, 64 pages, paper case, sold

Encyclopedia De La Poste Maritime Francaise by Raymond Salles The entire world of French Maritime mail including the U.S., Nine volumes, 1,933 pages, some supplements, 2,800 markings, 20,000 voyages, 122 maps, in French. Original edition, It was later Julius Steindler, Shipping Companies Stamps, Robson Lowe, 1972 The major sale of these stamps and covers, 1972, 36 page catalog & 28 pages of plates, cloth bound, prices realized, $55.00, card $27.50 t was later reprinted by Bendon.

Stray Salles Volumes

Postal History of the Spanish Philippines, 1565 - 1898

by Don Peterson & Geoffrey Lewis From the stampless starting in 1565, stamps in 1854 through 1898, Spanish ships, American whaling vessels, British and French Packets, Naval and Spanish Galleon via Acapulco, India via the Persian route, etc. Limited edition of 500. For details please see Spanish Philippines

The Postage Rates of The North Atlantic Mails, 1635-1950 by Malcolm. B. Montgomery Magnificent break downs of the rates, well documented. We suggest you start by finding the overall rate in Starnes, when applicable, and then to this book for details. 1991, 242 pages, card, $95.00

Cross-Channel Services by Philip Cockrill

Ocean Steam Navigation and the Ocean Post by Thomas Rainey 1977 reprint of 1858 book, 224 pages, card $12.50

History of American Steam Navigation by John H. Morrison Non-philatelic but good reading and a fine useful history. 1967 Argosy reprint, cloth, 648 pages, edition of 750 copies $45.00

Nicaragua Route by David I. Folkman, Jr. A superb study of the Isthmian Route for 1848-1869 including ship sailings from New York and New Orleans for Nicaragua and the return; ie. a short route to and from the California gold fields. 1976 printing of 1972 book, 185 pages, card $32.50

California, Gold Rush Steamers of the Pacific by Ernest A. Wiltsee The history of the ships and companies. 1976 reprint of 1938 book, 496 pages, 90 new philatelic photographs $55.00, used copy $35.00

Via Panama by Col. James T. DeVoss This book consist of reproductions of Col. DeVoss's album pages along with articles, notes and a good index. The original, only one edition, 100 copies, each autographed. 1978, 820 pages of which 410 are printed, cloth, $175.00

Col. James T. DeVoss Via Panama, the auction catalog, 73 pages, SPB-25, 1978, $30.00

The Panama Route, 1848-1869 by John Haskell Kemble, first published 1943, various printings, the definitive work on the service, non philatelic but invaluable

Naval Covers

Fakes, Forgeries and Frauds edited by Richard D. Jones

As naval covers appealed to a wide audience beyond serious philatelist such as service men and women that served on the ships, etc. there are quite a number of fake cancellations, cachets, etc. This book is printing in an edition of 200 copies thus the original thought by the publisher was the price to be $60.00 per copy however after printing and before release it has been lowered to $50.00. 2011, 79 pages, in color, card, $50.00

Catalog of United States Naval Postmarks by the USCS Lists over 5,000 ships, 40,000 postmarks and contains 3,000 drawings of postmarks, the first complete listing since 1939. An evaluation system consisting of both scarcity codes and rarity levels. 1997, 548 pages, spiral bound, out of print and sold out

Mexican Maritime Mail, A Postal History from Colonial Times to the 20th Century by Karl H. Schimmer and John M. Heath, An exceptional study, well presented and illustrated,1997, 405 pages, cloth with dj, sold out


The Postal Markings and Postal History of The Forwarding Agents by Ken Rowe The 1996 edition is a complete updating containing 400 changes in listings and 1,200 new agents, 80 more cities. We have a search file to find agents


The Postal Markings and Postal History of The Forwarding Agents by Ken Rowe The 1996 edition is a complete updating containing 400 changes in listings and 1,200 new agents, 80 more cities. We have a search file to find agents if you do not know the city or the marking is incomplete, it is on the INTERNET through our home page at or on a disk with the book. The 1984 edition contains a listing by 1st surname which is not in the 1996 one as it is replaced by the computer. For more information on the Forwarding Agents The introductory material and illustrations for the 1984 and 1996 editions are completely different thus one may well want both.

if you do not know the city or the marking is incomplete, it is on the INTERNET through our home page at or on a disk with the book. The 1984 edition contains a listing by 1st surname which is not in the 1996 one as it is replaced by the computer. For more information on the Forwarding Agents The introductory material and illustrations for the 1984 and 1996 editions are completely different thus one may well want both.

The Development of European Forwarding Agents by Patrick Frost The Corsini and Venturini archive finds, not in 1984 Rowe FA book. 1987, 16 pages, self cover, $15.00

A History of The Forwarding Agents of Gibraltar 1750-1880 by Ricky Richardson, 1991, 20 pages, card, $22.50

Historical Letters to Gratious Street, London 1570 - 1601 by Robson Lowe Letters are from all over Europe, 3rd find of the Corsini correspondence. A readable and enjoyable account, good historical background. 1988, 44 pages, card, $22.50

Combination Mail of British Post Offices Abroad, An Introductory Survey by Geoff Kellow A beautiful little study, we hope the words An Introductory Survey means a larger work will be forthcoming. A study of the rates and a listing of rarity factors ranging from C for over 50 known to RRRR for 1 to 3 examples. Covers the World from Argentina to Venezuela plus two shipping companies. 1992, 48 pages, card bound, $32.50

Argentine Maritime Postal History by Mario D. Kurchan The Maritime book on Argentina, good reading and reference, in English and Spanish 2002, 3rd edition, 444 pages, card, $40.00

Australian Mails via Suez 1852 - 1926 by R. Kirk Detailed sailing data, the ships, intermediate ports & connections, dates. 1989, 324 pages, card, £32 plus transit, $82.50, enquire first

Early Routings of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company 1842-1879 by Kenton & Parsons Detailed sailing tables of the RMSPC to and from the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico and the Spanish Main. 1999, 471 pages, cloth, $125.00

Bermuda Packet Mails 1806-1886 by J.C. Arnell & M. H. Ludington Detailed sailing tables, ships, arrival and departure dates. 1989, 161 pages, card, £28, $70.00, sold out

The Domestic Packets between GB & Ireland by Denis Salt Mostly the complex Irish postal rates and the four water routes. 1991, 50 pages, card, £12, $24.00

Imperial & Foreign Mails, Sea Conveyance During War 1914-1918 by G. Mark 1997, 91 pages, card £20, $40.00

Operation Overlord by Brigadier K.S. Holmes The sea-borne invasion of North West Europe, 1944-45, History of the work of the Army Postal Service 1984, 132 pages, card, £12, $24.00

Carrying British Mails Overseas by Howard Robinson A detailed overview of the services, accurate and enjoyable 1964, 327 pages, cloth, limited stock $42.50

Ceylon Postal History 1857-1902 by Obré J. Sanders Special emphasis on the maritime mail, postage rates and regulations. 1999, 180 paages, 17 plates in color, cloth with dj, edition, 500, $90.00

German Transit Markings

Deutsche Vorphilatelie, Katalog der Grenzübergangs by Feuser and Münzberg German Transit Markings applied in Germany, when a cover crossed the border, with an English introduction, arranged per the German Stampless work, perhaps one could call these the German equivalent of our NYFM. 1991, 118 pages, cloth $35.00

United Fruit Company, the History, Ships & Cancellations of the Great White Fleet by Philip Cockrill 1982, 44 pages, card, Cockrill Booklet 28 $10.00

London Letter Receivers 1652 - 1857 by Hugh Feldman

A study of 506 London Receiving houses; location, handstamps, colors, dates, etc., 1998, 831 pages, two volumes, 4 maps in pocket, slip case £65+handling, $115.00

A History of The Ship Letters of the British Isles by Alan W. Robertson First published as a series of pages, 1955-64. In 1973 Harry Hayes obtained the remaining pages and the rights to print enough individual pages to complete 100 sets. Some of the Hayes reprints contain only a few reprint pages and others contain up to about 100.

A Check List of Pages for Alan W. Robertson's A History of The Ship Letters of the British Isles by Harry Hayes A most useful booklet, the original pagination is complex and many sets are significantly incomplete. 1987, 10 pages, one side only, plastic ring binding $8.00

The Maritime Postal History of London by Alan W. Robertson, 1960, 68 numbered pages but 136 sides, cloth $55.00, sold out

Ship Letter Stamps of Liverpool by Alan W. Robertson 1953, 12 pages, 86 markings illustrated, self cover $5.00

Naval Officer's Letters by Goeffrey Osborn, G.M. The Ship's Bag mail made up as bags on board Her Majesty's Ships, the Officers Concession 6d base rate, 1857-1869 and uniform rate after that. Bags were sealed to England, Cape Town and Hong Kong, etc. 1996, 134 pages, card, published £15, $28.50

A Caribbean Neptune

The Maritime Postal Communications of the Greater and Lesser Antilles in the 19th Century Robert G. Stone Bob Stone's long awaited work on the West Indies is now a reality. It will be of much interest and value for collectors and students of North, Central, South America and Europe Maritime Mail in addition to those of the major islands: Cuba, Puerto Rico and St. Thomas. Major services existed with France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain and the United States. The book contains hundreds of illustrations, 17 maps in addition to numerous sailing tables. The Definitive Study, it is not complete and is not perfect but there is nothing better! Major Sections: 1993, 396 pages, cloth $65.00

Norddeutscher Lloyd, Bremen 1857 - 1970

History - Fleet - Ship Mails by Edwin Drechsel Vol 1 covers the period from Lloyd's founding in 1857 to circa 1920 listing 279 ships. Vol 2 is to go to 1970 when Lloyd merged with the Hamburg-American Line to form Hapag-Lloyd A.G. From the middle of the 19th century through the 1920's Norddeutscher Lloyd was the major carrier of immigrants from Europe to the United States and a major mover of the mail.

The book is published as a Maritime History however the philatelic portion is significant, about one third of the 700 illustrations in Vol 1 are covers or postmarks. This book is written to be read from cover to cover but you can easily look up a specific ship; an alphabetical index gives the BNRA number and the ship descriptions are given in numerical order. There are numerous illustrations of ships, passengers and officers, maps and various memorabilia to form an attractive volume.

Most ship description gives the year of building and Lloyd service, tonnage, engine, speed, passenger and crew size. Most also have a paragraph or two which usually gives the date launched and numerous details which vary from ship to ship such as the rebuilding, ultimate disposition, important events, etc. Sorry, no sailing tables.

The History of the Sailing Packets to the West Indies by L. E. Britnor, 1973, 172+ pages, cloth, $62.50

Private Ship Letter Stamps of the World by Ringström & Tester Covers the mail services, companies, stamps, reprints, forgeries, and cancellations, complete with numerous bibliographies.

Enlarged print of the Suez Canal Company 40c Saatjian sheet printing as included with The Suez Canal Company book but mailed unfolded in a tube, suitable for framing or plating annotation, $10.00

Julius Steindler, Shipping Companies Stamps, Robson Lowe, 1972 The major sale of these stamps and covers. 1972, 36 page catalog & 28 pages of plates, cloth bound, prices realized, $55.00, card $27.50

The Pacific Steam Navigation Company, 1840-53 by A. R. Doublet The company, ships, covers, markings and stamps, emphasis is Chile. 1983, 80 pages, card, published by the Royal of London, $32.50

The British Sea Post Offices in the East, British Maritime Postal History by Hector Proud, Though this is vol 4 of the series it stands by itself as to covering the subject. The coverage is the Mediterranean, Bombay-Suez (later Aden), Bombay, Karachi, Rangoon-Calcutta, etc.We are also most pleased that the production qualities of this volume are far superior to the first three volumes that appeared in the 1980's. We hope Proud will revise the previous volumes. 2003, 475 pages, cloth with dj, £45, $100.00

Far East Mail Ship Itineraries 1840 - 1880 Vol 1 by Leo C. Scamp, 1997, 416 pages, card, $92.50, enquire

The Postal History of the P&O Service to the Peninsula by R. Kirk Mails carried from England to the Iberian Peninsula; Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar from 1835 to 1862, the sailings and markings. 1987, 124 pages, card bound, Royal of London, $45.00

Venezuela - St. Thomas Packet Services 1820 - 1880 by R. G. Stone A 23 page article in the 1989 APC book, 187 pages, cloth $25.00

South American Packets by Rev. J. N. T. Howat Official British mail services to and from Brazil and the River Plate from 1808 to 1880. Text is 139 pages, tables give the sailing dates of each voyage over 77 pages, 10 maps, 12 pages on South American 1984, 290 pages, card, one copy available $127.50

The Royal Mail Steam Packet Company by Michael R. Rego Mostly the paquebot markings, 1898 to 1969 1987, 88 pages, card, Cockrill Booklet 49 $12.00

Steam Ship Lines to the Caribbean Vol 1-2 by Michael R. Rego, vol 1 2005, vol 2007, total pages 515+, card, some color, $115.00

Royal Mail Steam Packets to Bermuda and Bahamas by Ludington & Osborn 1971, 24 pages, 11 illustrations, 10 maps $7.50

Falkland Island Mails, The Kosmos Years, 1880-1900 by Rev Jeremy Howat The sailings of all 265 contract mail voyages are detailed along with the contracts and known covers. 1989, 144 pages, cloth $50.00

K.P.M. Koninklijke Paketvaart Maatschappij 1891-1041 with Java - China - Japan - Line to 1970 by Cockrill & Haalebos 1983, 84 pages, card, Cockrill Booklet 38 $11.25

Mauritius, Maritime Mails 1815-1868 by J. W. B. Ruffle The original handbooks published by the Indian Ocean Study Circle as handbooks No. 4 and 5 are reprinted by the society in one volume. Excellent transcripts of the regulations and also extensive sailing tables. 1991, 100 pages, spiral bound, out of print, sold out

Norway-The Maritime Postal History of Steamships by F. C. Moldenhauer 1971, 32 pages, 82 illustrations, card $7.50

The new Hoskings

Paquebot Cancellations of the World


Mike Dovey & Keith Morris

The new 4th edition is not by Roger Hoskings but is with his full approval, similar to previous editions in concept but much expanded. The Postal History of the Union Castle Line including Union & Castle Lines by Mike Dovey 2011, 78 pages, full color, plastic cover, published $40.00, enquire

The Bombay - Aden Sea Post Office by Mike Dovey, Covers 1868 - 1914, departure and arrival dates

The "Shipping Postmaster" Cancellations of South Africa by Mike Dovey 2014, 38 pages, in color, card, $37.50

Paquebot Marks of the Americas by Gustav J. Lund Illustrating almost 800 markings, 90 covers, quite comprehensive giving the year of usage, size, rarity factor and when applicable the Studd, Joesten and Hoskings numbers; fraudulent and unidentified markings are also listed. 1984, 193 pages, printed only on one side, loose with covers and brads, we have two used copies, each $45.00

Paquebot Markings by Edwin Drechsel

Portugues Shipping Companies, Paquebot & Ship Cancellations by Professor Greenwood, Dr. Camara & Philip Cockrill 1984, 100 pages, card, Cockrill Booklet 40, $12.00

Subsidios Para a Historia do Correio Maritimo Portugues by Armado Vieira Maritime postal history of Portugal to 1870 with arrival and departure dates listed in tables for each vessel. 1988, 302 pages, card, in Portuguese $47.50

Belgian Colonial

From the Azores to New Zealand, the Belgian Colonies on all six continents (1451-1916) their origins, history, and communication (pre-philately) by Patrick Meselis,

A major philatelic work; exceptional with respect to history, philately, overall production and at a most favorable price. The Belgian Colonial influence is far more than most of us suspected, there are 14 pages on New York alone, 28 on the Antarctic, 18 on New Zealand, 20 on Brazil, far more than just the Congo. Published with the assistance of the Stuart Rossitor Trust, 2005, large format (9.5 x 13 inches), 419 pages, in full color, in English, cloth with dj, $100.00

Mailboat Services from Europe to the Belgian Congo 1879 - 1922 by Abbe Gudenkauf, Belgian Congo Study Circle 1983, 84 pages, card, Cockrill Booklet 41 $10.00

Belgian Congo, Mailboat Steamers on Congo Rivers & Lakes 1896 - 1940 by Gudenkauf, Covers the postal history and cancellations. 1985, 64 pages, card, Cockrill Booklet 43, $11.00

Netherlands & Colonies, Maritime Markings & Ship Cancellations 1793 - 1939 by F. P. Traamberg and Philip Cockrill 1980, 56 pages, card, Cockrill Booklet 12, $12.00

K.N.S.M., Royal Netherlands Steamship Co. by Philip Cockrill Brief history of the company, ships and markings, 1856 - 1981 1981, 56 pages, card, Cockrill Booklet 26, $10.00

1886-1986 A Century of German Ship Posts by Edwin Drechsel German offshore and domestic Sea and Ship Post marks, 263 markings, well illustrated, brief but useful background information. 1987, 114 pages, cloth, $25.00

Die Postwertzeichen und Entwertungen … den Schutzgebieten ….. by Albert Friedemann, 1970, in 4 printed binders, parts 1-17, complete, one set available, $285.00

German Seepost Cancellations 1886-1939 by Cockrill and Arno Gottspenn Superb Cockrill volumes, fortunately the new ones are more pages.

The Woermann Steamship Line of Hamburgh by Philip Cockrill Covers the history, ships and cancellations of the Woermann line and the subsequent Deutsch Ost Afrika Line. 1980 reprint by the author, 34 pages, card, Cockrill Booklet 11, $9.00

Norwegian Travelling Post Offices by Arthur Chambers For the most part both volumes cover the 1860's through the 1940's.

Portuguese Shipping Companies, Paquebot & Ship Cancellations by Professor Greenwood, Dr. Camara & Philip Cockrill 1984, 100 pages, card, Cockrill Booklet 40, $18.50

British Stamps Used Abroad by Bernstein and Chas. Nissen It looks good and is certainly useful, we are told it is the best general work on the subject in print, many markings illustrated, a few maps. 1987 reprint of 1907-09 articles, 48 pages, card, $15.00

British Post Offices Abroad, The Glassco Collection, Robson Lowe This auction catalog is virtually a handbook, quite useful. 1969, 260 pages, card, with prices realized, only two copies available, $85.00

Deutsche Vorphilatelie, Katalog der Grenzübergangs by Feuser and Münzberg German Transit Markings applied in Germany when a cover crossed the border, 1727-1875; Disinfected Markings, 1814-1846. Introductions in English, French and German, arranged per above German Stampless, 1991, 118 pages, cloth $50.00

Historical Postal Catalog of Stamps Used in the Italian Post Offices Abroad 1852-1890

by Daniele Zanaria, Gabriele Serra & Francesco Del Negro

Covering Alexandria, Buenos Aires, La Goletta, Montevideo, Susa, Tunisi & Tripoli.The descriptive catalog lists all known franking and illustrates the markings, the each stamp known used from the Italian Abroad PO, runs 370 pages. The pricing catalog runs 80 pages and is in Euros. In English and Italian. Cloth bound. An exceptional work. 2000, 370 plus 80 pages, cloth, illustrations in full color, $130.00

Philatelic Maritime, most are used and one of a kind

Ocean Mails by Philip Cockrill, 34 pages, card $25.00

Non-Philatelic Maritime, most are used and one of a kind

North Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P. Bonsor, Not philatelic but a wonderful reference on the ships, 1975-1980, 5 volumes, cloth with dj, 2087 pages, Set Vol 1-5, complete, $215.00, sold

North Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P. Bonsor, 1955, 1st edition, 639 pages, cloth, $42.50, enquire

Books relating to maritime wrecks by C. Bradford Mitchell

The History of American Sailing Ships by Howard I. Chapelle, 1985, 400 pages, cloth, $32.50

Sea Lanes, Man's Conquest of the Ocean by Stevers and Pendlebury, 1938, 326 pages, cloth, $20.00

Two books relating to maritime wrecks by C. Bradford Mitchell

Lives of the Liners by Braynard, 1947, 204 pages, card, $7.50

The Atlantic Liners, 1925-1970 by Frederick Emmons, 1972, 160 pages, cloth $15.00

Ocean Liners of the 20th Century by Gordon Newell, 1973, 192 pages, cloth $12.50

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