Philatelic Bibliopole

Leonard H. Hartmann

Robson Lowe

Robson Lowe or Robby to his many friends was one of the all time great philatelic students and publishers of quality philatelic literature. a World Class Philatelist in all Respects! Thought I didn't meet Robby for many years after, it was SIPEX in Washington, 1966 that we started to become familiar with the Robson Lowe people and have had a close relation and stocked there publications ever since as both new and used volumes. Robby's death at 92 on August 19, 1997 leaves a void that will not soon be filled.

The stock RL titles are treated through the respective listings in greater detail but this abbreviated collation may prove useful. Stock titles are those with a price. Those without a price are reference listings and are normally not in stock though they may come in from time to time. Titles by RL but not actually published by him are also listed. At this time we have no plans to list journals or auction catalogs.

This page is still under construction and will show many changes in the months to come. As time permits and if it proves useful to our readers it will be much expanded. Many titles are most certainly missing and the descriptions incomplete, some may have been included in error. Leonard


Philatelist Index, 1866-1876 and 1934-1974 by James Negus 1976, 150 pages, cloth, edition of 200, one copy available, $95.00

A Glossary of Abbreviations found on Handstruck Stamps by Leslie Ray 1959, 12 pages, card


The Inland Posts 1392 - 1672, A Calendar of Historical Documents Edited by J. W. M. Stone 1987, 342 pages, cloth, $30.00

The Development of European Forwarding Agents by Patrick Frost The Corsini and Venturini archive finds, not in 1984 Rowe FA book. 1987, 16 pages, self cover, $15.00

Historical Letters to Gratious Street, London 1570 - 1601 by Robson Lowe 1988, 44 pages, card, $22.50

British Postage Stamps of the 19th Century by Robson Lowe Published by the National Postal Museum, The Brookman for British Stamps.

Guide Lines to the Penny Black by P. C. Litchfield

British Line Engraved Stamps Repaired Impressions, 1855-1879, 1982, 340 pages, 1 sheet addenda, cloth, $150.00

Unpaid and Underpaid Mail 1840 to 1921 in England and Wales by Johnson 1982, 32 pages, card, illustrates 483 charge marks, $3.50

Newspaper Postage Stamps by Robson Lowe & John Chandler 1980, 12 pages, self cover, $3.25

Posted in Advance for Delivery on Christmas Day by Cyril Kidd 1974, 16 pages, self cover, $4.00

My Post Office Journal by Rowland Hill 1954, 24 pages, card

British Empire

The Regency Stamp Catalogue 1933-34, 422+34 pages, cloth

Handstruck Postage Stamps of the Empire by Robson Lowe

Handstruck Postage Stamps of the Empire 1680-1900 by Robson Lowe 1940-41, 3rd edition, 330 pages, 1 fold out plate, advertising, cloth

Numeral Cancellations of the British Empire by Henry H. Heins