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This section is one of our favorite, we find the things that are not exactly as they appear to frequently be more fascinating than the evident object. They have the romance of what they appear to represent plus there own story. Yes, I collect some forgeries! Every forger that I have know, both personally and through books, has been a fascinating character. The more one knows the more interesting they become. The stories never end, the APS bought out de Thuin but he continued to develop new techniques and make fakes until his death.

We have been taken to task for including some items in this section that are not exactly covered by our heading, FAKES, COUNTERFEITS, & BOGUS. We apologize for taking a few liberties but we defend the concept of the section, namely books on items that are, perhaps, not exactly as they appear!

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British Consulate Post Office at Bankok 1855 to 1885


Michael J. R. Houder

A detailed study of the "B" overprints, cancellations and forgeries, a census of known covers, history of the service, from the Stuart Rossitor Trust.

2021, 454 pages, in color, hardback, published at 38 pounds plus postage, limited edition, $76.00

The Forgeries of the “Cantonal” Stamps of Switzerland


Richard Schafer

This book is an extension of the A de Reuterskja study and includes a reproduction of his rare English edition of his 1907 book The Forgeries "Cantonal" Stamps Switzerland, the book is reproduced in reduced format but the text is still legible. The forgeries are illustrated in large format and annotated as to the characteristics. At the end a number of interesting forgery items are illustrated and one that i think is from Peter Winter's 1986 exhibit at the Essen Fair and not in out edition of Woflgang's book.

2022, 315 pages, full color, cloth with dj, gold leaf on all sides, beautiful book, the book is in German however the reproduction of the original Reuterskja book is in English as originally published. No English edition of this book is planned however a separate introductory booklet in English is provided. The illustrations are exceptional, large and a number are annotated as to details. Limited edition of 250 copies, our allocation of 15 copies arrived June 23rd, 2022, published by Coronphilia in Switzerland., in stock $160.00 + $4.00 part postage to a US mailing address

Peter Winter's

"Swan Song" Memories of an Artist and "Forger"

by Wolfgang Maassen

The fascinating life of an Opera Singer and Forger, and the philatelic reproductions as he considered them and forgeries as we collect them. It is most welcomed to get real information on a modern forger. This book is Peter Winter's operation in the 1980's through the end. His now rare 1985 and scarce 1988 catalogs are illustrated, an invaluable reference value.

A scholarly study with much formal analysis with other previously not published information on his "second copy" of the British Guiana 1c Magenta.

A must book for the forgery collector and some one that wants to know more and collect the authentic stamps, a good read. His forgeries on the web can look extremely enticing but in many cases when in hand the paper is not right and evident by a serious collector, when gummed they become more deceptive, there are exceptions! A CD showing my mounted collection is also included.

Christoph Gartner competition for Books and also Digital, second place. presentation at Monacophil 2022.

2021, 192 pages, full color, cloth bound, English edition, from the US,With CD, $65.00 + $4.00 pp to a US mailing address.

The Spiros-a Family from Hamburg

by Wolfgang Maassen and collaborators

Volume 1 covers the family history, the early history of the forgeries, the Spud Paper stamps each illustrating in detail and giving The Philatelist appearance data, and giving the in detail, details on the cancellations, a special treatment on Brazil, and introduction to the Spiro-Torres uncertainty as to who did what, etc.references to other early forgers and those that marketed the fakes. Volumes 2-4 are toillustrate full sheets

The U.S. and World Fakes of Andre Frodel by Kenneth W. Pugh

It covers some of his fakes and a good picture of him and the production, mostly fakes of 20th century U.S. stamps by manipulating authentic stamps, these fakes are quite deceptive. I have recently come across two CSA fakes that were superbly re-backed and may have been his work, 2021, 51 pages, full cover, on heavy paper, loose leaf and punched for standard 3 ring binder, binder not included, $40.00

Forgery of a US Forever Flag Stamp, coil strip of 5 for $10.00 post paid,. They are extremely deceptive and have been reported to the Postal Inspectors and the APS. The local PO said they would not be detected over the counter and apparently not by the sorting machines, a current search on the web did not bring out any of the original offering as authentic stamps, though a few may have it but less blatant !

P. Clark Souers Forgery Books

The series continues, forgeries of the common stamps after WWI, in some cases they are considered common and low value as many circulating are forgeries. Each volume shows enlargements of the characteristics with a fed word description, in color, well printed on quality paper, card.

Version 2 is not a good title, in essence it is a major expansion to the original 2017, 63 page one on the same material in

An exceptional work on the common forgeries of the period, the stamps are real but the fakes are so common that the authentic ones are not fully appreciated. I have never paid any attention though i have accumulated a few for my forgery collections and now want to work them up, the stores and details of the stamps are most interesting. A labor of love by Clark and priced so the information will be distributed, he is now working on other volumes.

Forgeries of Great Britain 2s Brown of 1880

by Robert B. Galland & Karl-Albert Louis

An excellent coverage of the forgers, Fournier, Sperati, Oneglia, Smeets, etc. that is quite useful and the best overall coverage that we know of. The authentic stamp is well covered. From the RPSL, 2017, 80+15 pages, full color, card, published at £15 plus £9 transit, $35.00

The Springfield Facsimiles of Confederate Postage Stamps

by Steven M. Roth, F.J. Crown Jr & Patricia A. Kaufmann

The Springfield's are an evident fake but have fooled many and continue to do so, they are frequently offered as authentic on the web. Many examples are on poor paper and easy to spot but others are not. In the 1966 Washington International one was in the exhibit on cover as authentic.

Confederate States of America, Philatelic Fakes, Forgeries and Fantasies of the 19th and 20th Centuries

by Peter W. W. Powell, John L. Kimbrough

A good work as to identifying fakes, forgeries and bogus stamps and covers. In some cases we question the forger attributions but a matter mostly of interest to myself and others that collect forgeries. 2015, small edition. 432 pages in color, cloth, $90.00

The Steinberg Covers

by Helena Obermüller-Wilén and Jonas Hallström

Forged Covers from the Classic Period in Swedish Philately In Swedish and English, color illustrations of 206 fake covers, with introductory material, 2015, 35 pages, edition of 300 copies, card, $57.50

The Grinnell Hawaiian Missionary Stamps by Patrick Pearson

From the Royal Philatelic Society of London

Hawaiian Missionaries and the Grinnell Controversy by Fred F. Gregory, 2006, A DVD based on a lecture given at the Collectors Club of New York, well produced, good sound and video, runs 65 minutes, $15.00

The Grinnells and the Mystic Stamp Company, The Mystic stamp company has issued three booklets on the Grinnell forgeries which we consider a significant part of the story.These are or were available from Mystic at no charge however we find it necessary make a small charge.

Basic Works

The A.I.E.P. Handbook of Philatelic Expertising by Wolfgang Hellrigl, A most enjoyable book on Expertising, full color, many illustrations of fakes and world class rarities, a table of the experts for various countries, many are pictured with the basic contact information, e-mail, telephone and mailing address. 2004, 320 pages, large format, full color, hard bound, published 90 Euro, $115.00, sold out

World Forgery Catalog, A Reference List of Stamp Forgery Descriptions by G. Kock A compilation of literature on Forgeries, mostly the classic stamps. In essence you look up the stamp and it gives the references to the forgery literature, ie title and page number. For this first printing Scott's Catalog Numbers are included with permission but should this work be reprinted the subsequent editions will not have the Scott's numbers. Lists 3,000 stamps or sets, 7,500 forgery references 1998, 90 pages, card, sold out


The Serrane Guide to Forgeries by Fernand Serrane A world wide work of the scope and caliber of Rev. R. B. Earée Album Weeds, How to Detect Forged Stamps however Serrane dates from the late 1920's and not 1905 thus the later Fournier material is covered. It was published in French and was rarely available however in the early 1990's the American Philatelist ran an English translation of this work for several years. 1998, 390+26 pages, cloth bound, limited stock, $185.00

Focus on Forgeries, A Guide to Forgeries of Common Stamps by Varro E. Tyler When we think of forgeries we think of the rarities however many forgeries exist of relatively common stamps, often prepared when the stamps were first issued, they are often well done, in face some of these common stamps would be scarce except that the majority in collections are fake. Both the fake and authentic stamp are illustrated and described. Invaluable! Taken from Varro's Linn's Columns.

Postal Forgeries of the World by H.G. Leslie Fletcher, FRPSL, 1977, 140 pages, cloth, one copy available, $135.00

A History of US Postal Counterfeiting

STAMP Counterfeiting

The Evolution of an Unrecognized Crime

by H. K. Petschel

A sequel to his now out of print book Spurious Stamps, a history of fakes made to defraud the postal system, it runs from 1894 to 1940. A wonderful book on the history of these frauds, many exist in philatelic hands today and are most desirable. It does not go into the technical details to identify the the fakes but the story of the people volved, the forgers and detectives. This volume covers much of what was in Spurious Stamps but it gives more details as to the investigations but it does not have the indexes and references, i would not be without both. Yep, i like fakes, the story is often as fascinating as the authentic items. World wide postal fakes are normally the low values in every day use and not the rarities made to deceive collectors.

2011, 174 pages, card, $26.00

More Stamp Counterfeiting, The Perfect Crime by H. K. Petschel The criminal aspects of stamp counterfeiting to defraud the post office, quite detailed, a good read and useful, mostly the 1950 to date, see the below for the illustrations, 2014, 201 pages, card, $28.00

United States Postal Counterfeits Illustrated, Inked Print by H. K. Petschel 1894 to date, well illustrated with many in color, from 1894 to date, 2014, 98 pages, card, $40.00

Spurious Stamps - a history of U.S. postal counterfeiting by Howard K. Petschel An excellent coverage of the history of the counterfeits and the discovery from the original PO, etc. records and of much value to many collectors, ie Chicago, Postal Cards, Modern Fakes, etc., 1894 - 1978, are appealing the color illustrations they are lacking in detail. The British Stock Exchange Forgery is mentioned but does not reference Walske's research that appeared in RL's Philatelist. A necessary work for all students and collectors of forgeries. 1997, 266 pages, card, sold out

Guide to United States Vending and Affixing Machine Perforations 1907-1927

by Steven R. Belasco

More then 250 varieties of privately perforated coils were made by six companies, their history, proprietary perforations, stamps, scarcity on and off cover, and an excellent guide to the many fakes. The first book on these stamps since George Howard's 1943 volume. 2009, 216+6 pages, cloth, $55.00

The Forged Stamps of All Countries by J. Dorn, circa 1950, 240 pages, card, 350 line drawings, useful, one copy $42.50

Album Weeds

How to Detect Forged Stamps by Rev. R. B. Earée

The 3rd and final edition appeared in 1906 and is still considered one of the major works on 19th century forgeries. Many students also use the first two editions to see when each item was first noted.