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Index to Harry Hayes Philatelic Auction Realizations

Read Me File: Harry Hayes Philatelic Auctions realizations, Volume 2

Note in the files, realizations is realisations


This disc contains the complete data for the second volume of the Harry Hayes literature sales realizations. The data and files are in ASCII format and the data is ready to be turned into your own database which can then be amended or extended as you please. The original index was built with a commercial database package called INMAGIC. It is an expensive piece of software and it would not be economical to include even a runtime version as part of this index. The data on this disc is presented in two form-ats, a file with field tags and variable length fields, and a fixed field length file with field tags as the header. A packed dBase file is included on the disc and it unpacks to a DBF file of just over 4 Mb in size.

This version of the index includes more data than the printed version. Additions include places of publication, and sources of reviews in major journals, and series names.

Other files on this disc

Advice or help in building your database

If you have problems building your database with the software you are using, contact the technical assistance staff of the database publisher. The publisher is unable to provide assistance in database creation from this data. If you are not satisfied with the data provided, please return the disc and wipe the data from all your floppy and hard discs. The full purchase price will be refunded, or for a payment equal to the difference in price between the paper and electronic copies, the disc will be replaced by a print copy of the index.

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