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This section is one of our favorite, we find the things that are not exactly as they appear to frequently be more fascinating than the evident object. They have the romance of what they appear to represent plus there own story. Yes, I collect some forgeries! Every forger that I have know, both personally and through books, has been a fascinating character. The more one knows the more interesting they become. The stories never end, the APS bought out de Thuin but he continued to develop new techniques and make fakes until his death.

We have been taken to task for including some items in this section that are not exactly covered by our heading, FAKES, COUNTERFEITS, & BOGUS. We apologize for taking a few liberties but we defend the concept of the section, namely books on items that are, perhaps, not exactly as they appear!

For most items that we have only one or two copies please see our much expanded section on Fakes and Cinderellas in the:


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Forgeries of Common Stamps after World War I

Eastern Front, Balkans Caucasus

by P. Clark Souers

This book is titled Version 2 and in my thoughts is not a good title, in essence it is a major expansion to the original 63 pages in 2017, it covers the same material.

An exceptional work on the common forgeries of the period, the stamps are real but the fakes are so common that the authentic ones are not fully appreciated. I have never paid any attention though i have accumulated a few for my forgery collections and now want to work them up, the stores and details of the stamps are most interesting. A labor of love by Clark and priced so the information will be distributed, he is now working on another volume that we hope will get out. 2019. 89 pages numerous full color with hundreds of details of stamps illustrations, quality paper, card bound, illustrated. in stock, $22.50

Forgeries of Great Britain 2s Brown of 1880

by Robert B. Galland & Karl-Albert Louis

An excellent coverage of the forgers, Fournier, Sperati, Oneglia, Smeets, etc. that is quite useful and the best overall coverage that we know of. The authentic stamp is well covered. From the RPSL, 2017, 80+15 pages, full color, card, published at £15 plus £9 transit, $35.00

The Springfield Facsimiles of Confederate Postage Stamps

by Steven M. Roth, F.J. Crown Jr & Patricia A. Kaufmann

The Springfield's are an evident fake but have fooled many and continue to do so, they are frequently offered as authentic on the web. Many examples are on poor paper and easy to spot but others are not. In the 1966 Washington International one was in the exhibit on cover as authentic.

Confederate States of America, Philatelic Fakes, Forgeries and Fantasies of the 19th and 20th Centuries

by Peter W. W. Powell, John L. Kimbrough

A good work as to identifying fakes, forgeries and bogus stamps and covers. In some cases we question the forger attributions but a matter mostly of interest to myself and others that collect forgeries. 2015, small editon. 432 pages in color, cloth, $90.00

The Steinberg Covers

by Helena Obermüller-Wilén and Jonas Hallström

Forged Covers from the Classic Period in Swedish Philately In Swedish and English, color illustrations of 206 fake covers, with introductory material, 2015, 35 pages, edition of 300 copies, card, $57.50

Jean de Sperati

The man who made copies of stamps, Biography

by Lucette Blanc-Girardet

We wanted to stock this book when it first appeared but was told an English edition would come out, it never did. but the page by page translation is all we need. The illustrations are excellent, most i have never seen before. It is the first that really portrays Sperati's character with all his passions. The layout is clean, with many previously unpublished photos. Emphasis is on his life, rather than a descriptions of his stamps, but I feel it will be an essential addition to a forgery collector's library. Lucette Blanc does not always agree with the BPA and Walske account of his life but she had the very close assistance of Sperati's daughter,Yvonne Pouchard de Sperati and the family archives. They became good friends and confidants. Lucette had the time and unique opportunity to sift through masses of family documents, photos, and to interview his daughter, factors not possible with other writers..." 2003, 127 pages, hard bound smythie sewn, in color, in French but with a 95 page English translation, $50.00

The Grinnell Hawaiian Missionary Stamps by Patrick Pearson

From the Royal Philatelic Society of London

Hawaiian Missionaries and the Grinnell Controversy by Fred F. Gregory, 2006, A DVD based on a lecture given at the Collectors Club of New York, well produced, good sound and video, runs 65 minutes, $15.00

The Grinnells and the Mystic Stamp Company, The Mystic stamp company has issued three booklets on the Grinnell forgeries which we consider a significant part of the story.These are or were available from Mystic at no charge however we find it necessary make a small charge.

Basic Works

The A.I.E.P. Handbook of Philatelic Expertising by Wolfgang Hellrigl, A most enjoyable co e table book on Expertising, full color, many illustrations of fakes and world class rarities, a table of the experts for various countries, many are pictured with the basic contact information, e-mail, telephone and mailing address. 2004, 320 pages, large format, full color, hard bound, published 90 Euro, $115.00

World Forgery Catalog, A Reference List of Stamp Forgery Descriptions by G. Kock A compilation of literature on Forgeries, mostly the classic stamps. In essence you look up the stamp and it gives the references to the forgery literature, ie title and page number. For this first printing Scott's Catalog Numbers are included with permission but should this work be reprinted the subsequent editions will not have the Scott's numbers. Lists 3,000 stamps or sets, 7,500 forgery references 1998, 90 pages, card


The Serrane Guide to Forgeries by Fernand Serrane A world wide work of the scope and caliber of Rev. R. B. Earée Album Weeds, How to Detect Forged Stamps however Serrane dates from the late 1920's and not 1905 thus the later Fournier material is covered. It was published in French and was rarely available however in the early 1990's the American Philatelist ran an English translation of this work for several years. 1998, 390+26 pages, cloth bound, limited stock, $175.00

Focus on Forgeries, A Guide to Forgeries of Common Stamps by Varro E. Tyler When we think of forgeries we think of the rarities however many forgeries exist of relatively common stamps, often prepared when the stamps were first issued, they are often well done, in face some of these common stamps would be scarce except that the majority in collections are fake. Both the fake and authentic stamp are illustrated and described. Invaluable! Taken from Varro's Linn's Columns.

Postal Forgeries of the World by H.G. Leslie Fletcher, FRPSL, 1977, 140 pages, cloth, one copy available, $135.00

A History of US Postal Counterfeiting

STAMP Counterfeiting

The Evolution of an Unrecognized Crime

by H. K. Petschel

A sequel to his now out of print book Spurious Stamps, a history of fakes made to defraud the postal system, it runs from 1894 to 1940. A wonderful book on the history of these frauds however many exist in philatelic hands today and are most desirable. It does not go into the technical di rences in the fakes but the story of the people volved, for forgers and the detectives. This volume covers much of what was in Spurious Stamps but it gives more details as to the investigations but it does not have the indexes and references, i would not be without both. Yep, i like fakes, the story is often as fascinating as the authentic items. World wide postal fakes are normally the low values in every day use and not the rarities made to deceive collectors.

2011, 174 pages, card, $26.00

More Stamp Counterfeiting, The Perfect Crime by H. K. Petschel The criminal aspects of stamp counterfeiting to defraud the post office, quite detailed, a good read and useful, mostly the 1950 to date, see the below for the illustrations, 2014, 201 pages, card, $28.00

United States Postal Counterfeits Illustrated, Inked Print by H. K. Petschel 1894 to date, well illustrated with many in color, from 1894 to date, 2014, 98 pages, card, $40.00

Spurious Stamps - a history of U.S. postal counterfeiting by Howard K. Petschel An excellent coverage of the history of the counterfeits and the discovery from the original PO, etc. records and of much value to many collectors, ie Chicago, Postal Cards, Modern Fakes, etc., 1894 - 1978, are appealing the color illustrations they are lacking in detail. The British Stock Exchange Forgery is mentioned but does not reference Walske's research that appeared in RL's Philatelist. A necessary work for all students and collectors of forgeries. 1997, 266 pages, card, sold out

Guide to United States Vending and Affixing Machine Perforations 1907-1927

Guide to United States Vending and Affixing Machine Perforations 1907-1927 Guide to United States Vending and Affixing Machine Perforations 1907-1927

by Steven R. Belasco

More then 250 varieties of privately perforated coils were made by six companies, their history, proprietary perforations, stamps, scarcity on and off cover, and an excellent guide to the many fakes. The first book on these stamps since George Howard's 1943 volume. 2009, 216+6 pages, cloth, $55.00

The Forged Stamps of All Countries by J. Dorn, circa 1950, 240 pages, card, 350 line drawings, useful, one copy $42.50 

Album Weeds

How to Detect Forged Stamps by Rev. R. B. Earée

The 3rd and final edition appeared in 1906 and is still considered one of the major works on 19th century forgeries. Many students also use the first two editions to see when each item was first noted.

  • 1930's, Gossip printing, 3rd edition, bound in two volumes, excellent condition, $245.00
  • 1950's-1970's, 3rd edition, Lowell Ragatz & Jim Beal Reprint in 8 card bound volumes. Philately Under the Lamby by Herbert Eastwood An interesting little book on the forgery trade, circa 1970 reprint of 1929 book, one copy available, $40.00

    Marks Stamp Company of Toronto, Booklets

    Know Your Stamps by Frank Aretz, circa 1940-1941 Marks booklets by Alden C. Johnson

    Forged Postage Stamps H. Bynof-Smith These books resemble album pages with notes, useful but not detailed studies.

    The Early Philatelic Forgeries of All Countries by Lowell Ragatz, 1953, card A reprint of five forgery works originally published between 1862 and 1868, one copy available, $35.00

    Early Forged Stamps Detector 1979 Durst reprint of 1863 booklet by Lewes and Pemberton and an 1865 work by Dalston, both of these appear in the above Ragatz work.

    The Spud Papers by Lowell Ragatz, reprint of the 67 articles on the Spiro fakes published in The Philatelist between1871-1881.1950's, 168 pages, card, limited stock, $37.50

    An Illustrated Catalog of All Known Reprints of Officially Issued Postage Stamps and Postal Stationery 1840 to 1892 by Kalckhoff, Hilckes and Evans, circa 1960 reprint by Lowell Ragatz, 73 pages, card, $35.00

    Postal Forgeries of the World by H.G. Leslie Fletcher, 1977, 140 pages, cloth, one copy available, $110.00

    Album de Fac-Similes by L'union Philatelique de Geneve

    An Original Fournier Album, 1928, peg binding, complete with original Fournier fakes. The cornerstone of any forgery collection or study, this album is virtually complete and has been checked page by page with out own copy (no 56) which we have owned and upgraded since 1965, we note only four single stamps that are missing and are not missing in most albums, ie 2 Baden and 2 Bavaria. There are only 8 other blank spaces in the album and we find these to be blank in other albums, stamps were not originally affixed. The cancellation strips for Iceland and Liberia are not present but we have never seen them and do not think they exist. We offer the above in excellent condition, album number 303. The pages and stamps are in excellent condition. We have had the binder restored by a quality British book binder and also a custom folding box made for proper preservation as we have also done the same with out personal copy, we feel proper preservation is a responsibility. Album No. 303, $8,250.00

    The Fournier Album of Philatelic Forgeries by Lowell Ragatz, 1970, 175 pages, card, one copy available, $120.00

    Phantom Philately by F. J. Melville circa 1960, Lowell Razatz reprint, 204 pages, card, $45.00

    Reprints of 19th Century Postal Adhesive Stamps and their Characteristics by E. D. Bacon, 1954 reprint by Ragatz, 168 pages, card, $27.50

    Handbook on Philatelic Forgeries by Spying Eye, 1948, 48 pages, card, $22.50

    How to Detect Damaged, Altered and Repaired Stamps by Paul W. Schmid An excellent work to help you recognize regummed, reperforated, repaired and altered stamps. All examples are US stamps but the concepts are applicable to foreign. The 1996 edition differs from the 1978 one only in that the printing and binding is of a lower quality. The only text changes that we have found are in the listings of Expertising Firms on pages 94-95 and a Prefect to this edition.

    The Dealers' Guide to Chemical Restoration of Postage StampsFor years we would not stock this booklet though a few used copies came in form time to time, being a Chemical Engineer I felt that it could cause more harm than good but now I think the general concepts are of value. 1976, 8th and last edition, $15.00

    Madame Joseph Forged Postmarks by Derek Worboys and Roger West A joint publication by the British Philatelic Trust and the Royal Philatelic Society of London. A recently discovered hoard of over 460 implements that are believed to have been used to fake a considerable number of postmarks on British Commonwealth stamps from 1935 to 1960, perhaps later as one Aden item dates from 1967 and is apparently an authentic marker. Edition of 500, numbered, 1994, 128 pages, cloth

    Madame Joseph Revisited by Brian Cartwright FRPSL. A major expansion over the original work published in 1994 2005, 96 pages, in color, 40 transparent overlays, hardback with dj, ring binder, custom stepped slip case, $132.50

    Airmail Stamps: Fakes and Forgeries by Alexander L. Newall Fakes and forgeries from 71 different countries are described and illustrated.

    Les Timbres de Fantaisie, et non officiels, by M. Georges Chapier Les Timbres De Fantaisie & Supplement by M. Georges Chapier, Bertrand, ie, 65+40 pages, card, $30.00

    Cinderella Stamps by L.N. & M. Williams, 1970, 152 pages, cloth, limited stock, with dj $65.00, without dj, $50.00

    Forged Stamps of Two World Wars by L. N. & M. Williams 1954, 52 pages, card, one copy available please enquire, $50.00

    Analysis of Fakes

    Forgeries and Fakes by Alexander J. Séfi An excellent monograph prepared for the 1929 Philatelic Congress of GB going into the scientific methods of fake and forgery detection.

    Philately Under the Lamp by Herbert Eastwood, interesting booklet of old references of forgery and repair, circa 1960 reprint of 1929 book, 107 pages, card, enquire first,, $37.50

    Philately of Tomorrow by Philatelic Research Laboratories Inc., Souren Yahannessiantz Vol 1, No III.1940, 120 pages, card, enquire first, $32.50

    Real or Fake: Studies in Authentication by Joe Nickell, Not philatelic but for anyone interested in "fakery" it is a good read and will also increase your insight into the fakes. 2009, 256 pages, cloth with dj, $35.00

    Detecting Forgery: Forensic Investigation on Documents by Joe Nickell, Not philatelic but of definite interest to the serious collector, 2005, 240 pages, card, $27.50

    Pen, Ink and Evidence by Joe Nickell A most enjoyable coffee table book, beautiful pictures and some real information, especially in the reference as everything is documented. The scholar would like more of the beautiful illustrations showing all forms of pens, inks and penmanship but it is useful. 1990, 304 pages, in color, cloth, sold out

    Forging History, The Detection of Fake Letters and Documents by K. W. Rendell Non-Philatelic and directed to the falsification of history however it is fun to read and is of real value to the collector of US stampless covers and PH. 1994, 180 pages, cloth with dj, well illustrated, $32.50

    Out-Foxing the Fakers by Jean-François Brun An English edition of Brun's fine 1989 book on the production of forgeries. Most illustrations are of French material however the information is applicable to all forgeries, recommended. This work is the methodology of detecting a fake and not a line by line guide for specific fakes. 1993, 119 pages + 4 in color, cloth, out of print, limited stock, $70.00

    FFE, Fakes Forgeries Experts

    FFE Vol 19 was released at the Finlandia 2017 show on May 24th, 2017, our stock is in transit, expected by June 13th, 2017 Highly recommended, am prejudice as forgeries are one of my long standing collections, all in English. Considerable emphasis on improved items, expensive stamps and covers with margins, stamps and markings added, well printed, in color. From 1998 one volume was published per year except that no volume appeared in 2016 or 2017


    Philatelic Expertizing - OPINIONS - An Inside View

    by The Philatelic Foundation

    A major study of fraudulent material of real value.

    Opinions I-V, The Complete Abstracts and Index by The Philatelic Foundation In addition to the index you have an illustrated abstract of each article, 1990, 163 pages plus 8 page Definition of Terms tipped in, black cloth, $32.50

    Expert Billig's Großes Handbuch der Fälschungen

    A series of at least 45 booklets, in German, published in Austria on forgeries by Otto E. Stiedl and Fritz Billig, between 1933 and 1938, the last, number 45, is in english and published in the US in 1940

    A run of 35 of the 45 issued complete except for No. 1, 3, 6, 9, 19, 21, 23-26, & 45, housed in a custom clam shell box with room for the 10 missing issues, $1,250.00

    Booklets bound together by the publisher

    Loose booklets, only one of each available

    Naval Covers

    Fakes, Forgeries and Frauds edited by Richard D. Jones

    As naval covers appealed to a wide audience beyond serious philatelist such as service men and women that served on the ships, etc. there are quite a number of fake cancellations, cachets, etc. An edition of 200 copies. 2011, 79 pages, in color, card, $50.00

    By Forgers

    Philatelic Forgers, Their Lives and Works by Varro E. Tyler The 1991 edition has some new material and more forgers are covered however the additions are not in proportion to the increase in the number of pages; the new page formal has much less text per page, in our opinion it is not as appealing as the original. Both editions are a must for the forgery student, highly recommended.

    Counterfeit Currency of the Confederate States of America by George Tremmel An excellent coverage of S.C. Upham, the Philadelphia maker of counterfeit Confederate stamps in 1862. The counterfeiting of CSA currency was much more extensive than i thought, 2003, 198 pages, hard bound $85.00

    John Fox Markings Devices and Fake Covers by Michael Laurence An exceptional article in the CHRONICLE: May 2008, vol 60, no 2, whole no. 218., limited stock, $17.50

    S. Allen Taylor

    Notes on the "Chung Hwa" Forgeries by A. Charles Strong Mostly forged overprints on Postal Savings Stamps of China, Foreign PO in China, Danzig, Ukraine, Russian Occupation of Lithuania, Estonia, GB Officials, Russia - British Occupation of Batum, Polish Posts in Danzig, Japanese Occupation of North China. Forged Proofs of the Russian Romanov Dynasty 1913 set, China Large and Small Dragon, etc.

    The Oneglia Engraved Forgeries Commonly Attributed to Angelo Panelli by Robson Lowe and Carl Walske A serious study of the engraved forgeries made by Erasmo Oneglia. Oneglia's work totals 788 recorded classic stamps from 30 countries including the US, fine engravings, a number of which were originally surface printed stamps. A major contribution to the study of the forgers and their forgeries. 1997, 104 pages, cloth, $65.00

    S. Allan Taylor, the major study is by Jan Kindler and titled "Caveat Emptor" The Life and Works of S. Allan Taylor, Vol 15, No 2, Second Quarter 1966, Philatelic Literature Review, No. 51Second Series.

    The Oswald Schröder Forgeries by Robson Lowe An excellent study of this little known forger, well illustrated 1981, 20 pages, self cover, well illustrated, $5.50

    The Work of Jean de Sperati II

    by Robson Lowe and Carl Walske

    A completely new work and major contribution to our literature on philatelic forgeries and forgers, supplement to the below 1955/1956 BPA book 2001, xiv+218 pages and 4 color photographic plates, green cloth binding matches the first printing of original BPA work, $235.00

    The Work of Jean De Sperati by the British Philatelic Association 1955, 1st edition, green cloth.

    "The People with the Calumny" by S. Singer A major item with respect to forgery and repair work. Sam Singer was employed by Stanley Gibbons and other until there was a parting of the ways. Sam wrote and published this booklet as either blackmail or promotion and justification of his work depending on one's interpretation. In custom made book folder.1908, New York, 40 pages, outer wrapper missing, only one copy $250.00, sold

    The Gee-Ma Forgeries by Robson Lowe Forged overprints and cancellations of China, Japanese Occupation, G.B. and Tibet. Robson Lowe's one page on Gee-Ma is a delight to read. 1980, 12 pages, self cover, edition said to be 250, sold out, scans possible

    Seebeck: Hero or Villain by Danilo A. Muese An excellent coverage of the contracts and origin of the stamps, the listings and backgrounds, the disposition and marketing of the remainders. 1988, 89 pages, card

    Ecuador: The Philately of the Seebeck Era, January 1892 to Mid-June 1897, its Stamps, Proofs, POSTAL STATIONERY AND POSTAL HISTORY, By Robert A. D'Elia, FRPSL and Douglas B. Armitage, FRPSL Bill Welch, FRSPL, Editor The stamps are most detailed and the postal history is more than adequate. Extensive illustrations and text on the many overprints and surcharges, genuine and forged, and is complete with a full index and bibliography. The book is designed as a teaching tool, to allow the reader to learn, in detail, about these stamps, proofs, postal stationery, and their postal history, and especially, how to recognize the genuine stamps and overprints from their reprints and forgeries. It also, indirectly, provides a guide for collectors of the stamps of other Seebeck Countries. The edition is numbered and our copies autographed, edition limited to 204 copies. 2005, 407 + 31, pages, 16 pages in color, cloth, $235.00

    El Salvador, The Seebeck Stamps by Joseph D. Hahn and Joseph M Sousa

    The Dumonteuil Forgeries of Colombia by Varro Tyler 10 pages 1992 APC book, cloth $32.50

    Fournier's 1914 Price-List of Philatelic Forgeries by Lowell Ragatz 80 page, card, reprint price list with Ragatz introduction, etc., sold

    Yucatan Affair, Works of Raoul Ch. de Thuin Philatelic Counterfeiter The original edition has the illustrations taken directly from the de Thuin metal cliches and thus retains a significance not present in the reprint. The 1980 reprint makes a fine reading copy but is not usable for close study.

    Forensic Philately by Herman Herst, Jr. A reprint of the Benjamin, Sarpy and Jeffryes forgery and fraud trial transcripts with an introduction to British legal practices by N. Williams. 1986, 139 pages, card, $65.00

    By Country

    Australian Forged Stamps by Mavis Pope, An excellent studies with decent illustrations, good layout and text of much value to both the serious forgery collector and the collector of Australian stamps. These books are produced by a photocopy type process however tremendous skill and afford has been made to give the best realistic quality, line drawings and large illustrations, card plastic prong binding

    Handbook of the Private Local Posts by Hurt & Williams, Billig's Specialized Catalog (not the Billig Handbook series though often confused with it), 168 pages, cloth limited stock, $55.00

    Belgium, Les Timbres Belges Faux & Truqués by Maurice G. Slagmeulder, préface by Dubois In French but well illustrated and quite useful 1940's, 104 pages, card covered

    Belgium, The Forgeries of The Red Cross Small Albert Heads of 1914 by H. Dober 1989, 12 pages, card

    Belgium, Monographie des Faux et Falsifications de Belgique by M. Tolli 1937, 79 pages, card Billig's Philatelic Handbook

    A good overall reference, Vol 1 - 44 with the early ones existing with differing contents, most volumes contain a number of different and often unrelated articles.


    Canada, Reference Manual of B.N.A. Fakes, Forgeries & Counterfeits, Series II by Kenneth W. Pugh The format is 8.5 x 11 and they are punched for standard US 3 Ring Binders, binders not included. Series I of this work appeared from 1976 through 1981 in a small format, though we dislike the new page size I must admit that it is more attractive and useful. All are detailed studies of BNA fakes.

    Philatelic Fantasies of British North America, 1860-1910 by David F. SessionsA good overall coverage of the BNA Fantasies with a most useful bibliography.1999, 125 pages, card, $22.50

    B.N.A Fakes and Forgeries by E.A. Smythies, circa 1970, 101 pages, card, an enjoyable booklet with much background information, one copy available, $32.50

    The Mystery of the Prince Edward "Queen" by William J. Eckhardt S. Allen Taylor and the 10¢ Queen of Prince Edward Island. 1985, reprint of 1949 article, 16 pages, card cover, $15.00

    Canada, Fakes & Forgeries of New Brunswick & Pricne Edward Island by R. B. Mitchell, 1979, 43 pages, $17.50, sold

    China, Forgeries of China's Large Dragons 1878 by James Negus, 1978, 14 pages, card, $22.50, soldbut enquire

    Crete, Counterfeits, Crete, First Six Issues, German Colonies, Postmarks by Charles Sidney Thompson, 1943, 16 pages, card, one copy available, $15.00, sold

    Czechoslovakia, Padelky Ceskoslovenskych Postovnich Znamek 1918-1913 by Karasek, Kvasnicka & Paulicek,

    The Workbook, Notes on Reprints and Forgeries of Colombian Stamps, by Dieter Bortfeldt, FRPSL, AIEP

    Handbook of the SCADTA Provisional Surcharges 1921-1923 by Santiago Cruz & Dieter Bortfeldt printed in Colombia but in English, new study of the provisionals including details on the forgeries, 2004, 120 pages, $155.00

    The Lansa Story, The Postal History of the Colombian Airline LANSA by Alfredo Frohlich & Dieter Bortfeldt A comprehensive story of the history, covers, stamps and forgeries. 2005, 179 pages, in color, cloth, $155.00

    Finland, SUOMEN postimerkkien vaarenteita Forgeries of Finnish Postage Stamps by Mikko Ossa, 1977, in English and Finnish, 107 pages, cloth with dj, one copy available, $42.50, sold

    Finland, Cinderella Postal Stationery of Finland by Horma Leinonen 1980, 1976 pages, some text in English, $25.00

    Distinguishing Characteristics of Classic Stamps by Herman Schloss, An old work but still most useful to the collector of the authentic stamps and the student of the fakes.

    Handbuch Der Neudrucke by Paul Ohrt., reprinted by Peter Feuser List of reprints and forgeries of stamps and stationery with distinguishing characteristic for old German States (350 pages), Europe, etc. Reprint of 1906-1938 books, 670 pages, cloth, published 180,-DM, $120.00, out of stock at present

    Germany, Postal Forgeries of the Kaiser's Empire, Die Postfälschungen des Deutschen Kaiserriechs by Michael Jäschke-Lantelme. Postal forgeries for the four series from 1871 to 1918, the forgeries and the attempts to evade the forgeries, in German.2000, 110 pages, card, published 64 DM, one copy available, $75.00

    Germany, 600 Falsche Stempel by Willy Wolff, circa 1975, fake cancellations, 27 pages, card, please enquire, $22.50

    Germany, No. 2 Fakes & Forgeries of Germany & Colonies by the GPS, 1966, card, 150 pages, one copy, $8.50

    Germany, Check to the Forgers, Forgeries of current interest and their marks of recognition by Erich Haide, 1948, 49 pages, card, one copy only $10.00

    GPS Reference Manual of Forgeries, release n. 46, with complete index for 1-46, new never opened, $35.00

    Haitian 1902 Provisional Issue

    by Peter C. Jeannopoulos

    An exceptional study, well produced, Part I discusses the author's methodology and a revised classification system. Part II focuses on the genuine stamps and identification, accurate illustrations, Part III illustrates and describes each of the 29 types of forgeries. 2009, 122 pages, 30 in color, edition of 125, all numbered, perfect bound, $45.00

    The Images of IV Issues of the Kingdom of Sardinia 1855-1863 by Francesco Maria Amato, 1994, 124 pages, case bound, all in Italian but mostly illustrations with a four page English summary of the captions prepared for us by an old friend, published at 24.80 euro. It is our hope that this work will be of some help in determining the fakes on these most difficult issue but in this respect it is not quite up to our expectations, $30.00

    Forged Pre-Adhesive Postmarks of the Old Italian States by Paolo Vollmeier, 1979, 56 pages, card, Special Publication of the PHS Inc., $30.00

    The Papal States, The Stamps of the 1852/67 Issue

    by Peter N.G. Rayner

    I&C Study Number 5. A major new work from the authority on the stamps, indispensable, 2008, 91 pages plus CD, in color, plastic spiral binding, limited edition, published at 35 pounds, $70.00

    Italian States, Roman States Forgeries

    by Revs. F. J. Levitsky & F. Jenkins

    Italian States Originals and Fakes

    by Antonello Cerruti

    Antichi Stati Italiani Originali e Falsi. In Italian but with large illustrations and in color, a useful book 2007, 127 pages, full color, paper case binding, $87.50

    The Romagna by Donald S. Patton, 1953, 32 pages plus 4 pages text in wrapper, card, one copy available, $37.50

    Hong Kong Forgeries by Ming W. Tsang A useful coverage of the fake stamps, cancellations and covers. 1994, 152 pages, card, $40.00

    Poland, Alnis Guid, Poland Forgeries by Alan Blunt , 1990, circa 75 pages, loose leaf

    G. B. Official British Perfins by T. A. Edwards & B. C. Lucas A fine coverage of both the authentic stamps, history and the fake. 1984, 82 pages, card $15.00

    Czechoslovak, Forgeries of Czechoslovak Stamps by Karasek, Kvasnicka and Paulicek Not as well printed or bound as the 1963 edition however we now have the illustrations and an English text adjoining. 1988, 367 pages, plastic ring binder, one copy available, $78.50

    Denmark, Private Letter Posts of Denmark by Christensen & Ringström The standard work on these stamps, a beautiful, enjoyable and useful books.

    Denmark 2 Rigsbank-Skilling 1851-1852 by Sten Christensen A superb work plus the reprints and 15 forgeries are well detailed. 1981, 160 pages, cloth, 337 illustrations, 248 facsimiles, $25.00

    Dominican Republic, The Classic Stamps by Danilo A. Mueses, An excellent study of the stamps, postal history and forgeries, in Spanish and English, the outer column in Spanish and the inner in English, almost paragraph for paragraph thus excellent for some one wanting to brush up on the language, 2001, 240 pages, in color, card, $45.00

    Suez Canal Company, The Private Ship Letter Stamps of the World by Ringström, Tester and Boulad d'Humières. About 50 pages on the forgeries. Please see page 39 for details on the rest of this series. 1985, 288 pages, enlarged print of 40c Saatjian, cloth $45.00

    Egypt, Catalogue of Egyptian Revenue Stamps by Peter R. Feltus 1982, 236 pages, cloth, also Egyptian Cinderellas

    France, Fakes and Forgeries of 20th Century French Postage Stamps by R. G. Gethin, A detailed study from the 1914 Red Cross Surtax through 1997 with the red letter simple rate stamps. 2006, 148 pages, in English and in color, card, $82.50

    Forgeries of Greek Stamps

    of the 19th Century


    Bill Ure

    An extremely useful book, large illustrations showing the characteristics, all in English, illustrate 454 stamps and 308 enlarged details. Books on Greek forgeries tend to be quite expensive, ie 4x this price, but this title will not disappoint. 2010, 137 + 8 pages, full color, large format, card, sold out

    India, Azad Hind and Chalo Delhi Stamps by Herbert A. Friedman 1972, 20 pages, card, sorry, sold out.

    Japanese Forgeries

    Forgeries of the Dragon, Cherry Blossom and Koban Postage Stamps of Japan, Second Edition by Thomas L. Zane, Ron Casey and Lois M. Evans-de Violini

    The CD-Rom and the computer is an excellent way to publish and navigate the tremendous amount of detailed illustrations required to identify these forgeries for a reasonable price, the new CD-Rom contained the equivalent of 2,300 pages up from 1,600 and 2,800 images up from 1,850, any of which you can print out as needed. 2002, complete update of 1996 version, CD-Rom complete with a one year membership in ISJP, $49.95

    The Tourist Sheets and Booklets of Japan by Ron Casey Starting in 1890 to circa 1905 colorful sheets containing stamps were marketed to the tourist, most of the stamps were forgeries but a few of the most modern were not. 2004. In full color, 110pp, card, $27.00

    The Showa Forgeries of Japan by Ron Casey, 2005. 79ppm, card $20.00

    The Koban Forgeries of Japan, Kr. Wilhelmsen and Varro E. Tyler, 1979 [1994 reprint]. 63pp., plastic ring binding, $16.00

    The Wada Cherry Blossom Forgeries of Japan by Varro E. Tyler & Milton T, Montgomery, 1974, 92 pages, plastic ring binding, $12.00

    Forgeries & Imitations of the Dragon Stamps of Japan by W. Metzelaar & Varro E. Tyler 1971, 24 pages, self cover, only one copy available, $12.00

    Characteristics of some Forgeries of Mexican Stamps by Roberto Liera Gutiérrez, In English and Spanish, Full Color, quite attractive but not as detailed as we would prefer, 2007, 54 pages, card, $30.00, enquire first

    Mexico, Porte De Mar by Karl H. Schimmer The stamps, covers, paper, gum, printing and forgeries. 1987, 143 pages, card $27.50

    Nauru 1915 to 1923, A Study of the Adhesives of Great Britain overprinted for use in Nauru by Keith Buckingham Published by the B.P.A. Expertising Educational Charity in an edition of 290 copies. A detailed study of the stamps, usages and forgeries, 2005, 114 pages, hard case binding, 8 photograph quality color plates, published at £35 plus transit, $85.00

    Portugal, Forgeries of Portugal and Colonies by D. J. Davies Published by the Portuguese Philatelic Society and the British Philatelic Trust Bogus, Fraudulent Proofs and Reprints, illustrated in color, 2002, 138 pages, card, $92.00

    Poland, Alnis Guid, Poland Forgeries by Alan Blunt , 1990, circa 75 pages, loose leaf

    Portugal, Crown Stamps of the Portuguese Colonies by Rufino R. Pernes of the Portuguese Colonies by Rufino R. Pernes 1976, 35 pages, card, forgery section is most useful, $30.00, sold

    Spain, Postal Forgeries of Spain, by Francisco Graus Fontova, 1977, 599 pages, in color plus about 100 plastic overlays in box, cloth with slip case, sold

    Spanish-Philippine Stamp Forgeries, Vol 1, Queen Isabella II 1854-1864 by Nigel Gooding

    2006, 80 pages covering 82 forgeries, superb illustrations and in color, soft bound, $45.00, sold but please enquire

    The Postal Markings of Tibet by Wolfgang C. Hellrigl A well researched and printed study covering hundreds of markings, earliest and latest usages, rarity factor by points with an estimate of known covers, all are illustrated. Sixty nine forged postmarks are illustrated and detailed. Highly recommended. 1996, 68 pages, plastic binding, edition of 300, $27.00

    The Swedish Stamps 150 years from the Swedish Postal Museum An excellent overall work covering and stamps and usages, also the reprints and forgeries, especially Sperati, in English and Swedish, useful and enjoyable. 2005, 255 pages, in color, cloth with dj, $37.50

    The Yellow Three Skilling Banco by Sven Ahman The authenticity and status question on Sweden's unique 3 Skilling Yellow was seriously questioned by many experts over the years and finally went to the RPSL in 1975, 143 pages, facsimile mounted in, full leather binding with dj, Complete with 40 page English translation, card

    The Treskilling Yellow, The Most Valuable Thing in the World by Lars Fimmerstad, 2004, 185, English Edition, Cloth, Covers the early history that after 1975 and some of the earlier, Sperati is covered and the Peter Winter forgeries are illustrated on page 150-151 however Winter is not named as the source. Well illustrated in color and enjoyable to read.

    The above two books on the 3 Sk, three sets available, total $225.00

    Turkey in Asia, Anatolia by M. Max Mayo A wonderful book on the Stamps of Turkey in Asia, beautifully produced with full color throughout the book and not only in the center, excellent detailing of the counterfeit overprints. A concordance gives the catalog numbers by: Mayo, Scott, Gibbons, Michel, Passer and, Pulhan. This book covers the stamps and fakes, postmarks are mentioned at times but not in great detail, the censor marks are covered in some detail as are the military marks 1990, 392 pages, cloth, color throughout, 52 page concordance, $230.00

    Uruguay Estudio de las Falsificaciones de los Sellos Postales del Urugusay by Robert Hoffmann 1948, 115 pages, card, in Spanish, one copy available, $145.00


    Identifier by Larry Lyons

    The 2007 Pricing guide for the Unlisted Carriers, Locals, Fakes, Forgeries and Bogus Posts of the United States by Larry Lyons

    2007, 73p, card cover. A marvelous booklet that illustrates and prices all of the examples written about in Lyon's three volume work: The Identifier for Carrier's, Locals, Fakes, Forgeries, and Bogus Posts of the United States. A valuable guide book to this increasingly popular collecting area. $20.00

    The Identifier for Carrier's, Locals, Fakes. Forgeries and Bogus Posts of U.S. by Larry Lyons Though the illustrations are excellent we had considerable reservations over the basic classification, in essence we think a Forgery Type should be the basic designation with sub-numbers to cover plate positions. Making every plate position a major type complicates the identification in our opinion. Volume one contains 129 posts, 934 pictures and 428 sketches. A major work for any classic US collector.

    Catalog of Private Express Labels and Stamps United States 1839-1918, Canada 1841-1926 by Bruce H. Mosher Tremendous interest for various fields from Local to National Postal History, Express Companies, Cinderellas and even Forgeries. 2002, 209 pages, card, $37.50

    Counterfeit Kansas-Nebraska Overprints on 1922-34 Issues by Schoen & De Voss, First Day Covers by Harvey. Some copies have printed on the cover ( Including 'California Varieties' ) but the text is identical. 1973, 33 pages, card, outprint from AP, $4.75

    United States Newspaper Stamps by Doc. M. Pepper This series started in 2005 and reprints as needed have minor changes except for the Forgeries which was re-formatted to reduce the number of pages from 50 to 21 by removing white space, the Regular issues is a new title this year 2010


    Journals, Various, only one of each available

    The Cinderella Philatelist The Cinderella Philatelist, The British Private Post Study Group Cinderella's Australia Index to The Cinderella Philatelist 1961-1985 and to The Private Post 1977-1985 by Ian D. Crane, Cinderella Stamp Club handbook No. 6 Both journals are independently indexed by both subject and author. 1986, 128 pages, card, $15.00

    Crazy Confederates or Bogus Adhesives by H. F. Rooke The definitive listing of bogus CSA adhesive stamps. The January-April and July-August, 1969 issues of the CP, $20.00.

    Alice Through the Pillar-box and What She Found There, A Philatelic Phantasy by Gerald M. King A fun book, pure phantasy, some designs taken from S. Allan Taylor's products, etc. 1978, 6+33+4 pages, in color, cloth with dj, $17.50

    Springer's Handbook of North American Cinderella Stamps A listing of revenue, express and bogus US and Canadian material that does not appear in Scott's. From edition to edition the listings are added and occasionally expanded thus there is repetition within the series. The most complete listings on some topics now spans the 5th through the 10th edition with the previous issues of some interest. Much of the material in the 5th - 9th edition is NOT in the 10th.

    Great Britain The Stamps of the Circular Delivery Companies and their Forgeries by C. G. Harman A detailed and fascinating study of both the authentic and fake stamps, catalog values for both are given, some fakes are quite scarce. 1990, 64 pages, card, Cinderella Stamp Club Handbook No. 7, one copy available, $32.50

    Great Britain Commemorative Labels, by Chris Chatfield Illustrated and priced catalog of pre-1950 Commemorative Labels for GB 1991, 172 pages, card, $20.00

    Railway Letter Stamps of Great Britain & Ireland 1891-1947 by Rev. R. A. de Lacy-Spencer. Well done, the stamps are well illustrated, described and catalogued and priced, the rail lines are described with maps 2000, 108 pages, edition of 750 copies, pub £20 + postage, $37.50

    United Kingdom Savings Stamps, Labels and Coupons by L. D. Jones 1979, 136 pages, card, Cinderella SC Handbook No 4, quite good, $14.50

    Finnish Christmas Seals 1908 - 1993 by Philatelic Federation of Finland A beautiful book in Finnish, Swedish and English As with the US ones unused seals are of moderate value but those on cover and cancelled are most desirable, also post cards, proofs and imperforates exist and often were produced for the collector, again as with US ones. 1994, 216 pages, card, $35.00

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