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British Empire Civil Censorship Devices, World War II, Canada & Newfoundland edited by Peter C. Burrows, 2010, 130 + X + vi pages, page 75-76 is out of sequence, wire spiral binding, limited edition, $42.50

History of Cross Border Communications Between Canada and USA between 1761 - 1875 by Dr. Dorothy Sanderson & Malcolm B. Montgomery

An exceptional and most useful book. The first 90 pages integrate the historical information, treaties, routes and exchange offices, detailed maps, exchange office marks and much, much more. The next 224 pages are an exhibit format which cover not only Canada but also the Maritime Provinces. An 83 pages addenda list the treaties, postal conventions, the different postage stamps and what they were intended for and finally the references. Page 208 has the wrong text for every copy of this work, corrected page 208, we will also supply the corrected page to all that purchased the book from us. 2010, 397 pages.

Richard M. Morris

Pittsboro Guides

Useful color guides with tipped in color chips, the best available. Reference Manual of B.N.A. Fakes, Forgeries & Counterfeits, Series II by Kenneth W. Pugh

The format is 8.5 x 11 and they are punched for standard US 3 Ring Binders, binders not included. As the releases are serial numbered we will consider an order for Release 1 to be a standing order for the set. Series I of this work appeared from 1976 through 1981 in a small format, though we dislike the new page size I must admit that it is more attractive and useful. All are detailed studies of BNA fakes.

Domestic and International Postal Rates and Fees by Anthony S. Wawrukiewicz These books are arranged in the same manner as his US works, the format is a white three ring binder with an attractive spine and front cover insert.

Canada's Registered Mail, 1802-1909 by H. W. Harrison, G. Arfken and Dr. K. G. Scringeour. The definitive and probably final word on the subject. From the Collectors Club of Chicago, 2002, 500+ pages, over 500 illustrations, cloth $115.00, enquire

Canada's Registry System: 1827-1911 by H. W. Harrison 1971, published by the APS, 84 pages, cloth, sold

The Canadian Military Posts, Colonial Period to 1919 W. J. Bailey and E. R. Toop

The Airmails of Canada and Newfoundland from the American Air Mail Society The first volume of the new 6th edition of the AAMC. Covers: Pioneer Flights, SCADTA, Semi-Officials, Airship, Government and other covers 1926-1997, Crash Covers, Balloon, Helicopter, Forces, etc. 1997, 552 pages, cloth, $36.50

Postage Stamps and Postal History of Canada by Winthrop S. Boggs The definitive work on Canada. About 200 pages of reference data have been left out of the 1975 reprint edition.

Stamps of British North America by Fred Jarrett, 1975 Quarterman reprint of 1929 work, 595 + 18 pages, cloth with dj, limited stock, $85.00

B.N.A. Book Stamps of British North America by Fred Jarrett, 1926, 261 pages, excellent condition "limp" binding, only one copy, $55.00

The Essays and Proofs of British North America by Kenneth Minuse and R. H. Pratt The definitive work on BNA Essays and Proofs from the Essay Proof Society. 1970, 198 pages, cloth, $110.00, sold out

Atlantic Mails, A History of the Mail Service Between Great Britain and Canada to 1889 by Dr. John C. Arnell 1980, 412 pages, 58 color illustrations, cloth, superb study $145.00

B.N.A. Transatlantic Stampless Mail the collectionof J.C. Arnell, Hennok's Series, No. 1, 1985, 252 pages, card, $52.50, sold

Canadian Coastal and Inland Steam Vessels 1809-1930 by John M. Mills Non-philatelic, a listing of 3,100 vessels

Canadian Postage Stamps and Stationery by Clifton A. Howes 1974 reprint of 1911 book, 301 pages, cloth, enquire before ordering, $50.00

The Encyclopedia of the Empire, Volume V, North America by Robson Lowe

Five Cents Beaver Stamp of Canada by Geoffrey Whitworth 1985, 95 pages, card, $25.00, sold out

First Decimal Issue of Canada 1859-68 by Geoffrey Whitworth 1966, 95 pages, card, edition of 1,500, $30.00

Large Queen Stamps of Canada and their Use 1868-1872 by Duckworth Stamps and the usages, from the paper to detailed ship sailings, a complete coverage, good text, poor illustrations. 1986, 488 pages plus 4 page addenda, cloth, sold

Canada The fifteen cents of 1868 by L. Gerald Firth, 1963, 55 pages, cloth with dj, $55.00

The Small Queens of Canada by John Hillson Second edition is a wonderful expansion, a small book but much useful information, stamps, proofs, printing, postage rates, etc.

Canada's Small Queen Era, Postal Usage during the Small Queen Era 1870 - 1897 by George B. Arfken. A fine addition to Hillson, as the title indicates this book covers the usages of the stamps. 1989, 459 pages, cloth $140.00, sold out

Early Canada Perforation,

Early Canada Stamp Perforation Measurements by J. Goldberg The 1857-1899 period, a scholarly pursuit getting back to the actual method of rotary perforation, not for the general collector. 1996, 10 pages, plastic spiral bound

Canada Steel Engraved Constant Plate Varieties by Hans Reiche 1982, 109 pages, card, well illustrated, $23.50

Canada, The Admiral Issue 1911-1925, by George C. Marler, 1980, 75 pages, card, $12.50

The Admiral Issue of Canada by George C. Marler 1982, 567 pages, cloth, enquire first $40.00

The Admiral Era: A Rate Study 1912-1928 by Allan L. Steinhar 1981, 166 pages, card, $10.00

Collect Canada Covers by Edward A. Richardson A good general work, touches of most aspects of Canadian Covers. 1978, 103 pages, card, limited stock, $10.00

Canada's Registry System: 1827-1911 by Horace W. Harrison 1971, 84 pages, cloth, limited stock $55.00

Canadian Patriotic Post Card Handbook, 1904-1914 by W. L. Gutzman Covers history, local history, politics, current events. 1985, 143 pages, color illustrations, card, attractive $12.50

Early Rapid Cancelling Machines of Canada by David Sessions 1982, 137 pages, deluxe cloth, limited stock, $47.50

A History of Canadian R.P.O.'s 1853-1967 by L. F. Gillam A fine history giving the lines and some information on the markings.

Canadian Mail by Rail 1836 - 1867 by L. F. Gillam A superb supplement to his great book on the 1853-1967 period. 1985, 164 pages, cloth, edition of 500 copies, $47.50 sold out

The Postal History of the Post Card in Canada 1871-1911 by Steinhart 1979, second printing 1980, 65 pages, cloth, 70 illustrations $13.50

Canadian Fancy Cancellations of the Nineteenth Century by K.M.Day and E.A. Smythies. 1962, 1st editon, 122+9 pages, card, $10.00 1981, 2nd edition, 158 pages, $22.00

Canadian Postal Guide, Chief Regulations, Rates of Postage, compilede by John Dewe 1966 reprint of 1863 booklet, 40 pages, card $22.50

The Canada Postal Act and Post Offices 1878 and The "Canada" Split Ring Proofs June 1879 - January 1880 by Brian H. Symonds The postal acts and the Proof Book information for the Split Ring Cancellations made by the Pritchard Andrews Co., a major reference. 1982, 138 pages, fold out map, spiral ring bound $35.00

Canadian Post Offices 1755-1895 by Frank W. Campbell

Postal History of Yukon Territory Canada by Robert G. Woodall A completely new book, much expanded from the 1st editon that appeared in 1964. 1976, 267 pages, cloth $52.50

Postal History of the Canadian Contingents in the Anglo-Boer War by Rowe 1981, 104 pages, cloth, edition of 500, $31.25

Postage Stamps of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia by N. Argenti 1976 reprint of 1962 book, 223 pages, cloth, only one copy available, $62.50

The Postage Stamps and Postal History of Newfoundland by Winthrop S. Boggs The 1975 Quarterman edition also contains Postage Stamps of Newfoundland by Bertram W. H. Poole and H. E. Huber

The Pence Issues of Newfoundland by Robert H. Pratt All facets of the stamps, two color plates of excellent quality in pocket 1982, 192 pages plus errata, cloth, $75.00

Newfoundland, Traveling Post Office Cancellations by Kidd and Cockrill A fine listing of both the railroad and ship markings with some history. 1987, 52 pages, card, Cockrill Booklet 48 $12.00

The Postal History of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick 1754-1867 by Jephcott, Greene and Young1964, 391+17 pages, , cloth with dj, copy 41 of 400, $275.00, sold

Nova Scotia Post, Its Offices, Masters and Marks 1700-1867 by MacDonald A fine work on the office, markings and usages. 1985, 295 pages, cloth $30.00

The Colonial Postal System and Postage Stamps of Vancouver Island and British Columbia 1849-1871 by Alfred S. Deaville

Prince Edward Island by G. Douglas Murray Two fine works, well done and reasonably priced.

Postage Stamps and Cancellations of Prince Edward Islands 1814-1873 by James C. Lehr A fine handbook covering all facets of PEI philately. 1987, 174 pages, cloth with dj, $32.50

The Stamps & Postal History of Vancouver Island & British Columbia by Gerald E. Wellburn, A deluxe book with beautiful color illustrations, originally published at 1987, 194 pages, large format, cloth with dj, $155.00

The Semi-Official Air Stamps of Canada, 1924-34 by Longworth-Dames The history of the airlines, flights, stamps and cachets

St. Pierre & Miquelon, Specialized Stamp Catalog by James R. Taylor A detailed catalog. starting with French Colonial issues of 1860-1892, 1892 issues, the 1926 "pp" stamps, 1938-1941 plate varieties, etc. through 1998 with special emphasis on WW II and the Vichy stamps, Sans RF, etc. 2001, 195 pages, plastic comb bound, sold out

Newfoundland Air Mails 1919-1939 with additional notes on Subsequent Flights and Air Stamps

The Mystery of the Prince Edward "Queen" by Willilam J. Eckhardt S. Allen Taylor and the 10 Queen of PEI. 1985, reprint of 1949 article, 16 pages, card cover, $15.00

Canadian Philately, Bibliography and Index by Cimon N. Morin

Kenneth J. Kuts

Most enjoyable and useful books covering in equal portion the philatelic and historical interest. If you have an interest in either end you will find the books delightful. They are all well written and produced in all aspects

. Alaska, Nome Gold by Kenneth J. Kutz The book contains 129 fascinating letters between a young man trying to make his fortune in the gold fields and his sweetheart in St Louis, virtually all of the postal markings are illustrated as halftones. 1991, 240 pages, cloth with DJ, edition of 600, $32.50

Untold Wealth, Canada's Mineral Heritage The Mineral Wealth of Canada; Gold, Copper, Coal, Lead, Tin, etc. 1998, 380 pages, cloth with dj, $50.00

Klondike Gold Gold on the Canadian Side of the Klondike 1996, 272 pages, cloth with dj, $45.00

Assundry, Used Books, mostly only one of each

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