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California Town Postmarks 1849 - 1935


This file is intended to be used in conjunction with the California Town Postmarks 1849 - 1935 by John H. Williams to help find Markings and Post Offices in the book. The book is arranged first by County, then City and Date, there are exceptions in San Francisco.

This file is quite useful if you do not know the County or perhaps the City is unclear or the marking contains a spelling error. If you want to find "Brockman" but don't know it is in Lassen County and say the "B" is unclear you can search for "rockman", etc. On the same line with each city name you have the County. Most internet browsers and word processors have search functions to permit you to search for any character string.

When you have a match you need to repeat the search as the same name or part name may also be in other city names. Now you can go to the book and find additional information.

HTML format, the INTERNET

We suggest the HTML file as it is the easiest to use and the most attractive, it can be read with a web browser, often off line, and will permit you to do various searches.

The data file on this disk is caindex.htm, you can access this file directly from the floppy disk or you can load it onto your hard drive, C:\directory name\caindex.htm.

To: California Town Postmarks, County Finder on Disk


The below two data files can be imported into various word processors with the appropriate import filters and used per the above. Either file can also be brought up in Word Perfect 6.0 for Dos and most likely other word processors. A Dos Editor should also open any of the files.


The search file is also available from our home page , or on some systems as under Reference Files, California Post Offices. Corrections will be made to the On Line file as errors are found.

If you are on line at this time the below will access PB Books:

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