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U.S. Railroad Postmarks 1837 to 1861 by C. W. Remele The standard work on the early markings. 1958, 169 pages, cloth, $225.00

Railroad Postmarks of the United States 1861-1886 by C. L. Towle & Henry A. Meyer The standard work on the later markings. 1968, 379 pages, cloth, $85.00

Railway Post Offices of California and Nevada by Rod Crossley Details construction of the lines, the development of RPS, known markings. 1991, 204 pages, card, $35.00

Nebraska Railway Post Offices by William F. Rapp Maps of all routes with many illustrations of cancels and covers. 1995, 129 pages, cloth, $29.00

Postal Markings of the North Carolina Railroads by Tony L. Crumbley Includes Station Agents, Waterways, Routes, etc., well illustrated. 1994, 79 pages, card, edition only 200 copies, $12.00

The Milwaukee & Mississippi R.R. and its Postmarks by Roland L. Hustis 1952 reprint from the AP, 10 pages, self cover, limited sotock, $8.50

U.S. Route & Station Agent Postmarks by Charles L. Towle This volume completely replaces Vol 1 of the US Transit Markings Catalog, Covers 1,569 railway route agents and 184 waterway agents postmarks, etc.

Historical Supplement to U.S. Route & Station Agent Postmarks A major addition to the book as it gives a most useful thumb nail sketch of the Roads along with maps. 1986, 124 pages, spiral bound, sold out

Appletons' Railway Map of the United States and Canada by G. Thomas A fine reprint of the 1869 map giving an overall view of the country. 1977 reprint of 1869 map, 23 x 25 inches, $12.50

Centennial Catalog of Arizona Railway Postal Markings by C. L. Towle 1980, 80 pages, card $15.00

Collection & Distribution Wagon Service 1896-1904 by James H. Bruns Detailed account of the service in Washington, New York, Buffalo and Saint Louis. 1986, 56 pages, card. $14.00

First Highway Post Office by James H. Bruns The experimental service between Washington and Harrisonburg, Va 1985, 84 pages, card. $14.00

The Horse Drawn Mail Vehicles by James H. Bruns Wonderful background and pictures of early mail carriages. 1996, 89 pages, card, $22.50, sold out

Street Car

Street Car R.P.O. Series by the Mobile Post Office Society

Encyclopedia of R.F.D. Cancels by Harold E. Richow

County System of R.F.D. Dec 20, 1899-June 30, 1903 by Edith Doane A fine study covering the first experimental service. 1977, 199 pages, cloth $18.50

United States Highway Post Office Cover Catalog, 1987 First edition since 1974, circa 800 markings, most illustrated 1987, 67 pages, loose-leaf $16.50

Reaching Rural America: The Evolution of Rural Free Delivery by James H. Bruns An excellent historic background 1998, 118 pages, card, limited stock $15.00

Just Out

Catalog of Private Express Labels and Stamps United States 1839-1918, Canada 1841-1926 by Bruce H. Mosher Tremendous interest for various fields from Local to National Postal History, Express Companies, Cinderellas and even Forgeries. 2002, 209 pages, card, $37.50

Fresno and San Francisco Bicycle Post of 1894 by Lowell B. Cooper Detailed study of Banta's postal and philatelic local. The Wells Fargo activity during the ARU strike are also covered.

The Handstamps of Wells, Fargo & Co., 1852 to 1895 by John F. Leutzinger The original edition has been the standard work on the subject since it appeared in 1968 book, the new edition is much expanded and improved. 1993, 382 pages, 59 halftones, over 300 markings, cloth, edition of 750, $45.00

Old Waybills, The Romance of the Express Companies by Alvin F. Harlow, An old classic, useful and enjoyable, 1976 Arno Press reprint of 1934 book, 501 pages, cloth, enquire

Stagecoarch East, Stagecoach Days in the East from the colonial Period to the Civil Way by Oliver W. Holmes and Petr T. Rohrback, 1983, 220 pages, cloth but no dj, one copy available, $25.00

The Traveling Post Offices of Uruguay by Jay Grace Walmsley, A wonderful story of the systems covering the Stage, Maritime and Trains with much history and detailed coverage of the markings, 2012, 135 + 4 pages, in color, cloth, edition of 80 copies, 3 copies available, $70.00

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